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  1. Fair answer. I never get the desire from any RL fan to expect failure of other clubs tbh. The more we have that are strong, Bulls included, the better.
  2. I'm not close to the requirements put in place for clubs regarding medical cover, nor the individual circumstances in this case. I suspect that's what would be required to make a fully informed comment in this particular circumstance.
  3. I can't comment on either in any detail, Leigh in particular. I've heard the same said about Fev year in year out for the last 10 years at least however. I very much doubt anything this year has changed, beyond the growth in numbers on the terraces, which first hand experience tells me has seen a fairly significant increase.
  4. Given the current issues within the NHS and the wider services at the moment here, I can empathise with WWR. Part time sports, especially in area where they are a minority are unlikely to get the support they require in the event of other pressures. The problem is, this story has something of the boy who cried wolf about it.
  5. Why will they? Leigh have an owner with deep pockets. Unless he walks, they'd be back next year. Fev have grown year on year for the last 15 or so years. They have multiple income streams, and shown consistently they're amongst the best run teams in the championship. I hope Newcastle grow, and expect them to develop over time, however expecting one of this year's top two to dramatically fall away in 2023 feels a little fanciful to me.
  6. Not saying that the circumstances are the same, nor the long term outcome. At this moment however, Newcastle appear to have signed players that can't get FT gigs elsewhere, because ultimately they are generally not good enough. That's the similarity.
  7. As Sheffield themselves found a few seasons ago, there is a significant difference in having full time players and a good team.
  8. Ah, good to see a reliable source being quoted for once.
  9. True. Is he match fit though, unlike the others? He's only played once for Donny hasn't he?
  10. McConnell, Field and Cooper have all been regularly playing as middles, and only Trout is out on loan in that position. Not sure he'd make that much of a difference on recent performances tbh.
  11. I wouldn't have thought we'd have forced him to go, he'd have been given the choice. I have no knowledge to be certain on that though. I don't believe he does work FT, other than possibly in the club community dept.
  12. Let's suggest neither Jacks nor Chizzy play with us at the moment, but both are rumoured, with a view that they help us get promoted and stay next year. Who would we rather sign? Jacks: 48 NRL appearances, all since 2017. Current age, 29. Chizzy: 1 NRL appearance, in 2011. Current age 31. I'll accept my info is from Wikipedia so isn't necessarily accurate, however as much as I've loved watching Chizzy over the last couple of seasons, I'm very aware of rose tinted glasses here.
  13. I think we're in agreement on that.
  14. Fev players have played for Leeds reserves since that announcement however. Has that arrangement now ended as well, or is it simply that we're not currently utilising it?
  15. Has the reserves arrangement come to an end, or is it just felt that loans mean playing at a higher standard in most cases?
  16. Complete stab in the dark, Liam Finn. Will be interesting to see, as Ireland have done fairly well over recent world cups, but will depend as heavily on what playing pool they can draw upon as to whom the next coach is.
  17. I've not seen any hype for him, other than the announcement of his signing. He's had a visa to work in this country about a week. He's had no pre-season and we have no reserves to get him game time. Makes perfect sense to me.
  18. Thanks. The way I'm reading the offer is "we pay you £10, you pay tax & NI out of that" , meaning you then pay yourself less than nmw. It may be legal, but it doesn't feel either right or the type of employer I'd want to be associated with.
  19. Tell me how this isn't caring about the comp. https://www.instagram.com/tv/CSBsyWqje0X/?utm_medium=copy_link
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