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Robert Elstone to be next boss of SL?

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Football fans are funny, they all think they are 1 or 2 appointments away from winning the premier league, every appointment is superstar until a few years later and they are the ones who need to go. 

Go to Newcastle, Sheffield, Leeds, Villa, Sunderland, Nottingham, West Ham, Norwich they will all tell you pretty much the same thing, that they are being failed by incompetence.

The reality is the difference between them and the top teams is someone spending hundreds of millions of pounds.

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9 hours ago, Jim Prendle said:

If it's about him, why did you think it was inportant for us all to be aware that you know him?

Regardless of my "rant" about Everton, the point remains that this guy has no track record that shows us we should be excited about him taking a role at the top of RL.

Just because he is a RL fan, and the fact that you know him, should not be enough to get him the job. 

Totally agree but you forgot to mention that he is a Cas fan and therefore the perfect candidate

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