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  2. Hope there’s a good turnout at the Cup Final this year...
  3. LOL...I meant regular season SL games.
  4. We've been on FTA for awhile now ..
  5. This was one of the top sports story on the homepage of bbc.co.uk https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/rugby-league/51221254
  6. How do you get onto this list? Who decides if a sport is worthy? Was the 4 Nations RL 4 Nations on the BBC? I've always said that for RL to grow it needs to be on FTA TV
  7. Today
  8. This is great, but does it mean players can no longer pick their own charity?
  9. https://www.sportingnews.com/au/league/news/sonny-bill-williams-betfred-logo-super-league-toronto-wolfpack/6x0kqwzuq04o1p9aau2r2tm82
  10. The biggest mistake with the AJ Bell Stadium is the seating/standing layout. The Main Stand is fine but that’s more than enough seating, the rest of the stadium should have been made standing.
  11. They have but always had high numbers Parra are a sleeping giant
  12. Successful But terrible crowds
  13. Bro please trust me on this. When you know im right your going to buy me a wolfpack season ticket ! He posts nothing like parky.
  14. Surprised to see Parramatta so high, I think they may have seen a large increase from their new stadium
  15. The Paralympics have been added to the list of protected sports on free to air tv. Several other sports have their international tournaments and World Cup protected, but we do not. Have we made any attempt to get the RLWC added to this list? I’d also like an annual Four Nations tournament to return and this too to be on the free to air list. The revised list of free-to-air listed events is as follows: Group A (full live coverage protected) The Olympic Games The Paralympic Games The Fifa World Cup finals The European Football Championship finals The FA Cup final The Scottish FA Cup final (in Scotland) The Grand National The Wimbledon Tennis finals The Rugby World Cup final The Derby The Rugby League Challenge Cup final Group B (secondary coverage protected) Cricket Test matches played in England Non-finals play at Wimbledon All other matches at the Rugby World Cup Six Nations Rugby matches involving England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland The Commonwealth Games The World Athletics Championship The Cricket World Cup - the final, semi-finals and matches involving England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland The Ryder Cup The Open Golf Championship
  16. I have empathy for the Wolfpack. What I don't have time for is a club that knew what was coming and still went and overspent on a substandard squad and expect dispensation so they can spend more money to buy their way out of the mess they are in. I was responding to a poster who accused me of "creating facts" when the truth was that whilst filling their stadium with people, not matter if they are there for the beer or the footie is brilliant, it doesn't give them the right to break the rules. Of course you and I would love our club to have done this. I wouldn't care if we were busing in fans from local prisons if that's what it took to replace banks of empty seats, but I'd never support us getting treated differently just because we could afford it. That's elitist and not Rugby League in my book. The cap was there before them and it will be there after them.
  17. Mate, I’ve been watching Broncos since the first time I moved to London in 1999. As one of the many heartlands supporters who went along, it started as a way to get the fix whilst I’d I’m honest not committing to the cause. But you get sucked in eventually - the highs and the lows. Two key things I learned versus my original love of sitting in the Millward Stand at Rervers... 1. Up north people take for granted how embedded the club already is in the community. From a get people to games perspective, but also from a talent pipeline perspective. Broncos had to create everything from scratch, sometimes appallingly, sometimes with some success. But I got a new found humility comparing Rovers’ crowds of born-and-breds with every hard-won ticket sales (or even persuading a mate to come for free when not in their culture)... > Toronto have bloody nailed this, it’s amazing, and as a marketer and business leader by day I can’t begin to describe how impressed I am. Paid tickets, memberships and junior programmes will follow this awareness. If only Fulham and various incarnations had this platform in Year 4. 2. With London, Rugby League missed a huge opportunity (especially pre 1995 when teams like Sarries and Wasps played in parks) to support the new team from the core. A little disproportionate investment from the centre then, and the world would be very different now. The Americans are the worlds best at creating and building sports businesses in new markets, and they all - to the last one - take a “whole sport” approach to market expansion. And even then it doesn’t always work; but it does more often > Toronto are being even more left out on a limb than London. It’s comical. We don’t even let them have their share, their equal share, of the TV money. Despite them inevitably being a strong draw for audiences in 2020. Let alone provide any other central strategy or support. As a London fan I’m amazed you lack empathy for their position. Watching the usual small-minded people bash Toronto whilst these days suddenly being more generous to London (there’s a new “other” in town) depresses the hell out of me. As ever, our great game, whose rules have evolved to a phenomenal customer experience through the fire of 125 years’ battle for paying eyeballs, continues to shoot itself in the foot when someone actually comes along with a structural idea that might provide the potential of a step-change... how depressing
  18. Some big numbers there, they’re not all ST holders though, just various membership packages? I’m surprised the Roosters number is so low, always thought they are one of the big clubs.
  19. Cheers Chris, any idea how HKR’s compares to previous seasons? Great news about Hull’s.
  20. We’ll have it in Cronulla if Salford doesn’t want it
  21. Parky ain't coming back, but he is still very busy on the ''other'' site.
  22. So, we know who YOU don't want US to have as sponsors. Who do YOU say WE should have? In addition, why are your choices not sponsors yet?
  23. Not one cut-and-paste in any of his posts. Clearly not the late Parksider.
  24. Iv'e gone Saints, London and Barrow....although I reckon Toulouse may scupper the middle bit. That said, how cool for a London Toulouse final with the winner going up to a more dynamic SL (assuming Toronto don't pass them on the way down)
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