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    As has long been established, rugby league "membership" is like getting a brand new Bentley for £10 then complaining because you lost 20p down the back of the seat.
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    A three way question between Full Membership, EFTA and Hard Brexit would probably see a win for EFTA. That's why no one's going to ask it. Brexit was, and is, a campaign for the rich who are insured against (or will benefit from) a hard exit, and that neatly aligned with the nationalist views of just enough people to get them what they want.
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    I’ve actually said stuff to diners in various eateries in the past when they’ve overstepped the line with the staff, usually I’ve said something like “excuse me but you’re being very rude to that young woman/man I’m sure you wouldn’t like someone speaking like that to your child”
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    Rant on behalf of wife and daughter who were both working yesterday waiting on tables at the local. The Christmas dinner has been booked for months, this hasn’t stopped people wanting to change their choice at literally the last minute and getting stroppy when being told “we’re really sorry, you booked your choices in August” kids screaming as running around getting under the waiting staff’s feet as they try to do their job and worst of all (according to my daughter) the “level of tips this year is ###### dad after all the ###### I took from those ######s and their brats” be nice to waiting staff they have your food when you can’t see it
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    Apart from here and a football site, my social media exposure is almost nil If there is anything particularly interesting, I can relay on my daughter to show me My life appears to be much better for never receiving a tweet
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    This is going to be a bit of a political rant with a bit of swearing, so heads up. Why do we keep giving racists things, or let them take away things from us? If I wear red laces in my boots, I have to explain to people that it has NOTHING to do with racism, it is just the colour of my laces Shaved head? Still nothing to do with racism. Fred Perry gold and black polo shirts are the new thing racists are claiming, and I know of so many people who are giving up on that style, and even the brand. Fred Perry has come out against hate time after time, but it doesn't seem to matter. ****racism, ****hate, ****letting racists take things from other people making it theirs. Things that belong to different cultures, different subcultures, different styles, religions and fashions are not theirs to twist and ruin.

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