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  1. Heading MOM FEATHERSTONE V BARROW. Old age creeping in. Sorry.
  2. Please let me have your voting for the M.O.M Barrow cup game, Saturday at 3pmn. First three choices please.
  3. I am now closing the voting for the Bradford match. The winner was Hall, followed by McLelland, and Susino was third. The overall leading positions after two games are: Chisholm 4, Hall, Susino and McLelland 3 each. On to the Barrow game.
  4. Computer acting up a bit. What can I look under to find the full team selection for the Barrow game?.
  5. Thanks for your votes so far. I will be closing the voting on Friday afternoon around twoish to get ready for the Saturday cup tie . At the moment Hall is very much in front with 40 votes followed by McLelland with 29 votes. third place is very close between Susino, Hardcastle and Blackmore, just one vote separating them. Your participation is appreciated. As mentioned earlier I am going to assist the Knottingley Mustangs under 10's RL. I will encourage RL in any way I can. If you have any suggestions re income or organisation please let me know. It is my first visit and I am looking forward to my participation in encouraging RL in the area.
  6. Hi Steve, If ever you want someone to receive a vote on an equal basis let me know. Regards Colin. Incidentally I have been invited to assist with Knottingley Mustangs under 10's RL . Will try to give them a positive contribution.. Regards, Colin
  7. Hoping the game is on, could I please have your votes for the M.O.M Bradford V Featherstone. First three choices please.
  8. OK . Nothing for 5 hours so I am closing the MOM for Fev V Halifax. The winners are all who contributed to us having a bit of humour when the game was cancelled. Cheers everybody. We now move on to the Bradford game. Let's hope it is played.
  9. Report is he was well tired but upset, delays his plans to branch out.
  10. Looking at a more detailed forecast , it shows rain on Saturday but some sunshine on Sunday with a maximum wind of 26 mph. I think there is hope yet of us playing. Depends on the state of the pitch.
  11. How's about: The three bees. They have stung the opposition quite a bit. (H)ive also seen that their last three letters spell EYE. Are you listening OXY.? We are back to the B's again. With Ox being a Bovine animal. A bovine is regarded as stupid and dull, but you are the exception with a good wit about you. Cheers. 1. BRIS CO(E). I've heard he has opened a new company. 2. BU(S)S(E)Y Busy as always 3. BLACK MORE. . That's what you get playing the mud.
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