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  1. Aye, why would a pub want more paying customers?
  2. Heworth played pro opposition in the Challenge Cup a few times when I were knee high to a grasshopper in the 90's. Leigh, Bramley, Oldham and Batley IIRC. I was mascot for the Leigh game in 94!
  3. Few former York City Knights players turned out for KR in that game, namely Dave Petersen, Jordan Cox, Zeus Silk and Nick Rawsthorne. I wonder if the first three are trying to play for a contract or just helping fill a team?
  4. That's lovely is that!
  5. Match details. Sunday 23rd February, 3pm. Tickets £15
  6. Knights charge disabled fans the concession price and they get a carer in for free if needed.
  7. Same... Plus the maroon & white 'farewell Bootham Crescent' shirt! (which now has the wrong date on it)
  8. It's really weird how precious you get whenever someone makes a passing comment about Fev. AB Knight was literally just making the point that pre-season performances mean absolutely nothing in the context of the season. Settle down.
  9. There was a lovely sunset.
  10. Well it works on me, it drastically reduces muscle spasms in my legs as a result of my spinal injury. It's not snake oil and I'm no mug.
  11. Or you could have just rang the hotel reception and asked to leave your bags there, like any hotel in the world allows you to?
  12. Would be two really nice examples if they could find sponsors that didn't insist on using those white boxes behind their logos.
  13. The Huddersfield Examiner the following day stated: "On Thursday night, a meeting of the representatives of the Senior Clubs of Lancashire and Yorkshire was held at the George Hotel, Huddersfield, to consider the question of the formation of a northern Football Union. The meeting was held in private and lasted close on three hours. At the conclusion, representatives of the press were informed the following men had been present at the meeting: Mr H H Waller (Brighouse), Mr J Platt (Oldham), Mr J Nicholl (Halifax), Mr H Sewell (Leeds), Mr F Lister (Bradford), Mr C A Brewer (Hull), Mr J Clifford (Huddersfield), Mr J L Whittaker (Hunslet), Mr J H Fallas (Wakefield), Mr F Wright (Widnes), Mr E Gresty (Broughton Rangers), Mr J Goodall (Batley), Mr F Dennett (St Helens), Mr J Quirk (Leigh), Mr J Warren (Warrington), Mr G Taylor (Tyldesley), Mr E Wardle (Wigan), Mr A Fattorini (Manningham), Mr W Brierley (Rochdale Hornets), Mr J H Hampshire (Liversedge) and Mr C Holdsworth (Dewsbury). Mr Waller was elected to the chair and Mr Platt was elected secretary. The first resolution adopted was: "The clubs here represented decide to form a Northern Rugby Football Union, and pledge themselves to push forward without delay its establishment on the principle of payment for bona fide broken time only." So 22 of the leading clubs in Yorkshire and Lancashire met and formed the Northern Rugby Union (later to become known as Rugby League in 1922). The 22 clubs had been formed some time previously e.g.: Batley 1880, Bradford 1863, Brighouse Rangers 1878, Broughton Rangers 1877, Dewsbury 1875, Halifax 1873, Huddersfield 1864, Hull 1865, Hunslet 1883, Leeds 1890, Leigh 1877, Liversedge 1877, Manningham 1876, Oldham 1876, Rochdale Hornets 1871, St Helens 1874, Tyldesley 1879, Wakefield Trinity 1873, Warrington 1875, Widnes 1875, Wigan 1879. Dewsbury withdrew a few days after the meeting and were replaced by Runcorn (1876). Stockport was also included at the meeting at the George after calling in by phone. CLICKY LINKY So those guys were the 1895 OG's, anyone else was late to the professional party
  14. All this nostalgic stuff about old grounds is complete nonsense in my humble opinion. Give me a brand new, clean, accessible facility that can maximise earning revenue over a rusty dump because 'memories' any day of the week. The old Wembley was awful, new Wembley is far, far superior. Same goes for Wilderspool, Highbury and Bootham Crescent. The new grounds will produce lifetime memories soon enough - The 2013 RLWC Semi and 'Tackle 52' at new Wembley for example.
  15. The York club's early history is quite interesting
  16. Nothing has changed Deano, test events in January.
  17. Haha! I've been a TRL forum member for 16 years... Always got love for the Featherstone parish!
  18. At the forum last month Jon & Neil said its a credit card style ticket next year, but *IF* the first league game is at Bootham Crescent, a one-off paper ticket will be issued for that game.
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