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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mjLC_vqhfZ0 Still a great game though isnt it!
  2. If the Latics dont buck up real quick theyll be at Vestacare too
  3. IF for instance ORLFC and Avros agreed a binding committment...Why wouldnt the Rugby League facilities trust help and Oldham Council for that matter. I mean just look at the Eagles over the hill!!!
  4. Exactly Right! Jam tomorrow at Latics...,LOOK where we are...
  5. My train of thought is that we should be deeply grateful to Avro`s for having us there. Latics is a non starter at the moment, nor in the immediate future. The smart thing to do in my view is to start to contribute to the *ongoing improvements to the stadium, by interested parties, as we should have done years back, but now in the confidence that there will be hopefully no smoke and mirrors and false dawns, perhaps forging relationships of integrity with the Avro management. The fly in the ointment (if there is one) would soon become apparent. but a *strong fans group would have some clout. And after all the Home in Oldham card has been played already! I have always thought Vestacare had potential, I still do.
  6. My I didnt expect that...and so quickly...Like he read my mind...Its Fair enough, and I accept it!
  7. I slept on it before posting as I was fuming last night It kept me awake for goodness sake!
  8. The floodlight issue is a serious one for a few reasons that I can think of. You just cannot have a "collision" sport that on two occasions is plunged into utter darkness...For every light in the ground went out. Thats a Player Safety issue and a major one. Theres fan safety to consider also as there were areas of soaked mud on whitebank road side, Try negotiating them in Darkness. Also at 16 12 down Oldham were on a good attack when the light stopped for the third time and the ref and linesman did they leave the field? Im not sure what went on, would the ref be concerned re the second light fail during play, but Oldham lost all momentum Maybe less serious in the grand scheme of things but honestly I was embarrassed, acutely so by this shambles having been also at the Wakefield Friendly when the lights went out twice thankfully not in open play. As for the game Oldham did try hard but Lock Lane Had a plan, well executed with the kicks they protected the ball far better in the conditions and out enthused Oldham on the night...The conditions were awful The centre line where I love to view the game was exposed to the rain and cold that was incessant, Ive never been so wet at a game. As has been said Oldham will improve and once again for Me Restall was pretty good under those steepling kicks,Its no shame to be beaten by Lock Lane the second game into the latest era of ORLFC but I insist on an explanation of the current Situation regarding the Lights from Mr Hamilton before he gets another £12 quid off me. Laughing Stock Chris!
  9. IF we do defeat the very good Lock Lane outfit there is in the offering a slight possibility of a hybrid version of the law cup as Rochdale Mayfield beat West Hull this aft 18-16. What a treat that would be especially if it was at Castleton Sport centre where i`ve been lurking for many years now!
  10. Last time I was in it was quite a bit back clifford...Its better much better than it was back then (Tony Benson Era onwards).I actually prefer it to Boundary Park. It would be great if the football pitch markings could be covered or sprayed out down the touchlines and I would Definitely attach padding to the low wall at start of seating. Illuminate the Scoreboard from below on Night Matches and of course get a pile of "Tanners" for the Meter! "Dad! Dad! whats a Tanner?" All incidentals I noted easy to sort out too. The Main Thing was that the atmosphere of the evening match was GREAT! as was the Game!
  11. That was a thrilling game played at a fast pace...you couldnt take your eyes off it, The Wakefield team were a disciplined lot and hardly missed a tackle all night a creditable performance...I thought we had blown it but I saw the value of Martin Ridyard all evening making good yards with his boot (what a change in itself) and the slight double pump that got us in when we needed to..and good distribution all night also in the second half Number 3 Will Cooke? made 3 big tackles right in front of me in quick sucession...very impressed with that. The coaches will be pleased with the night overall as it was a fine baptism and overall a draw was a fair result though we nearly nicked it with the last kick of the match...I`m almost glad we didn`t. Im sure I saw Willie Poching in the crowd along with Adrian Alexander and Martin Murphy Loved the game under the floodlights but poor old Chris (hasnt he had heart surgery?) must have had palpitations when the floodlights went completely out about 15 mins before kick off with many players on the pitch and again at half time...not something he will want happening if there is a live feed of the Challenge cup game! Thankfully the evening was saved and a very enjoyable first Hit Out it was...I Like Whitebank!
