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Whitehaven into Administration....

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A public meeting has been called for all Whitehaven rugby league supporters on Friday night to further explore the possibility of setting up an independent supporters' trust to make a viable offer to run the club.

Since the idea was first mooted by a fans' steering group on Friday over 300 people have used a website to register their interest in being involved in the scheme, and the steering group met on Tuesday.

Spokesman Karl Connor said: "What we have seen by the response to the website is that there is a genuine will in the community for the club to continue, and a genuine interest from supporters in getting involved in shaping the club's future.

"Can we raise the funds to buy the club? That is the big question - and one we hope to answer after the public meeting on Friday night.

"What we will be asking people on Friday is firstly whether or not they want to go ahead with a trust and if they do we will set one up.

"If that is the road we go down then we would follow a well established model which is already being used successfully at other sports clubs. Membership of the trust would cost a minimum of

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Cumberland RLFC anyone?

That would resonate better than West Cumbria, would have a bigger catchment area and has history

Not likely for SL but may be the only chance of there being a West Cumbrian team back in the Championship

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