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  2. So am I reading this correctly 2 points for a win 1 point for a draw ...... plus another point for the golden point ? ..... so 2 points for a winning draw! They must have been on the bottle!!
  3. Batley A Fax H Bradford A London A Swinton H York A Leigh H Sheff H Easter game Toulouse A Weds night 7.30 KO??? Dews H Widnes A Oldham H Haven H Batley A Bradford N Bash game Fax A Haven H York H Oldham A Widnes H Sheff A Leigh A Bradford H London H Swinton A Dews A Toulouse H
  4. https://www.rugby-league.com/championship__league_1/fixtures 16 February followed by Keighley at home.
  5. Looks like they’ve replaced the traditional Friday/Monday fixtures over Easter with Friday, Tuesday/Wednesday then Sunday. Add in golden point extra time and I hope clubs are running bigger squads this year!
  6. I asked the BBC chief about it just before and he said 'No.' With that sorted, I think it's time to put this thread to bed.
  7. Richard Agar would be choice. A perpetual failure for a team that perpetually fails
  8. https://www.rugby-league.com/championship__league_1/fixtures Tough start away at Doncaster. Thoughts?
  9. So when was this "Golden Point extra time" malarky dreamed up?
  10. You wouldn’t have a full time coach for the number of games that’s england play though.
  11. A round of games on Tuesday and Wednesday? Is this correct?
  12. Anyway it's an easy start Toulouse, Bradford, Leigh, fax, Fev....
  13. 1 point each for a draw and an extra point from golden 5 minutes.
  14. First game for YCK is away at Toulouse. First home game, Bradford....should be a sellout if we are in the new ground by then. Disappointed that there is now golden point, nothing wrong with having a draw in RL IMO.
  15. Appears to be plenty of two week gaps in League One fixtures. Why?
  16. Yes, that would work. Not being full time, I mean. Just turn up on the day with a list of players who have never played together, have run round ten minutes before kick off. I'm afraid the problems go beyond the choice of coach. Yes, we have come close to beating Aus in individual games but on so many occasions we have been that close... but lost to a killer blow at the end. Mal Meninga, Steve Renouf and others have broken our hearts. If we truly want to to win, we have to go above and beyond the training, fitness, rehearsal, practice, stamina etc of the opposition. Club owners need to declare commitment to the international game and the RFL need to make the resources, time and money available so our team trains and plays twice as often as Aus. For some of the few fans we have at internationals not to turn up because they don't like the coach seems to me to make things worse, not better.
  17. Someone would be the designated 'promoter' and, as such that name should be on the tickets/lottery promotion material. I don't think,it was ever an 'outside company', as such, more an internal division but with different directors and bank accounts. I notice the money for the current version is going into a Bullbuilder account.
  18. It’s the modern sports fan in this country, I’m afraid.
  19. More misguided guff blaming the Great Britain name for a failing across multiple departments that had nothing to do with kit for a name of the side and that went.
  20. I'm going to Elland Road,it's an ashes series,can't understand why people would want to miss it.
  21. Same old story with the RFL. Execution. They couldn’t execute a stunned donkey with a firing squad
  22. after the tour we just had this one might be more appropriate
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