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Protecting the "little" players.

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Ha ha, you are showing yourself up big time! You love to come on here all high and mighty, yet as soon as you lose a game, you act like a little girl. Where have I squealed like a pig? Seriously, quote me, as you are almost as mental as Paris and Lobby - I must admit to wondering whether you are all the same person!

You love to make out everyone else is a ##### and against your beloved Cherry and Whites, when in fact, you are clueless, and prove it time after time, despite very rarely giving your opinion in favour of attacking posters.

So, after that little girly rant, are you happy that Morley hit the kicker at least 4 times in that game?

If you are, I can only assume that you are just as happy for Wigan to reciprocate.

Try to answer without typing in a squeaky voice.

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An eight point try can only be awarded if the try scorer is fouled during the act of touching down not in any subsequent period.

[not flippant] Really?

The only (hazy) recollection of an 8 point try I have is at Knowsley Road. Solomona I think, at Wakefield at the time, shoving a Saints player into the hoardings after said St Helens player had scored...

I read recently (maybe the Cummings Q&A) that penalties can't be awarded when the ball is out of play, time wasting at drop-outs, etc. but I'da thunk foul play like the above example is punishable.

Anyhoo, SLS filled me in on the missing tries (well done Tuson) and seeing the Joel-flop in real time again, it isn't as late as first seemed, still dodgy though, I'd plump for an official warning. As for the other incidents, they'll be dealt with accordingly...

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