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  1. Oush. Big news incoming at 6pm tomorrow! #GonnaNeedABiggerKlaxon
  2. Plausible. Maybe the camera angle at Canberra's stadium is a touch too low?
  3. No of course mate! I just need a little nudge every now and then... Duly updated... yorkcityknights.com/membership
  4. The VB Bitter and Telstra 5G on pitch and KFC in-goal logos are virtual in this morning's game. The NRL one is painted on.
  5. Oh eck... I meant to update that when I got the prices for you last week! Straight to number 1 on my list of jobs for Friday...
  6. Aye. York ran with a real small squad this year and took on a fair few loanees at various points!
  7. Small point of order: York had one player - Liam Harris - on loan from Hull. We didn't use dual registration this year.
  8. Remember when Liverpool fan DJ Spoony did it a few years back (with the Charlatans) and played YNWA... Needless to say he wasn't invited back!
  9. Shed Seven had 13 top 40 singles during the 90's indie hey day. Their biggest selling album came out at the end of 2017, and they're about to start a sell out tour which includes a gig at Leeds Arena. They're also my 21 year old brother's favourite band. Be a music snob all you like but don't just make stuff up.
  10. I watched them last summer at a sold out Castlefield Bowl with 8k there, and I'll be watching them at Leeds Arena this December with around 10k there. Their latest album Instant Pleasures came out at the end of 2017 and was in the top 10 of the album chart for a fair while. Hardly irrelevant. If they do 'Chasing Rainbows', 'Going for Gold' and 'Room in my House' they should have the gaff bouncing!
  11. I refuse to believe you haven't edited this somehow...
  12. He was briefly with a view to maybe featuring at the back end of the season, but sadly he never fully recovered in time from his foot injury. It was probably a wise decision for him to make sure he was 100% for 2020 pre-season instead. He's a good kid - I wish him well at Fev!
  13. Eh? Minns had never signed for the Knights in 2020. Give the lad a break!
  14. All whataboutery. Mick shouldn't have filmed himself saying what he said.
  15. I have absolutely no interest in commentating on Bradford games. I'm happy doing my bit for York thank you!
  16. York City Knight handed out hundreds of YCK branded chocolate bars at York Pride in 2017, the wrapper doubled up as a £5 discount at our game the following day. It was really well received!
  17. All irrelevant. When you're in the position that Mick is in, you don't film yourself saying those things. It's as simple as that. If he was just a fan it would barely have raised an eyebrow, but he's not. He's an accredited RFL journalist/broadcaster.
  18. "Hypocrites" here (on an internet forum) are not accredited RFL media "journalists".
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