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  1. When my son played RU most of the matches were 'friendlies' and if a match got one sided there were player swaps and the stronger players were pulled to give the bench players more game time. Only the Yorkshire and NLD Cup games were 'competetive'. Some of the so called friendlies got a bit spicy from U15 upwards though.
  2. Nobody knows. I wonder if this vote will be held door to door, with an armed policeman writing down the results?
  3. She researched Wolf Hall for 5 years before putting pen to paper.
  4. He's the right kind of chap, though, and supports the right political party. More important.
  5. It might get an repeat airing on BBC2 at least. I think the BBC have decided the country is now too stupid for drama like that on a main channel.
  6. Dame Hilary Mantel, author, aged 70 https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-63007307
  7. I'm old now so I'm thinking "she should at least be wearing gloves and a helmet"
  8. This is all well and good, but it's going to take something pretty sesimic for any of the teams to get anywhere near Leigh.
  9. I did two parkruns on my trip to South Africa, which were my 99th and 100th different events, 309 in total. First week was in Franschhoek, where we ran through the vineyard of the Rickety Bridge winery. The second was Atholl in Johannesburg, within sight of the Wanderers cricket stadium. The Joburg one was interesting as it sits at over 5000 feet and it really made me suck the air in on the uphill sections.
  10. Loved Oakwell Hall, tough though it is.
  11. Managed a 26 minute run at Potternewton parkrun in Leeds. I was there last week for the West Indian carnival. It was much quieter this morning, apart from my breathing as I negotiated the hills.
  12. The game has expanded since then. Featherstone joined the Northen Union in 1898.
  13. Sadly I don't think so. A shame as I had a few friends at Hoyland.
  14. I know that. I'm just saying that it's not sensible to aim for anything more in the current climate.
  15. Eagles 18 Fev 10 at half time. This has been the story of Eagles' season so far, good starts and then fading. I expect Fev to still win by 10-20.
  16. No, but Barnsley/Dearne Valley has. I'd rather just get solid amateur clubs in those areas, and in North Derbyshire and Notts. Better to go and watch them rather than a team of players shipped in from further north or a team of locals that gets battered every week.
  17. Bit harsh if the scoring team is chasing two tries to win in a tight game.
  18. Some of the stuff on clubs' Twitter feeds should be better controlled too, particularly during a match. While we all enjoyed "Ah can't spayk" and "bottleless get, Camp-bell" it's just going to cause unnecessary problems if fans who can't control what they write get put in charge of Tweeting from the official club account.
  19. I can't remember when they changed this, but it did seem like an odd decision. I reffed several amateur games where some teams didn't touch the ball in the last 20 minutes as the score went from 40-0 to 90-0.
  20. Yes, but both sides can do it, and the better team usually has a bigger and stronger bench so it doesn't help the imbalance. Player welfare may be an issue, but I'd prefer to see substitutes rather than interchanges. I know Union does this but they allow way too many.
  21. Pretty much everybody will pick the same 6 winners, and they'll probably be right. And Fax as the 7th. I'm not sure how to make the Championship more competitive, top to bottom. It is what it is, I suppose. The other year it was Toronto, then the next 6, then the rest. This year it's Leigh/Fev, the next 5, the next 5, then Dewsbury/Workington. After the first few weeks, very few results between teams in these mini leagues have gone against form. Last night in the Premier League Southampton beat Chelsea. Man City have lost home games against lower clubs, and nearly lost the title twice on the last day against QPR and Villa. This kind of jeopardy makes each game more attractive. Rugby is diferent to football and scorelines accentuate what could be small differences between teams. I've seen teams lose by 20 or 30 points who were only just the lesser side, but the Championship (and League One) are very often 80% predictable every week.
  22. I agree, but when the stakes are so high for other teams it places doubts over competition integrity. Tighter controls over team selection would probably mean fewer games, which in turn has financial implications for all clubs.
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