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  1. Which is the home shirt. I assume the black one
  2. Don’t forget the loyalty card. The more you drink the more you save
  3. Nah. Why would you try to get an expansion area onside
  4. Doesn’t bother me too much as it’s already a #### eyed league
  5. Don’t know what the players think but supporter’s vote with their feet
  6. Scrap it. Pointless set of fixtures making it a cockeyed league
  7. Obviously it’s gonna be in Newquay
  8. It would seem fevrover was right
  9. According to fevrover we’re at home to fev 1st game on a Monday night
  10. If we have to have dual reg make him top of the list
  11. I know the last sentence is tongue in cheek but unfortunately it’s true
  12. Ah. It all started when sky bought the game …..
  13. That makes me very happy indeed. Now just get rid of the stoopid loan/dr system and I’ll be ecstatic
  14. The club will not exist by the time the stadium is built
  15. Daft as it sounds they would have more chance of making a fist of it
  16. Think England used to play in Australia pre flights
  17. Woah woah woah !!! Assume your talking about Huntley and keighley there. Both denied access to the promised land. Oldham and swinton were also big names from yesteryear
  18. Funny that. I know loads of people who don’t follow rl cos they think it’s A joke
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