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  1. Likes of Gigot, Le Cam, Stone, seem the biggest rumours at the moment. Few others too.
  2. Anyone else’s not working?
  3. Outrageous. I’ve already got my season ticket for next year but that’s me done after then. Not going through that again no way.
  4. Not 100% on this but I believe the contracted players for next year so far are as follows. Hall Gale Hardcastle Field Cooper Hepi Fleming Jones.
  5. Gale Jones Hall Hardcastle Cooper Fleming Field and Hepi?
  6. Been told Connor Jones has signed for Newcastle next season. Gutted if true, top player.
  7. Broadbent seemed to be in the full back position on some of the attacking play footage. Maybe he will go full back, Hall on the wing or centre and Hardcastle or Gale back in.
  8. Jack Broadbent is signing on loan for the rest of the season before joining Cas.
  9. Anyones tickets for the final still not arrived. Money came out a week ago.
  10. We are averaging around 3,300 this season so far. A very positive step forward.
  11. Hopefully not with those floodlights
  12. That’s good cos it clashed with Leeds v Man United on the Sunday.
  13. Cheers, I don’t do Facebook though. Wish we would use Rovers TV a bit better especially with a subscription charge.
  14. Where can we see the press conference?
  15. He is replacing Kris Welham/Thomas Minns. I will take that.
  16. Buying adult tickets game by game on the early bird offer of £15 is a decent saving on season ticket prices. Not sure if this will be continued next season.
  17. 19? Pickersgill Gale Briscoe Hardcastle Hall Chisholm Holmes Smith Wildie Jones Lockwood Kopczak Bussey Cooper Field Moors Hellewell Ferres Davies
  18. Locky has been a great servant but was definitely showing signs of coming towards the end last season for me.
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