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  1. Faz is an excellent player IMO and if moulded correctly to cut out the silliness within his game could be in with a shot at a SL club. This is what is letting him down time and time again and as GM couldn't get this out of him I'm not too sorry to see him go. I'm not convinced that Diskin is the coach to do it either, (I believe John Kear certainly could).
  2. Today was far worse than the hammerings we got at home to Bradford, Leigh and the nill scoreline against Fev. I honestly believe some of the Jekyll and Hyde performances we've seen this season will cost our beloved club dearly next season. Lost revinue on season ticket sales will be a starter as I like others won't get one next year. After all if the coach and the player's pick and chose which games they turn up for why shouldn't we?
  3. Total bloody disgrace. I am one of those walking out but Morrison should hold his head in shame and walk early too. As season ticket holders we don't deserve the dross served up this afternoon. Morrison must go! We'll done Haven
  4. That's good news for us then we'll easily do Bradford at their place
  5. KP is just KP a bit of marmite character He'd do what he had to and not much more most of the time then a moment of brilliance would prove why he's on the field. In his last 1st team outing he looked too far away from being fit again and stepping down from playing at this level or above is probably the right decision. Like others have said his team motivation and organising will be missed. Good look Karl
  6. I hope Dale stays, unlike some I've not had a problem with him and hopefully some of his recent performances has gone some way to muting those that did.
  7. On the train home from London last night and I was sat opposite a couple of bulls fans who intend to come to the game. Its funny but they had doubts that they will win today. What stuck me most was the importance they held the game in. A win would now be the defining moment of their season with the chance to actually put themselves in a position to win something. I also see that Robbie Paul has jumped ship. How the mighty have fallen.
  8. I'd agree with that, I did go on Sunday as I was on holiday, but far too many times this season we have simply not preformed in the second half which has either seen a comfortable lead go or a close game at the interval slip too far beyond our grasp. This to me if very worrying and should be the coaching staffs priority.
  9. I have him and Etu signed up if we could to replace Dalton?
  10. Congratulations really well deserved most importantly good luck in the competition, must be a great feeling. I'm sure that most of my fellow Rams feel the same. Hope you get the Rhinos at home.
  11. Thanks BSJ
  12. If Faz is off over the valley they'll hate it every time he's played against em he gets call nowt other than a dirty player. Mind you I bet it's interesting to see how quick opinions change. I'll be sorry to Dalton and Grady go and would love to keep hold of them both.Groat hasn't impressed me completely this season and despite what some say I think we'll miss Dale. It would be nice for the club to make an official press release of who we've retained so far and any confirmed departures.
  13. Thankfully Swinton's attitude towards the game and chirping to the officials plus our lads not getting draw in but sticking (for most) to the game we got a deserved win yesterday. Had the opposition decided to actually focus on their playing game (as they did occasionally) it could have been a bit different. I think their backs had that bit extra pace on ours yesterday as the interception try proved I have to say I felt quite sorry for most of the Swinton faithful that came over yesterday, after speaking to one Lions supporter he basically said that he was sick of watching his side looking for a scrap in most games. A decent set of RL fans that deserve to be entrained by their side giving 100% rugby and not dominate by fighting chelping and dirty play
  14. I predict a strong 1st half to go in there or there abouts. Then a second half that goes away from us. Does that sound familiar or is it just me?
  15. Not much to shout about