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  1. Well, given that teletext isn’t a BBC product, I’m not sure how it’s their issue
  2. Which BBC platform are they on? I can’t see them on the planner, so are they on the red button?
  3. well, it depends how you view it. That’s where I sit at MUFC and my season ticket is £29 per game. However, for a major final, I think £40 is an absolutely appropriate price bracket.
  4. I saw the other night that Paul Topping was selling Bob's last playing jersey from the 93/94 season on Facebook.....missed out on it to a lower bidder but what fantastic memories it brought back!
  5. Didn't they play at The Valley (Charlton) for a good while?
  6. Well, yes, if you ignore the 2019 iteration that had crowds of 17113 (Thursday), 41388 (Friday), 41612 (Saturday) and 34564 (Sunday).
  7. https://twitter.com/YCFCStadium/status/1359221583991218183/photo/1 https://www.google.com/maps/uv?pb=!1s0x487931f0c78d3b5d%3A0xff60674ac3463a1c!3m1!7e115!4shttps%3A%2F%2Flh5.googleusercontent.com%2Fp%2FAF1QipNuyyaeBIhePS73NxLYHCMIchJ581qSA03O_GyQ%3Dw426-h320-k-no!5syork community stadium - Google Search!15sCgIgAQ&imagekey=!1e10!2sAF1QipNuyyaeBIhePS73NxLYHCMIchJ581qSA03O_GyQ&hl=en&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwjsy_2DwOTvAhWARxUIHZjAC5EQoiowKHoECE4QAw https://www.york.gov.uk/CommunityStadium
  8. Our game vs St Helens from 1994 at Sheddings was played in full on Sky Sports Arena early this morning - just watching it now and it brings back so many good memories of the old place.
  9. Not the first time he's done something similar
  10. Has it negatively impacted the competition he left? No, it certainly has not. The NRL has gone from strength to strength in his absence. I think the comp down there will manage.
  11. https://roughyeds.co.uk/2021/02/away-replicas-a-reminder-of-a-fabulous-year/ https://payments.roughyeds.co.uk/product/2021-replica-away-shirt/
  12. Yeah, that was what? 13 years ago? .....maybe worth getting over it.
  13. Have you never changed jobs for a pay rise/ better working conditions/ better opportunities then?
  14. Patronising and dismissive much? How much, exactly, do you know about the sub-disciplines of sport science and heavily scientific their foundations are?
  15. You should change that thread title - Wakey fans will be thinking Wally is back to play 6
  16. Mine turned up on Friday after a few issues, but to be fair, CH sorted it for me immediately. Fits really well, no issues with the collar. Anyone know when the away shirts is being released? Hopefully it's a similar approach and is based on the blue version of the Boddingtons jersey.
  17. If I'm reading it correctly, none of that is from SW.....
  18. Still waiting for mine unfortunately
  19. A highly rated professor in exercise nutrition at LJMU used to play for Warrington
  20. You really need to ask abut who has negative opinions on clubs that dont bring large away followings? So the criticisms of such against the likes of Catalans, London, Toronto etc never happened? Ok....
  21. There is nothing wrong at all with away fans. I think the issue arises when clubs and fans make the point about other clubs not bringing any, when realistically, home clubs shouldn't be relying on away fans to boost ticket sales - they should be looking at maximising their own support to increase their income streams.
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