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    This is the video: https://www.melbournestorm.com.au/news/2018/03/09/perth-kids-clinic/
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    I contend that Storm are doing a great job as a club within their community and growing the fan base despite the strength of AFL and its long established following. The success of the club is to their credit rather than a sign to throw the towel in. Well done Storm.
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    I'm trying to work out if your a wind up merchant or just delusional? I've spent the past 3 weeks working on a major project down there in that god forsaken Ar#h*^$# of Australia and there was not one mention of the NRL either on TV or radio and only one very brief mention of the storm in the paper, Add to this the utter distain your average Victorian has for RL & only the blind or stupid could come to the conclusion you have dave. The NRL have wasted far to much money on this madness and need to wake up fast. RL has been badly neglected in heartland areas since the SL war & is dying a slow death in the bush. The NRL should abandon the Storm and direct those funds to the areas that have been propping the sport up in this country for over 100 years or sit back and watch the game die chasing world domination.
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    To be fair, that would be life changing.
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    I received a call on Tuesday from a recruitment agent trying to convince me to apply for a job. Me - "no, sorry, I'm busy for about the next 6-9 months" Them - "but this is a life changing role that you must consider" Me - "still not interested" Them - "just hear us out, I think you may change your mind". Me - "oh go on then, tell me what it is but I'm still not doing it". Them - "Assistant store manager at a major supermarket chain". Me - "have you actually read my CV?" Them - "you were specially shortlisted using our proprietary searches of job sites based on your skills and experience" Me - "no... I think you may have the wrong person, not interested" They sent me the job spec anyway.
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    Oh you mean that cheating side of 2010 that where more than 1 million dollars over the salary cap lol? Yes all the expat's from NSW & QLD watched & why wouldn't you really , It was like watching the RL equivalent to the Harlem Globe Trotters (Cheating storm side) V's the Washington Generals (rest of the honest NRL sides) they where winning but it just didn't count.
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    So I'm curious to know how many times have you been to Victoria Graham? See I wouldn't question you on anything Featherstone RL because I haven't been there yet to be able to form a sound knowledge of the situation.
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    Stick to your feckin NSW League Muppet. Ignore the Truth all you want but The Storm outperform most Sydney Clubs on and Off the Park.
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    Started listening last year for the wolfpack but now continueing this year as my love for league one hasnt gone down as my team had gone up.
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    Excellent show. Keep up the good work guys.
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    By the time you have put chains on here the snow has gone.
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    @NRLKnights We’ve officially reached 15,000 Members ahead of season kick-off! A big thank you to everyone who has joined the red and blue family
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    I’ve got an AWD Volvo XC60. It’s a great car and despite having no winter tyres on it, it’s absoltuely fine in a decent amount of snow, even on reasonably steep hills. If I was permanently at the house in Cumbria, I’d fit it out with winter tyres every year.
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    I wish that were the case in many industries. In the NHS, we had a rule for interviews where you had to interview three candidates for "fairness", even if you had 100% made your mind up that one candidate was the perfect one and you'd have preferred to give them a shot first before going to also-ran candidates. If you wanted to cut that to two interviewees then you had to get HR permission, if you wanted only one, even if there was only one candidate applying, then you had to get the MD's permission. Even in one big law firm I worked at we had to have two candidates. That meant you were wasting your time, the candidate's time and introducing false hope for an artificial "fairness" that could never apply anyway. I suggested in one meeting with HR that they sit in in interviews where we only want one candidate, I was told "do you think this is the 1990s?"
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    This is my Outlander Hybrid, it has a permanent 4wd system with an electronic diff lock equivalent. As you can see it can handle even the most rugged of conditions and the deepest snow imaginable. I will be changing it shortly, probably for a Ford Ranger WIldcat Pickup that also comes with 4wd but this is selectable between 2 & 4wd. Previously I owned a Subaru Forester that was also a permanent 4wd and had a selectable High or Low range gear box but no diff lock. We drive mainly European or Far Eastern cars over here, most of which google reveals to be available in Canadia as well so I would imagine any variant available there is available here.
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    Despite what Audi might have you believe, 4WD isn't all that new...
