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  1. Great idea...small steps to get the support back, well done We've been crying out for this sort of fan engagement for years but it never happened, so glad we've got a forward thinking board than the narrow minded previous one
  2. Another win....onwards and upwards ️
  3. Not as bad as I thought that, looked less
  4. Happy with the performance and don't see why anyone should be disappointed with that win so early in the season. Anyone know what the crowd was? Looked a bit sparse to me
  5. thecrab


    We are at BP next year and another crackin 2nd row signing on its way
  6. RU in the mire big time ....Wasps go into administration and others are close to it For us, we need BP and flat cap Frank's help to make category. We are in last chance saloon, CH don't balls this up
  7. I was told he'd signed for us with Ridy and McNally
  8. Rangi Chase....between us and Hunslet
  9. thecrab


    It's not whinging and moaning, it's looking at where we are going wrong and fixing it, looking at other clubs who were in our position and are now thriving with crowds 6 or 7 times what we are getting, learning lessons from them, why are we still struggling in this position when other clubs are getting stronger?
  10. thecrab


    So were Barrow (except home)... what have they done to turn this around so much?....or....what are we not doing to be in the same position?
  11. thecrab


    Noticed Barrow had a crowd of just short of 3,600 yesterday, the management of their club is doing something right and they are heading in the right direction, we on the other hand are going in the opposite direction, why is this happening?
  12. Seems a bit harsh on the face of it, I suspect there's a bit more to it too.
  13. I was gonna post the same thing in reply to Roger's post on another thread. You can't put a positive slant on this season, it has been a disaster and 6th place is no consolation, its ###### poor.
  14. Am I missing something? Why such a big deal has been made for returning back to 7th place? It's embarrassing
  15. The initial signs are positive, I'm just waiting for our leader to lay some semtex (he's got plenty of it) under another bridge and we're back at Sh1tebank
  16. Never happen....less would support it A new owner at Latics and the fans are coming back in their thousands, some buying season tickets just to support the cause, we can only dream of that day
  17. ....and then with 4 games left there will only be Cornwall and West Wales below us, Hamilton should hang his head in shame, its disgusting
  18. Praying Flat Cap Frank has got a few coppers left in the pot to see off Hamilton, I'm fed up to the back teeth of this sh1t3....and please don't tell me we wouldn't have a club without Hamilton because his stewardship has led our club to this embarrassing position
  19. We are not going to make the play offs, forget it, we are dog shoot
  20. thecrab


    How can we be in League One on a negative points difference after 13 games with only West Wales, London and 2 new teams below us? It's unbelievable just how low this board have taken us.
  21. Is that really a serious question? 3 wins, 4 max out of that lot and we're already 8 points behind hunslet, in summary not a cat in hells chance
  22. thecrab


    Herbie .... we were nowhere near Rochdale, they beat us 44-0 in the 2nd half alone. A couple of chances doesn't change that. No idea what Rochdales completions were like in 1st half, prob around 30-40% but we would have probably had 60 or 70 points against us (for the 2nd week running) if they played anything like in the 1st half.
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