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  1. Oh, so you're being ironic and we actually agree? It's too late and it's Monday, I'm off to bed
  2. 2018 was the Midland hotel in Manchester, 2019 was the Hilton in Beetham Tower. Both were decent do's to be fair!
  3. Go on then. Explain to me what relevance the Western Terrace has to Headingley hosting awards dinners in the North Stand suite?
  4. How is that relevant to anything?
  5. I totally agree. But then so is comparing our performances against Fev and Leigh, with this in mind.
  6. The facilities are top class and the money is staying in the game. Fair play to them.
  7. The fans can either have a play-off chasing side with reasonably priced tickets or fight relegation with dirt cheap tickets, they can't have both. (unless they're under 16, they definitely can.)
  8. With regards to Clint, I'm sure other members who were regulars in hospitality this year will back me up in that Clint at the start of the year would say two or three words and pass the mic as soon as he could, but then towards the end of the season he seemed to be much more comfortable talking to the room and would even crack a few jokes while interviewing players. This is his first off season as Chairman and already he's tied a number of our better performers down on 2/3 year deals, and there's reports of the club signing one of the best hookers in the competition below the NRL to partner Will Jubb. We got as far as Fev did. Our Ladies won major silverware and our commercial and foundation departments continue to grow, and Joe continues to put out great media content. We're going ok.
  9. Thats quite a rant. So do you want the Knights to grow and develop a squad organically, or do you want to spend £Nm on a squad of superstars? Because reading that it sounds like you'd be fuming with either.
  10. I guess the proof will be in the pudding. But the fact is that prices in 3 out of 4 options have been frozen from 2022, and there has been a slight rise for the most in demand option, which is understandable. It's a business. All year long fans have bemoaned that we haven't competed with Leigh or Fev, well their budgets were roughly £1.4 and £1m bigger than ours respectively. The club have set their prices for season tickets and sponsorship. Fans and sponsors will either take it up or they won't, we'll soon find out. If they do, we might get a play-off contending team again in 2023.
  11. People need a sense of perspective here - prices haven’t gone up since pre Covid, and only yesterday you all watched a play off side that you want to get better… The cost of a play-off quality Championship team isn't cheap (nor is anything else these days!)
  12. Barra kick us off with a classy offering from O'Neill's...
  13. Leigh winning margins at the LSV this season... 58 38 96 32 20 36 52 18 (1895) 28 64 44 16 34 (Cup) 34 46
  14. The first 4 pages of this thread are absolutely brilliant to read - Harry's contributions in particular.
  15. In 2020 York received funding as the 3rd placed team in 2019. The play-offs weren't taken into account. No idea if it's changed since, mind.
  16. I'm 99% sure he's got that wrong.
  17. I don't know how much, I just know that there was a fee involved.
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