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  1. I genuinely only ever saw him on Good Friday and Boxing Day and wondered whether he was an every week, season ticket holder type churchgoer or whether he just turned up for the cup finals at Christmas and Easter.
  2. You can just log in to your account and cancel from the next payment onwards. They also have a very responsive email account, though sadly they saw through my ruse to get a refund on my subscription and sign up again for half price on Black Friday Spent 25 minutes on the phone to Sky the other day to try and get a better deal on my renewal. Turned out the deal they were offering was £15 a month more than the one that came up when logging in to my MySky account
  3. I've had it quite a while through Sky (mainly for the Scottish football) and it works a treat for me. Literally no different to Sky Sports. And most vitally is as live as is humanly possible (anyone who watches football TV and has Flash Scores notifications on their phone will know what I mean), albeit inevitably that isn't the case for Premier Player.
  4. The most recent incarnation was as recently as 2007ish as Blackpool Panthers (initially Blackpool West Coast Panthers, I think?), initially playing at Bloomfield Road for a year or two (Leigh played there in the group stages of the Northern Rail Cup and then again in the final against Hull KR) and then as you say on to Fylde RU (including hosting the 'Northern Rail Nines'). Don't know if they played there permanently or only when Deepdale was unavailable? They didn't last long before moving (back, of sorts) to Chorley and becoming Chorley Lynx.
  5. I think it's a slightly different scenario where, with all respect to the women's fixture, there's something of a clearer hierarchy between the two when compared to double header semi finals where the games are of identical billing etc.
  6. Or, more appropriately given his family history, Swinton.
  7. They've just had a short feature on Radio Manchester so hopefully that raises awareness. It worked on me, at least, as I've just bought a brick for 30 quid
  8. This one? Memorable from a personal point of view as I remember buying it in a shop in Devon of all places!
  9. This one for me. Quality of the fabric was really good too, as was the fit of it. Could actually buy it in your normal size instead of 3 sizes bigger.
  10. Used to be left centre but has moved a bit further to the right as he's got older.
  11. Change the name of the ground more often than the wind changes. 362 name changes since any sort of structural work at either ground.
  12. Oh, must have missed that one, I thought they were still at Butts! That’s another team to draw in the cup then
  13. Sheffield doesn’t count given Don Valley was in a league of its own, albeit one based in Eastern Europe. You can still have Coventry in my book though given they’ve only changed name rather than grounds. Could open up a commercial opportunity though if fans had to return to tick off a ground whenever the name changed. Wakefield, Cas (why is it always those two?!)) I am looking in your direction!
  14. Super League - 11/12 Missing: Toulouse (though I have been to both Blagnac and Minimes) Championship - 11/14 Missing: Newcastle (though I did see Gateshead at the International Stadium), Sheffield (seen them at Don Valley, that uni one and Bramall Lane, but not OLP, even in its previous temporary guise), York (been to Huntingdon and Bootham Crescent and will be going to the new gaff in February) League One - 8/11 Missing: Cornwall (will have to save that one for the Challenge Cup!), North Wales Crusaders (though I have seen them at the Racecourse and Cefn Druids, and will be going to Colwyn Bay in the summer to watch Noel Gallagher!), West Wales Raiders (that'll be another for the Challenge Cup). All of the ones I've been to have been watching Leigh, apart from Coventry which was a game against Warrington Wizards in the NL3 days because my mate was refereeing. To my shame, I don't know whether Oldham are at Bower Fold for 2022 or back at Whitebank, but I've been to both (albeit Whitebank was for games v Featherstone and Rochdale rather than watching Leigh). Of the other clubs/grounds no longer existing, I saw Blackpool Panthers (x2 - Bloomfield Road & Memorial Ground), Celtic Crusaders (Brewery Field), Chorley Lynx (Victory Park), Doncaster (Belle Vue), Leigh (Hilton Park), London Broncos (Griffin Park, The Hive, Trailfinders), Oldham (Boundary Park), Salford (The Willows), St Helens (Knowsley Road), Swinton (Gigg Lane, Park Lane), Toronto Wolfpack (Lamport Stadium), Warrington (Wilderspool), Wigan (Central Park)
  15. Rules out a brown ball then, as I suspected.
  16. Given the timing of the competition, I guess a darker ball might get a little ‘lost’ in the floodlights for the later kick offs. Similar to floodlit cricket matches using a white ball (although admittedly I’ve no idea if that’s the case in floodlit Test matches, if such a thing exists). Would have been nice to have a bit more of a hat tip rather than just his name on it, but a nice gesture all the same and very much on trend, as they say.
  17. No way, the current pomp and circumstance is great for sneaking in an extra pint before the game
  18. The thing to note is that although a sponsor can be added at a later date, I don’t think it is specified that it is necessarily the Iconiq logo. Apart from when it’s Swinton
  19. Fixed from my point of view. Found myself reporting a lot more 'offensive' ads to Twitter during the RU internationals recently.
  20. I promise not to spoil the surprise of the scorelines while you wait for your stream to catch up.
  21. Virtually the entire Ipswich squad of the time, no less. Albeit a few turned out for the Nazis, which @Eddieprobably approves of.
  22. I watched the Hibs game on Sunday through Premier on Sky and it was as close to live as you can possibly get, even staying ahead of Flash Scores which, if anyone else has their alerts, is almost instant even when you’re actually at the game. When I’ve previously used Premier Player, it runs a minimum of 2-3 minutes behind which can be beyond infuriating if you’re also on here or Twitter during a game, not to mention killing any prospect of in-play betting, while the picture wasn’t particularly great and would occasionally buffer. All that said, it is probably worth mentioning that Premier Player is included free of charge using the Sky/Virgin option so it isn’t an either/or option. No idea why anyone would use the online only option. But each to their own.
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