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  1. On the odd occasion I have sat in the main stand. The last time I sat there at the back we scored two tries in the corner, I couldn't see either of them. That is the corner at the railway end of the ground looking left from the main stand. The corner is shielded by some sort of object. Whilst we are not playing could the club do something about it? Even a mirror would be better than non sight.
  2. More or less what I remembered was correct then? What was really definite was that I stood on two building bricks to be able to see the game.
  3. Brilliant. Thanks for your trouble. Memory not too bad then.
  4. Read it again. Somebody from Union trying to make their game faster by reducing the number of players to 13.
  5. Found where it was. Under 'Cross code Rugby Forum'. Might be just idle chatter.
  6. One of the entries at the side of our web site. All under the Total RL, Mo. Might have been a one off. Can't see it again.
  7. I read in an article that the RU were changing their rules and reducing to 13 players. Somebody having a joke? There can't possibly be a joining up of codes can there!!
  8. Thanks for that Sentofagain, not a church goer so no present in that quarter. Terry Clawson was a great player. Memory didn't quite serve me right about his appearances.
  9. Thinking of the past I suddenly remembered going to see us v St Helens in 1959. There were over 17,000 there that day and I has trouble seeing the match from the railway end terraces. I struggled through and found two bricks which I stood on and enjoyed the rest of the game. A long time ago but I remember Woolford, Mullaney and Clamp and I think Clawson and Greatorex were also playing. Wonderful day with great memories of our win. Incidentally didn't we beat Australia as well around that time? Can't believe I was only 24 at that time. Refresh my memory was it snowing?
  10. Aye Robin and not for the better. We will have nothing but robots the way we are going. No free thinking only what the computer says.
  11. Lets go back to the old days and have one league. Where the Yorkshire clubs and Lancashire clubs play each other and then a few others from over the borders Then a top 8 play off. It would save a lot of arguing and messing about. Financial rewards all round with extra for the leaders of the League and winners. Playing it as shown means there won't be too many games in a season Cumberland clubs in the Lancashire set up. If I remember rightly we played 4 Lancashire clubs and the ones we played were in the same region of the league as we were. Ok a lot of people will be against that idea but it would be better than all this arging and barging about promotion and relegation..
  12. Nice to have a chuckle Bryan. Hope you are keeping well.
  13. I can't resist. here goes: A score is twenty..
  14. Charlie Stone was great for us in '73. Just shows.
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