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  1. 2018 Squad confirmed

    The article quotes NK as saying he's out of contract so someone as got it wrong somewhere unless their approach was before the contract for 2018 was agreed
  2. Shirts

    Will we have other merchandise with the new badge available for Christmas? Wouldn't mind Santa bringing me a new hoodie or fleece!
  3. Wilsden Ram RIP

    Sad news and like many others my condolences go to his family. RIP
  4. New signings

    Also had the obligatory knee/leg injury!
  5. Friends and neighbours

    We need to win our last 2 (I believe we are now capable of this) and hope that Rochdale slip up at lease once as that would give us the extra home game in the 8's. The teams around us are certainly no better than us now and I think we have enough to keep us up without it becoming squeaky bum time! Gutted we lost yesterday but like others I felt it was on the cards walking up to the Mount. Reaffirmed with such a slender lead at half time!
  6. 2018 Shirts

    How about along sleave heritage shirt with a white collar? To accompany the sponsored 2018 replica play shirts.
  7. Toulouse predictions

    ? thank you oh wise one!
  8. Toulouse predictions

    We need to remember where they are in the league but not forget we have a touch more confidence around us than we had a few months back (BK-Before Kelly). Other sides (Sheffield for one) have proven they are venerable away from home It's a mighty ask of our boys and like Mr Coolie suggests I think we need to target the "more winnable games" just now. If we win then it could be looking a even more rosy for us especially if Bradford can buck their loosing streak against Oldham. Fingers arms, legs or anything else for that matter will be crossed!
  9. Bulls slagging off Walshaw........

    Funny how they miss their 17 steaming in shoulders down following the drop out, and he then proceeds to ceremoniously stamp over the player on the floor. But of course thats not foul play. It was a tough game against a big side yet David prevailed on this occasion and they simply can not accept it.
  10. Bulls At Home

    So the bulls players were angels? Plenty of cheap shots from them too!
  11. Bulls At Home

    From 1 to 17 (or however the squad numbers fall these days) that has to be the best performance of the season to date. Not a backwards step, solid in defence, attacked with confidence. Man of the match for me..... every one of em. Well done lads. Funny how many bulls "fans" can't accept being beaten by the better side. Lost count of how many times I got told to pipe down (or words to that effect only not as polite) for cheering my side on. Hope this will spur the boys on to a good show next week? Is that a tiny bit of light at the end of the tunnel (despite Swintons result)? I'd like to think so.
  12. Wakey at home

    Ok I'm banging on about the ko but the Friday is only on the wakefield website. Our own site plus the rfl bbc and sky all suggest Sunday. Can the club make an official announcement please to confirm. Or have I missed this?
  13. Wakey at home

    It's been suggested that the players prefer the Friday kick off as it gives them the weekend off but both us and Wakefield kick on Sunday afternoons in league normally. So why go for a Friday night? The Batley game was Sunday, as was the last Wigan visit to us. Sure I would have been there if other family commitments didn't come first but to assume we should simply be able to make it because SL supporters with kids can on a Friday night is off the mark. Enjoy the historic victory and I'll make sure I have both the Friday night and Sunday afternoon free on the weekend of the quarter finals
  14. Wakey at home

    Rumour from wakefield that it's an 8pm ko Friday night! That's 5 of us that can't make it if true
  15. Wakey at home

    Happy with that Sunday afternoon KO would make me even happier