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  1. The future of sports broadcasting is online streaming anyway. Hopefully SL sell a block of ten games to someone like Amazon Prime to test the waters, and keep investing in the excellent OurLeague app.
  2. Thanks for clearing up that your original claim was unsubstantiated nonsense.
  3. You clearly haven't been paying attention recently.
  4. MEN's RL coverage is run by Matt Shaw, formerly of this parish. It's legit.
  5. BBC are going to be showing up to ten Super League games.
  6. For all the grumblings about our attack - which are understandable - both Sheffield and York scored three tries each in that game. Jubb's should also have been given, Dixon came agonisingly close to a full lengther and BJB had the ball ripped out over the line. Our attack isn't a million miles away. Due to injuries we haven't yet played two consecutive games with the same half back combination. Losing Morgan Smith to a season ending ACL a week before the first game was a huge blow, after he and O'Hagan worked together for three months shaping our attack. Riley Dean, while talented, is onl
  7. Didn't we beat them 10-0 in their first stint in the Championship? 2012 maybe?
  8. I don't think anyone disagrees with that statement.
  9. I honestly don't think that would have made a blind bit of difference.
  10. York's stadium saga lasted a good 20 years, but we got there in the end. These things need a lot of luck with timing. I supported Wakefield's application on the WMDC planning portal anyway, every little helps.
  11. In light of the recent lockdown announcement, the Knights are pleased to be able to offer our fans a series of small group Zoom video chats with Head Coach James Ford and a selection of Knights players. Starting with a pilot test run next week, times of 11am, 1pm and 7pm on Tuesday 12th and Wed 13th January are available, with small groups initially to test the system and best format. Email info@yorkcityknights.com with your preferred date and time. First to apply will be accepted! #WeAreYork
  12. This is a perfectly fair and valid post HS. I was just pointing out that the lads we've signed were far from 'fringe players' in Super League!
  13. Liam Salter (121 games), Danny Washbrook (337), Danny Kirmond (226), Chris Clarkson (243), Ryan Atkins (373), Adam Cuthbertson (148 SL, 138 NRL) and Kieron Dixon (174) all did well as fringe players...
  14. TBF, its only 8 miles from Trailfinders to NPL, and NPL has far superior transport links. It's a good move for them and I hope the reported ten year lease gives them a solid base to grow from.
  15. A winning London Broncos team in a brand new perfectly sized stadium would easily bring in regular crowds of 5-6k. Corporate capacity at NPL would be vastly improved too compared to Trailfinders, which sponsors would obviously prefer.
  16. If you get Newcastle, York, London Broncos (at New Plough Lane) and Toulouse in by the next TV deal then the league will certainly look more attractive to potential broadcasters and sponsors in my humble opinion.
  17. The decision is done so the point I'm about to make is moot, but I'll make it anyway... 13 players out of York's 28 man squad in 2021 have played Super League. Between them, they have a combined total of exactly 2000 top flight (SL, NRL & rep) appearances. Head Coach James Ford played Super League with Castleford. Chairman Jon Flatman was Commercial Manager at Hull FC and General Manager at Wakefield.
  18. All clubs have been promised comprehensive feedback this week yeah.
  19. Congratulations to Leigh Centurions. If every club in the system had to go through this process then they would be one of the top 12 candidates so full credit to them. I hope they give it a great crack next year. I'm proud of the Knights efforts in this process and know that we're a better club for it. Fans, businesses, community clubs, political figures and even the Minster(!) have all got behind the Knights in this process and for that I can't thank them enough. With their continued support we will get there one day soon. The Championship is going to be a fantastic comp in 2021 and
  20. No wheelchair viewing platform though. I think New Plough Lane is a positive move on that basis alone!
  21. No idea mate. Red Hall or Media City would be my guess.
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