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Allan Marsden

Lancashire dominating RL

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The Championship is fast becoming a Yorkshire season you have Halifax, Featherstone, Batley, Dewsbury, Sheffield, Hunslet and York plus 1 each from Cumbria, Cheshire, Lancs and France

How on Earth are you including Leigh in Lancashire but not Widnes? Makes no logic whatsoever either they're both Lancashire or neither is.

That's before we get onto the facts that if Yorkshire exists then Barrow is in Lancashire making it: Yorkshire 7, Lancashire 3, France 1

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for gawd sake, these arguments over counties will just go on and on (says a proud Leyther born in Leigh, Lancashire)

Lets just say this or other side of the pennines, and as far as I know (not much ok) all the leagues have more on the Yorkshire side and have done for years

Couldn't bring myself to say left and right side ;)

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The best three RL grounds are in Yorkshire (one West, one East and one South).

cant believe i forgot the KC, and the club at least get crowds that are good for the stadium capacity

headingly is nothing special

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