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  1. Fev have had one of those for some time. All clubs play within the rules of their respective division. The real issue here isn't the individual clubs, it's the rules they are allowed to work within.
  2. I thought he showed promise last season, and thought he'd kick on again this year. Hasn't happened for whatever reason: isn't the first time and won't be the last. I'd agree, can't now see him back next year.
  3. Fev launch summer bash kit to support Help for Heroes.
  4. I wasn't expecting a tight game tbh, but based on that half I'd have said Widnes are the worst team I've seen this year.
  5. Fev 42 nil up at half time, playing uphill. Fev playing some lovely stuff. Widnes are shocking, barely made it out of there own half.
  6. It's really good to see the increases in home support this year. As someone who lives outside the area, what has changed this season that's having such an effect?
  7. AFAIK, they don't insist on a 21 man squad, which is why for example Leeds only named 20 ahead of last nights game. If the Bulls choose to name injured players in their squad, that's their perogative.
  8. Broadly retired people for non-exec roles then. Sounds to me they're after former senior/director level employees. Compared to NHS non-exec, I'd suggest that's reasonable reimbursement.
  9. As a Fev fan, I'd love Cas to be the second best team in the world. Who is better to beat to get to number one, than your local rival. I'm sure you feel the same about pie eaters.
  10. The most common response to pie discussions in RL is to who is going to eat it.
  11. Fair answer. I never get the desire from any RL fan to expect failure of other clubs tbh. The more we have that are strong, Bulls included, the better.
  12. I'm not close to the requirements put in place for clubs regarding medical cover, nor the individual circumstances in this case. I suspect that's what would be required to make a fully informed comment in this particular circumstance.
  13. I can't comment on either in any detail, Leigh in particular. I've heard the same said about Fev year in year out for the last 10 years at least however. I very much doubt anything this year has changed, beyond the growth in numbers on the terraces, which first hand experience tells me has seen a fairly significant increase.
  14. Given the current issues within the NHS and the wider services at the moment here, I can empathise with WWR. Part time sports, especially in area where they are a minority are unlikely to get the support they require in the event of other pressures. The problem is, this story has something of the boy who cried wolf about it.
  15. Why will they? Leigh have an owner with deep pockets. Unless he walks, they'd be back next year. Fev have grown year on year for the last 15 or so years. They have multiple income streams, and shown consistently they're amongst the best run teams in the championship. I hope Newcastle grow, and expect them to develop over time, however expecting one of this year's top two to dramatically fall away in 2023 feels a little fanciful to me.
  16. Not saying that the circumstances are the same, nor the long term outcome. At this moment however, Newcastle appear to have signed players that can't get FT gigs elsewhere, because ultimately they are generally not good enough. That's the similarity.
  17. As Sheffield themselves found a few seasons ago, there is a significant difference in having full time players and a good team.
  18. Ah, good to see a reliable source being quoted for once.
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