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  1. Rumour from wakefield that it's an 8pm ko Friday night! That's 5 of us that can't make it if true
  2. Happy with that Sunday afternoon KO would make me even happier
  3. They won't know what to do. Two blue eyed boys of championship!
  4. One thing for sure Ned knows what it means to be part of this club and that should speak volumes. Welcome back and good luck
  5. No points by Easter Monday and we're doomed! IMO
  6. I would agree with that Graham Gibbo's departure told. It's a shame he returned down under. Who ever we get I hope that the new gaffer can keep us up, at tough ask I know and we need to pick up at least 2 wins between now and Easter to have a chance (IMO). If not at least they'll have plenty of time to prepare for life in Championship 1 and we fans should have something to cheer about at last.
  7. It's true Batley are that frightened of loosing the league game on Good Friday and becoming the first league side to loose against us, they have withdraw from the Challenge Cup giving us a bye to the next round
  8. I too have a feeling we'll be welcoming the Wolf Pack. Hope we're wrong!
  9. True. I think it was Glover who was expressed this at the end of the game. Rightly so.
  10. Optimist!
  11. More than one try (preferably scoring in each half) and keeping within 30 would be an achievement
  12. I too worry that a win is a long way off but anything short of 100% effort and more than 1 try is a must today. Within 12 points will be an achievement, a win would be fantastic. IMO if we are the wrong end of a one sided score line (again), then GM will have to go.
  13. What do we know about this lad?
  14. Brian McDermott might be looking for a new job!
  15. For the first time in... I care to remember I chose not to go to a home game (shame on me I suppose). I had nothing planned but instead spent the afternoon doing something else! My decision seems to have been justified. I'm not a glory seeker (can't be as I've followed the rams for nearly 35 years). There's others like me too who have been loyal through thick and thin and now don't have enough empathy or loyalty to bring themselves to go to home games. Why? The current situation poor performance etc is why. Fair enough the club can't afford to get rid of Morrison but can we really afford to keep him until the end of his contract/season with the damage caused by keeping him?