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    You might need to qualify what the difference is, in Canadian, between all-wheel and 4-wheel drive. As for tyre chains and tyre socks, yes you can buy them in the UK, but they are not widely needed. And an Ice Speedway rider might look at that picture and say (Crocodile Dundee-style) "those aren't spikes, mate; these are spikes".
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    I think this Anton Wilson chap nails the answer: Just what the working class masses wanted.
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    As a League 1 newbie and getting more into RL podcasts, this has been a must listen this year. Keep up the good work!
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    OUT NOW: This week's Betfred League 1 Show The official podcast dedicated to Betfred League 1 is back this week as Ben and Matthew look ahead to all the matches in round 2 of the league campaign this weekend. In addition we are also joined by Doncaster Head Coach Richard Horne, by BBC Radio Leeds' Andrew Steel with a view on Hunslet, as well as Keighley v Bradford, BBC Radio Cumbria's John Gibson pops by also to talk about Whitehaven and Workington's start to the season, and we hear from Calon FM's Conrad Anderson on all things North Wales Crusaders. Plus on this week's show we also hear from Edinburgh Eagles Head Coach Barry McGuffog on the news that his side will be entering the North East Cup this season. https://audioboom.com/posts/6711419-the-betfred-league-1-show-7th-march-2018
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    Different career, different company, but we give new graduates a payrise every 6 months in their first 2 years and for the typical person I'd expect that to add up to at least a 30% increase over their starting salary as new graduates (in the UK anyway).
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    I got paid today. Aaaand relax about bills for the first time in months. I've had a lot of time to reflect over job hunting since I made the first post here. I'm now convinced that recruitment agencies are an absolute bust for me these days. My job history since leaving the army: - I left uni in 1998 and went to sign on because I didn't have a job lined up, while waiting for my initial interview I looked around the jobs on the boards and actually found one that I could do fairly well. Called them and ended up with a job before I could qualify for benefits. - 2000, job found through The Times, direct advert by the company - 2001, another job found through The Times job advert. - 2007-2014, two contracts through agencies but both were direct personal recommendations rather than agency advert or contact, two through an excellent agency knowing me and not having to advertise, one other contract through a company doing a LinkedIn trawl. - 2014, joined NHS, direct applicant - 2017 (work after redundancy) all through personal contacts and direct with organisations - current work secured through personal contacts and no agency involved Every time I have spoken to an agency speculatively, or applied for an advertised job, I get nowhere. Not once have I secured a job through applying for a job through an agency. This is a huge problem for me for future work as most companies use agencies to find employees. When I get through to the decision makers, even if I don't know them or there's no other link I can use to promote myself, I get work; when I have to go through agencies I'm just wasting my time. Now I look back, it should have been very noticeable when I was self-employed, I did about half consulting and half contract work with the consulting work (normally notoriously difficult to get) being far easier for me to get than contract work through agencies. I know what I'd recommend to people hunting for jobs and getting the same effect: Bypass the agencies. Write speculative letters to companies you admire, ruthlessly exploit your contacts (and return the favour at every time you can) and make sure you answer clearly why the companies you're contacting should employ you, what can YOU do for THEM. Never write "dear sir/madam" letters, try to find a name, even if it means calling reception and asking to be put through to the HR Recruitment team to try to get a name. Oh, and you're more likely to get a response if you can personalise it in some way to show it's not a form letter, e.g. "I saw your (your company's) article/news in x newspaper/journal about (exciting stuff that interests you), that's a passion of mine (give a SHORT paragraph of proof) and I really would love to help you achieve that. Here's why you should meet me for a coffee to discuss this: (three bullets of things that matter to them but are why you're good)" I'm just happy I have a decent bit of work now but I thoroughly empathise with others hunting and seeing their bank account get lower (depressing?) with every bill. p.s. I received a call on Monday from an agency who I'd worked with in the NHS when I was an employer. They were a persistent bunch when I was a senior manager with jobs on offer, as soon as I wanted a job they wouldn't take my calls. They even had jobs advertised that I could have written job descriptions for based on my skills and they STILL wouldn't take my calls. They'd heard I was back in the game and called thinking I may have jobs on the go for them to find. It was really quite fun saying "no, I won't do business with you, you've blown that, please remove my details from your system".
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