  12. I was at the meet the players event last night on a freezing cold evening...It proved to be very enjoyable and a real laugh...I have always thought highly of Stuart Littler as a coach...Hes a good fit for Oldham, Chris was at his charismatic best as the interviewer too. I am particularly keen to see how Owen Restall does as Having been watching (The name that must not be spoken) Mayfield for quite a a few years he was a standout performer for Underbank against them. There is a good camaraderie in the Oldham camp...Rugby Leagues version of the Musketeers. Its going to be tough this year but Whitebank could and must be an advantage! a fortress if you like. for those who appreciate a touch of humour theres a joke in there. Why have I decided to come back to watch Oldham RLFC again.. Well the future has never been more uncertain for RL in the town, nor for my own personal survival over the last 2 years with covid (being 65) Life is too short and unfortunately as many know on this forum its that ORLFC "thing" where however hard you try every other team is secondary... "Watersheddingitis" I call it.
  13. Up the steps in to the penny rush to watch Phil Larder on the wing...and later the total pleasure of watching the often freezing A Team evening matches and the almost surreal times when the Dog Racing Track was in full flow also, for me it was the awe of getting so close to the warriors between the pavilion and the tunnel where else can you do that? If you have watched football lately just see how many players are inciting the crowds and the plastic bottles etc are flying down...No Respect.(their antics often dont warrant it on occasion) As has been said Sport like Society has changed and it seems to me to be for the worse were Respect is concerned. My neighbour is 75 and he says to me he is glad to have lived through the times he has, I think I get that especially when it comes to Rugby League at The Sheddings! Happy Days!
  14. I can still shudder when I remember lurking below the pavilion steps when The shadow of Mr Boyd went very close by...Interestingly also at the above game at Mayfield I was reminiscing with a Mature Wigan St Pats Fan about when Paddy Kirwan scored that wonderful scoot v the pies all those years ago his friend/relative actually died in the ground during the game????
  15. Andy Gregory was hes now coaching Wigan St Pats who play Rochdale Mayfield TODAY at 2.15pm at the Castleton Sports Centre...
  16. Posh name for Avros nice little project...Whitebank Stadium (that I actually thought ORLFC had got already?). Back to the Future!
  17. A level Whitebank* would have done the job. I once thought we had this secured... but I guess even the Council had to call time on that arrangement??? *It had potential and was better than Nothing.
  18. I still remember Gregg McNally with an Oldham Shirt on at Whitebank in the centres...Always liked him as a player, like Holroyd at Swinton, A touch of Flair and Class.
  19. First McDermott now Littler you cannot say CH isnt Trying...Two good appointments in my view (for what its worth).
  20. even if it kills the game below the superleague?
  21. Yes Brian Mac is indeed worth reading...Surely praise indeed for the squad and chairman, I could hardly credit Brian coming to ORLFC, hes a winner, a top coach! The standard is extremely high in the Championship...and sad to say that ultimately its what a club can afford to pay just like most sport these days. Lets hope Chris "Goes Again" re League one. though that scenario is far from clear regarding Central funding. I mean has anyone got even a thought of what would transpire if even Chris cannot "Go Again?"
  22. The odds are increasingly stacked against Oldham, and that is also a consequence of the not so subtle polarisation even within the game, the Sky deal is a lot less and ORLFC will probably have to get by with even less RFL funding as Super League will insist on the Lions Share. My view is the situation above will indeed be a further death knell to the many teams not at the top table... There may be a point when even Chris sees hes on a losing battle, the man has had his share of recent health issues to deal with as it is...The question is Just what will happen IF Chris did call it a day as I am absolutely convinced that running a RL Club is far far harder than any of us realise on this forum.
  23. Great Try by Tyler Dupree...reminded me of Andy Goodway!
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