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  1. I used to write in the programme. Still here if needed.
  2. I went to the Hull club years ago and was in a crowd with Hull supporters around me. I was living in Bramley at the time because of my job, so couldn't go with the Featherstone supporters. I was looking for them when a couple of big blokes told me not to shout for my team whilst standing there or I would be in trouble. Trouble is not new .
  3. I take all the points but when you look at the attendances for the Championship our was the highest. We also matched Leigh against Catalan. We are taking responsibility for the Widnes match outside the ground trouble, but who know it might have been Widnes that started it. The comments against us from outside are an item or items of jealousy. Ok the songs and race abuse are out of order. I have watched Rovers since 1938 and there has been trouble caused by visiting supporters on many occasions. IT is not ALL our fault. Think of the comments about us not being fit for SL as we are only a small
  4. I wish Robin and Mark would vote. You have mentioned some names so put them as 1,2,or 3. You are both very knowledgeable so give us a vote please.
  5. Minns 16, Jones 10, and Davies 7. Holmes has 6 and Lockwood 5. Hardcastle 3, and Hall 1. A great performance from the team
  6. Looking even deeper Brown and Davies also have 2 points and Blackmore has1.
  7. Please let me have your MOM for the Rovers game v Bradford. First three choices please.
  8. Final scores for the Widnes games are the same as Friday. So Hardcastle 3 points, Day 2 points and Lockwood 1 point. The overall position is as follows: Gale has 11 points, Holmes has 8 points, Harrison and Chisholm both have 7 points. Parata and Hardcastle have 6 points each. Bussey and Moors have 5 points each. Halton and Hall have each got 3 points and Lockwood and Day have 2 points each. Let me have your MOM for the Bradford match.
  9. I am trying to keep the MOM going and also trying to get a Presentation. Get lots of viewing but about 23 contributions per match. Things do change, just keep going and let things develop one way or another. Welcome back Andrew.
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