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  1. I managed to get a mention of Fev in on the late afternoon national news on the beeb. Every little helps and all that.
  2. His infamy in the village steps up a notch.
  3. *waves at the camera* Managed to get a reference to Fev on the tv interview that just went out on the national BBC news bulletin as well.
  4. Just been interviewed by the BBC for tonight's national news. Highest ranked news story on ITVs website. This is just nuts now.
  5. I see Gill has already gone off with a hamstring injury. Unlucky, or do we have some conditioning issues starting to show themselves?
  6. Over 1m views so far, and I've had both local and national press in touch about the story. Must admit, that has rather caught me by surprise.
  7. Wait until you see some of the new rules I bring in.
  8. Thought I might buy the RFL, and write it off as a loss against tax.
  9. As a neutral who rarely watches live RL on TV due to not having Sky, I was hugely entertained. Good game, well reffed and excellent coverage. What I thought was particularly good from a C4 perspective was the willingness to drop a few details of the rules into the commentary to help those watching who possibly haven't seen RL before. Good start and along with the Premier coverage of the championship, hopefully the start of some growth in the game.
  10. Has anyone ever received a sizeable payout in compensation for any reason? We reciecved a cheque this morning to compensate for the 96 or so hours we were without power following storm arwen. Got to admit, it's more than I was expecting.
  11. To revive a long dead thread.... I noticed a reference to our head of strength and conditioning on twitter earlier, which is the first time I'd seen a name mentioned since Gregg Stebbings left. Thought I'd do a quick Google search on the name,, and this thread popped up. Hope he does a good job, and lasts longer with us than as a player!
  12. In that by now the Fev players will have long left, which might mean Leigh can finally score.
  13. I'd suggest based on Leigh's following last night being several hundred lower than previously. Fev support I'd suggest probably wouldn't have been much different.
  14. You mean the ones singing "there's only one Adam Hall", whilst celebrating his life with a minutes applause?
  15. I find it difficult to belive they'd have not signed up James Harrison and Frankie Halton again given the opportunity.
  16. It was certainly no worse tonight than any other February game I can remember. In fact, considerably better than the first couple of years after the new stands opened.
  17. They'll need sorting regardless, at this time of year they'd often be needed later in the game for a 3pm kick off.
  18. After last weekend, Fax would be better just concentrating.
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