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  1. Ferry Meadows parkrun in Peterborough yesterday. Lovely course round a couple of lakes, very flat. 450+ runners so congestion at the start slowed me a bit but I ran my second fastest parkrun at 22.31
  2. I did Telford parkrun last Saturday. Because I was running a 10K on Sunday I decided to run it at around 10K target pace and see how it felt. It felt pretty good and I came in at 24.12 - very respectable, really. There was a nice hill finish as a test too. It's a lovely parkrun and well worth a visit if you're in the area. That's #82 event and #275 in total. On Sunday I ran the Chesterfield 10K. I've never been so nervous before a race. No idea why. the race went really well and I was well on target at 5K, having done the long, shallow 1K climb out of town in 5 minutes and being ahead of PB pace overall. A couple more sharp climbs up to the old football ground and it was downhill and flat on the run in. My son took videos of me at 9K and I looked, as usual, like I was going to do die. I came in at 46.37, a PB by 99 seconds. I also won the M60 age category and will be receiving a trophy. I've never won anything for running and never expected to.
  3. Whoever it was doesn't know.... and Shatner wasn't going to mention it!
  4. I want a standards led competition that rewards clubs for both on field and off field performance. Some of the teams in SL now have focused everything on just trying to stay in the competition and have used their pre-existing SL status as an advantage over clubs who try to get in but can't compete because once you are promoted it's already too late. That's not good enough. So, yes, you may not finish bottom of the table but I don't consider that good enough to improve Super League, which I think has been going backwards for a while now. So, you may call it licensing if you like. Anything that isn't the current automatic P&R, which is not fit for purpose.
  5. Not entirely. There's been no exploration of ideas between P&R (which in the structure and limitations of RL is only of use to people who want to be like football) and the implementation of licensing that we had before, where the RFL were s*** scared of taking difficult decisions and contained some quite silly criteria (again in the context of the business of RL).
  6. Leigh might have something to say about that - I guess it will be between those two.
  7. Depends what you mean by "a lot". They've funded away games in the UK this season with no home matches. Would any of their rivals have done that?
  8. and/or to live in the North of England rather than the South of France.
  9. While I understand your reasoning, we are very much dominated in our thinking in this country by football, which has a lot of money sloshng around and literally hundreds of clubs, maybe 50 of which have the resources to compete in a top flight of 20 clubs. Rugby League doesn't have anything like that. The model for the sport should not automatically copy another one. Rugby Union in Scotland, Wales and Ireland has an invitation-only international league for example. Toulouse (and Toronto) spent a lot of money unnecessarily jumping through hoops that could have been avoided with a strategy that encourages additonal investment whilst retaining the ability for ambitious clubs from the UK to play at the highest level. I'm not sure that the words "strategy" and "RL" belong in the same sentence, sadly, unless it also includes "doesn't have a".
  10. Be careful in France if they start shoving food down your throat and salivating after your liver. #FoieGras
  11. Ah yes. My son reffed them in a derby match, possibly West Hull, in the NCL. Way more there than at a lot of League One matches. Thanks, really enjoyed it.
  12. Cheers - can't remember seeing you. I had to get away quickly today. What a lovely park and a great parkrun for fast times. Smashed my all-time 5K PB by 20 seconds. Missed the turn into the car park but managed to park on a side road. My wife, who also got a PB, is working in Hull today so I wandered around. What a transformation the city has had since I lived here in 1983!! Seriously, it was like Copenhagen down by the marina and Princes Quay. I suppose the weather helped - people outside at the cafes etc. Does one of the Hull amateur RL teams play on that pitch at the end of the park? I had a bit of deja vu when I saw it from my days as a ref.
  13. Off to Ull to get my letter U in my parkrun Alphabet challenge. What do you mean, it's got an "H"?? Anybody been to it? I've done the Peter Pan and Humber Bridge events but not East Park. I assume it's pretty flat based on where it is.
  14. I imagine the wages (which are mainly I would guess, PPG and win bonuses) are the least of the problems of an 80% cut. Stadium hire, travel, admin costs....
  15. A return visit to Birkenhead parkrun today - my last trip was in 2017. They've modified the course to make it a two lapper instead of 3 with wider paths to accommodate the bigger field (451 today). It's a quick one and I did my 6th fastest ever parkun at 22.52, 14 seconds slower than my overall PB.
  16. I wouldn't be surprised. When Rugby Union professionalised, they swept away all the old ways and introduced a full, transparent pyramid. After 125 years of professionalism, rugby league still has no idea how to structure itself.
  17. the point being, it looks more professional on TV when you have a decent stadium and of course you attract more and better supporters and sponsors, which is what really matters to the club's stability.
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