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  2. We,England,have our own design & brand Jim...we've spent a decade building it up...too ###### it all away so the old farts can go on tour...
  3. What makes you think he plays for Newcastle? He plays for Penrith and has been playing very well, helping the team to win 7 in a row and make the NRL top 8 at this point.
  4. It is now confirmed on www.NRL.com, the website of the NRL. https://www.nrl.com/news/2019/07/24/maloney-to-leave-panthers-at-end-of-2019/?utm_source=NRLFBContent&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=NetworkContent&sf216313469=1&fbclid=IwAR0HJb30cjpfGpmJMmutckx3zW8UNUkighdCZwSNbDeQ2Fmhqe-0TLsiJmw
  5. Honestly why can't England just take the design and use it as their own? Would save a whole lot of mess and leave Wales, Scotland and Ireland free to do their own thing (even though realistically they already have nothing to do with GB).
  6. I think any player, or human being for that matter, who tries to turn a corner is worthy of applause. If he succeeds, he'll still have detractors, if he fails, he'll have more, but he at least is giving at a go. If you've never suffered from issues with addiction or insecurity, you'll never appreciate how hard a hole it is to climb out of. Then again, Golf is surely a modern sort of self flagellation. Played it for 40+ years and hate it with a vengeance, but still keep going back .
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  8. Although, on the face of it the lib-dems would seem the natural choice and home for liberal thought and inclinations, the evidence that that would ever be the case in power is scant or damning. to say the least.
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  10. 40 years of London, existance maybe, fully supported and integrated by the RFL and other clubs with plans in place to build from the bottom up, nope. starting a club even in the 80s was going to be a tough ask, there simply wasn't the underlying support from RFL and grass roots. Now it's even harder, opportunity for London came and went after their pinnacle getting to Wembley. One thing is for sure, looking backwards to pit villages and the like is NOT the future of RL!
  11. He could cycle it in about 3.5 hours, he must be comparing that with flight times to Tossa de Mar. Oh and he's not a 'lad' he's a grown adult, he should be able to sort himself out without faux outrage from people like you!
  12. When this tour loses a shed load of money don't count on future GB tours happening... And for the record...I actually like that shirt,I'll get it next summer when it goes down to £15 as per the RFL
  13. Jackie Edwards ( Sean's dad as well as a tremendous player in his own right) used to set them. He was devilishly good at his job.
  14. If 16 teams qualified from a 4 team group, group stage only 2 weeks would be added to the length of the season. if 1 did, i.e we went straight to the quarters, the season would be 1 week longer.
  15. St.Helens and Warrington fans would be arriving via St,Pancras so not affected right? It'd be interesting to see how many fans actually arrive by train in the last 10 years or so, first and only time on a train to Wembley for me was 1985, just before my 16th birthday and I went on my though several hundred FC fans, many of them piddled as newts! I reckon it's a very small % these days given most people have cars and the usual coach travel straight to the ground or surroundings. it's 40mins drive to free parking in a nice well to do residential area just yards outside the parking restriction zone on event days and a 25min walk to the ground. Usually back home to get us teas. If it is saints and tellins I'm not sure I'll go tbh.
  16. The competitive season would last from December to October. Ain’t happening.
  17. In reality, a 10-month competitive season isn’t going to happen for the benefit of a rival competition.
  18. I didn’t. I didn’t vote Labour until both Blair and Brown were out of power. I voted Lib Dem from 2003 to 2010 in all elections. I strongly opposed the Iraq war to the point of returning my Labour membership card. Edit: and why did it need a hard-right Tory government that dictated terms to the Lib Dems? A supply and confidence deal would have forced centrist policies and the avoidance of the worst of austerity that was imposed on us.
  19. depends when it is. If it was from say boxing day to February. Almost certainly nothing, probably hugely in favour as a build up to SL, teams starting the season running, no breaks etc.
  20. The BT Sport deal with RU is quite favourable for the clubs and fans in terms of scheduling. At the time of writing they have announced all the dates up until the start of January. After that the dates are rendered as "weekend of" with the understanding that all games happen on the Saturday afternoon apart from one picked for the Friday night and one picked for the Sunday afternoon to be on TV. BT Sport work with Channel 4 to present a weekly highlights show and certain selected matches during the season on free to air TV. Point taken about sizes and shapes. Are we seeing a divergence in the sport? Will UK RL become more NRL (running and kicking game) and will UK RU become more NFL with frontal impacts to the fore, body armour, the number nine enabled to do long range forward passes etc ? For a weird cross code mash up, would it sell out and make money? Probably, because people like the weird and different. How about the return of Luther Burrell, with Warrington's Marketing Dept on overdrive? ! v ! ! !
  21. The UK needed a stable government at that point in time - there weren't really many options. A supply deal wouldn't have been enough. I hate to engage in whataboutism but how long did it take you to forgive Labour MPs and ministers who brought about the war in Iraq which was immeasurably more consequential than anything, good and bad, the coalition government did?
  22. Now This do these so well, admittedly they are given lots of ammo...!
  23. Part 2: hit post too early. Out of Johnson, Corbyn and Swinson, she’s the best by a country mile. Still wouldn’t want her at a dinner party of mine though. I will vote Lib Dem in the next election but I’m not happy with it and I’m not the only one I know with similar views. You harder Lib Dems might not like it but then you may want to take time to reflect that it’s never the core party members who win elections, it’s the non-party voters who are attracted to a good message. Give me a proper Labour leader that suits my views and I’m off back there. Either that or give me a Lib Dem leader who isn’t tainted. I gave my ideas for who I like and really suited me but they didn’t have the internal fluffing of Swinson and Davey.
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