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    I was in Morrisons on Tuesday and they were already restricting things. The cashier was explaining to the woman in front of me that she would have to take some of what she was buying off of her because it was restricted. The woman behind me suddenly panicked, looked at her six bottles of wine, and leant over to ask "Wine isn't restricted is it?"
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    Less than 10 mins into this and it's equally horrifying and engrossing. The quality of interview and the rawness of this is incredible. Fair play to Brian opening up this much, wouldn't think less of him for keeping this to himself. Deserves a massive audience.
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    You have to give credit to my club Warrington for being ahead of the game here. They gave up on the 2020 season after round two.
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    What a disappointing night for the Giants, everything that was good about us last week was missing last night. From the first minute we were outplayed, outfought, outwitted and outscored by Toronto team who did the basics of rugby league very well, we didn't do anything right. They were on top from the start and the 2 early tries meant it was pretty much game management for them for the rest of the game, something they managed well, they ran harder and faster, tackled better their passing was mainly accurate, their line speed was good and they must have been relieved to see that we offered absolutely no threat with ball in hand. Our line speed was poor, our contact was shambolic, our line running and passing were painful to watch, the highlight for us was seeing a penalty hit the post and bounce out, oh and the final hooter! Well done Toronto.
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    Genuinely think Pearson doing this on TV 5 minutes after shows the low level of the man.
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    Thought the UK press conf with the PM and the two experts was very good too in explaining their rational plus not avoiding the difficult questions. Especially liked the percentage of effectiveness for each of the new primary measures being introduced.
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    Nice bit of promotion imo.
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    I've just sent a note out to the great & good of our local NHS system telling them that we're now going to remote only for meetings. If they want face-to-face then that's their problem unless they have a compelling reason. As of this evening, we've now no-one planned to be in offices of our core admin team. Our call-centre is now ready to work 100% from home and it's entirely up to them if they do so. Our clinicians can work from home if they have a valid reason, but we still need a clinical presence on site for now. We're moving to roughly 80% of patient appointments being video/teleconference, with the 20% reserved for those clearly in need of face-to-face appointments. No-one will get a face-to-face appointment without a clinician triaging them over the phone first. Your local GPs will probably start doing the same, if you grumble about demanding a face-to-face with your GP and "I'm not telling you, you're a receptionist" then you're going to get nowhere except making a receptionist's life harder when it's not their fault. If you turn up at a GP practice with the newly defined symptoms: - A persistent cough; or - A fever And have not told someone that first, then you're going to put the entire practice at risk of closure. You'll still not get preferential treatment but you will harm those seriously ill enough to justify a face-to-face appointment. Please play nicely. If you don't know what to do, that's 100% fine, call 111, they'll tell you the current advice and what to do next.
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    Sheffield have been playing behind closed doors for years.... Well it feels like it if you go watch them ? ? ? ? ?
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    Make no doubt about it...we are the saviours of this league.
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    The Giants were lucky to get nil. Toronto have looked like a team playing in second gear all season, last night they went up to third and it was more that good enough to beat Huddersfield, hopefully they will find a fourth and fifth now and register some SL wins. Well done to them, keep it going and good luck.
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    Another thread hijacked by the nay-sayers and doom-and-gloomers who probably complain about having to clean up the mess on Christmas morning. CAN YOU CLOWNS NOT GIVE IT A REST FOR A DAY OR TWO? Most fans with open minds see opportunity knocking here. Others... Sad. Just so, so sad.
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    In Pearsons defence, he has been loyal to Radford in the past when lots of others wouldn't have been, this has obviously been a long time coming. I don't like the way it was handled though. Should have had a good chat first and let the players know and then announced it tomorrow.
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    Im calling it now, kieron Cunningham will replace him
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    Think Radford might be invited to self-isolate after this.
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    This under 11s match is thrilling and well done to sky for showing it. Good pre-match entertainment. Can’t wait for the first teams to play.
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    If Harry Stottle wants to come on and rant about this one I won't argue.
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    Just getting ahead of comments about Saints' magic weekend jersey being a bit 'out there'... as part of the continuing support of autism charities, this year the club have run a shirt design competition for children with autism and learning difficulties. Seems to have proved popular with some unique designs. Wonderful initiative.
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    I take it he didn't do too much clapping. ??
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    Yep,propping the league up to stop it collapsing!
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    Another good article here from the BBC: Most importantly, there is now a pathway from age group rugby for youngsters right the way through to the first team. "We've got the equivalent of four full-time community officers now," Hogan added. "There are kids now, importantly, choosing rugby league as a first sport. Probably 10-15 years ago there was still a big element of players who were passed over by other sports. "Now we're getting a high percentage of players who are very talented athletes, could play any other sport, who are choosing league and that is the significant bit." https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/rugby-league/51837246
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    Toronto v Catalan in the Final sounds good . Just what the R.F.L. needs, maximum publicity,no spectators.
