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'RL attracts rough people, from rough backgrounds' Says Tezza Newton

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Padge - You might also argue that if Sky promoted RL much better than the return could be much higher.

Twice as much sky money should mean twice as many SL teams and could allow pro teams in other areas in the UK. What I would like to see is more RL clubs is the biggest towns with no current soccer RU or RL clubs

I suspect that Sky are pretty good at market research (but can occassionaly miss the mark) and realise that if they promoted rugby as much as they promote union they would see little return on investment, the product is probably at a point where the investment gives a nice return and further investment may just eat into the return and not increase it. It seems with union they are beginning to realise that the have a similar situation, they audiance has peaked, they probably expected it to be higher and they have been running at a low return on investment, promotion failed. Why did it fail, probably because you can't polish a ######.

Adding Leigh, Hunslet, Bramley and Blackpool to an expanded SL won't put a lot more bums on Sky seats, Sky knows it, the RFL know, some enlightened supporters know it, then there is...

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