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  1. Another kick dropped by Brazil, 10-6 to Canada after 30 minutes
  2. Canada try, 4-6 With a bit more composure and experience Brazil would be a couple of scores up.
  3. I wish Graf wouldn't drop into the pocket RU style for the kicks
  4. Boom! 6-0 Brazil, and a prop's union lifetime membership for Amaral for a pick and drive try from dummy half.
  5. I got briefly excited whn I went on the 2021 World Cup site and found the Spanish squad. Zoom in on each player and... absolutely no info on their profile page.... Seriously, the squads would have easily produced this info and it would have taken me about an hour tops to load the info for 8 teams onto a website. I'd have done it for free. Wikipedia is better: David Berty (St Toulousain) Jorge Gelade-Panzo (Dragons Handi) Theo Gonzalez (Handisport Roannais) Joel lacombe (Dragons Handi) Yannick Martin (Montauban) Fabien Moisdon (Dragons Handi) Raphaël Monedero (Dragons Handi) David Raymond (Biganos) Wilfrid Seron (St Toulousain)
  6. Good effort from Spain. I assume they are mainly from the South of France with Spanish birth or heritage, or Northern Spain where they are closer to the French set-up. Maybe I'm wrong. I'll check. Really good to have another country who appears to be competitive at this level.
  7. Solid by Wales. USA running out of ideas when the kick chase doesn't work. Amazing that these countries haven't been playing very long, at least with local leagues. Bring on 2025 in France.
  8. US to win by a few. Interesting to see the crowd tonight. I went last week but couldn't go today so didn't get tickets. People saying they can't get tickets as it's sold out. I hope so.
  9. About 2 weeks before the games, 150 Euros per match, web site will crash continously and give you the wrong tickets. On a serious note, I assume the four World Cups will be simultaneous again? It's a great idea at this stage in RL's international development.
  10. Now I'm liberated of the silly notion of fairness, I'm starting to get the hang of this World Cup draw lark.
  11. No, I think you could put a bet on this now. Here are my group predictions: Group A Group B Group C Group D France England Australia NZ PNG Fiji Tonga Samoa Wales Ireland Italy Lebanon Brazil Cook islands Jamaica Greece Groups A and B in one half, C and D in the other
  12. The mistake by the tall winger on the crossfield kick was really bad. He's obviously their best high kick taker but misjudged it and got into no-man's land. That was a key scrore for Samoa as we all assumed Tonga would take control but that try gave Samoa a cushion, and real belief.
  13. They only did that because people complained about blow-out scores and to be fair it stopped that happening. Then they complained about the super group so it changed, and now they're complaining about blow out scores again. I hope they don't reduce it again....
  14. I am but fortunately my wife is more than happy to not have to drag round a grumpy old git who hates most shopping with a passion.
  15. You can all shut up now. I've already admitted that this draw was brilliantly done and the way everyone else does it is obviously wrong.
  16. An Aussie fan on facebook was complaining that the in-goals weren't big enough and we should never have the World Cup again.
  17. I'd like to see some honest replies. "Well, Claire, if I'm honest we were utter **** and the ref is a **** so I don't really know how to avoid losing by loads more" Next one: "Yeah, 40-0 up, piece of p*** against these losers. We'll probably get another 40 or so then put the cue on the rack"
  18. Yes, I accept it and will gracefully bow out now. Another one of the great mysteries of RL and how it organises itself. Or doesn't.
  19. It's not irrelevent when most of the junior tournaments use 4 pools of 4 followed by a knock out.
  20. I've seen that before and I still can't believe it.
  21. This Australian team would destroy either of the RU women's finalists. Or maybe both at the same time. I saw on TV they were salivating over a long looped pass and a run round the outside by full-time England RU against part-time Canada. I saw England RL do at least 3 better passes in their game yesterday against Canada. England to make the final but lose by 30 or 40.
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