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    Well done dews could be a great season , all the best???
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    Just seen the score, nowt against Huddersfield but I’m chuffed that Toronto finally have a win now and hope they can turn it into wins in the league too ?
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    I think something like 1370 people die in the UK each day. I'm not ready to be one. I'll be following today's advice from UK scientific advisors and eliminating as much human contact as possible. Plenty to do here without leaving home. Plus no one on the beaches etc, so still able to get out and still not meet anyone. Car instead of bus, too. As I understand it, the uk scientific advice was not to close schools as that would ultimately result in transferring infection from younger, healthier people to older, more vulnerable grandparents dragooned into child care duties.
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    On the flip side, they could have sacked him on many occasions over the last 3 years and didnt. So you could say you get plenty of leeway as well.
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    And it must have been literally two minutes after their conversation.
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    Radford certainly deserves to go, and perhaps should have gone long before now, but no one deserves to be treated the way Pearson just treated him. It sums up Pearson completely.
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    Bloody hell! That'll teach me to switch off before the aftermatch interviews! I expected a Wire win. ..they are better than some are giving them credit for, sadly.
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    Dont worry about checking for obstruction there ref. Just get them off the pitch
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    We seem to say this 3 or 4 times a season, but Hull are an absolute shambles!
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    I thought they were equally as bad to be honest
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    Its the public health reasons why they have chosen not to introduce it yet. Although keeping it under review. The rational was clearly articulated and made sense to me.
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    Wow . Sorry I think that’s totally wrong on the interpretation as I understood . He lost control of the ball and didn’t regrip it . Abd you can’t use the guys leg or floor to control the ball . Without that leg he’d have dropped it
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    Oh dear.... Beyond comment.
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    How do you know no one has had it? I’m not sure what point you’re trying to make, are you a ‘it’s nowt its just flu’ type people?
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    They might get a few dozen lads together to train and play in a rep/development camp, maybe 15-20 years from now when they have the talent to justify it and a system for them to fed into. Honestly, I'm starting to better understand why RL is such a small regional sport in England lol. Seriously though, it really depends on their budget, but, in a perfect world where they've got reasonable funding, they'd begin with going around to the current RL clubs in Ontario and helping them get the resources and equipment that they need to run teams in multiple age groups as well as juniors. Find volunteers and help them to get the qualifications and training necessary to become coaches, refs, first aid people, etc. Help organise good insurance for the clubs and players. Then once they've had a bit of success with that they'd pivot their focus to getting more people involved in playing, by helping to organise and set up promotional events aimed to get people to try the sport, booths at Wolfpack and Aces matches with information on what to do to get involved, fan days with the Wolfpack and Aces, training camps for kids in the school holidays, etc. If/when there's enough demand, go around to other sports clubs and try to get them to run RL teams, and help any new RL clubs that pop up to get started. If they are really ambitious, and they think there's enough demand, try to get RL into the scholastic sports system. Long term, once they've actually got a juniors system in place and it's more or less self-sustaining, they'd pivot their focus again to mainly developing juniors into professionals through a system of junior rep teams and training camps (similar to your one), but that is a long way away.
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    Yeah, that says two weeks, not the year.
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    I have the impression that you completely underestimated this pandemic. The virus is everywhere in France and it is only a question of days or hours for you too, players, staff etc will also be affected and all the competitions will be stopped. We are part of the same community and we must be united; Leeds' attitude towards the Dragons is totally stupid. Let's be smart because we're going to need it!
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    Great win in atrocious conditions. I reckon that game would have been off if it had been more local and we hadn’t travelled all that way,plus it would have meant them postponing the Newcastle game. Another game we’d have lost last season but this team wants to play for the coach,club and more importantly each other. Well done again lads.
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    A great win for Toronto Wolfpack, I’m confident they will back it up with a Super League win against Wakefield next week
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    Butterworth should be available now, doesn't matter to Uddersfield if he is cup tied after tonight.
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    Go Toronto you good thing!...the team has finally started to gel...good steady strong penetrating rugby. GO! GO! GO!
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    Radio 5 live Rugby League pod cast this week is with Mick Hogan and Jordan Robinson from the Thunder. It's a really good listen including why Mick thinks the opening game of the 2021 World Cup at St Jamses is the most important game of the tournament. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sounds/play/p08662sg
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    Toronto are already reportedly lining up Man of Kent to count their crowds in, and are cautiously optimistic that they will just sneak under the 1000 mark should the same thing apply in Canada.

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