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  1. Very lucky mr brown… now we again Saturday let’s try and get a result
  2. Yes it wasn’t by accident either looking at the video… sky picked it up straight away
  3. James brown cleared by the match review panel- 0 match penalty
  4. Wow what can I say what a performance from the boys! 100% effort from 1-17 but what tactics from the student against his teacher our defence has improved massively this year it’s won the last 2 games against sides who like to play with the ball… we’ve shut them down massively walshaw’s tackle in the second half to stop a certain try was class our support helped the boys can we be like that every week I’m sure they’d like that!
  5. Signs for 2022 on twitter great news
  6. Batley’s off field staff within the Chief exc and GM and commercial manager must doing well for the coaching staff plus bissa and the sponsors help the club… plus it helps having rugby league people in the game
  7. Squads for Saturday according the rfl site batley 21 man Blagbrough Broughton Brown Buchanan Burton Campbell Chandler Flynn Gilmore Gledhill Hall Hooley Johnson Kaye Leak Lillycrop Manning Morton Walshaw White Ward Bradford Brough Brown Crossley Doyle B Evans R Evans Flanagan Fleming DF Johnston Hallas Hamlett Ho jowitt Kear Lilley Murphy Oakes Rooks Sanderson scurr Walker
  8. Hope if ours can’t win it then Harrison & Charlton for me…
  9. He’s probably on Marino he played a few games in 2016 was class
  10. Championship Batley Bulldogs v Bradford Bulls 25th September, KO: 15:15 M Com: P. Hewitt Referee: J. Child Reserve Referee: S. Mikalauskas Touch Judge 1: R. Thompson Touch Judge 2: N. Horton Video Referee: M. Griffiths Reserve Touch Judge: T. Crashley Time Keeper: T. Randerson
  11. If we didn’t have social media or papers the club wouldn’t have any chance to expose itself
  12. Depends if Liam Harris plays for fax if he does fax by 8 if not haven by 6
  13. Must of been sat down then… wasn’t in the barmy army
  14. Toulouse would play Whitehaven if that happened
  15. Come on Whitehaven we deserve another play off game at fev!!
  16. Some stats have been published online manning 54 Flynn 65 tackles Be some sore bodies this morning
  17. You don’t have a leader no offence to grix or Robinson they didn’t create anything special… white and Gilmore played behind the two mentioned with manning and Flynn ( the new ash Lindsay) Anyone who was there yesterday heart must of been doing 1000% it was a good game with plenty at stake
  18. We can win this!!!! let’s get behind the boys and cheer them on after a great season!!
  19. I thought we were gonna get smashed when we started the way we did but we defended brilliantly and took our chances in the first half… Campbell top player I thought Ward and Lillycrop changed the momentum for us both class and playing with a smile on their faces manning & Walshaw must of made 80 tackles each 100% everytime bring on Bradford let’s stand together and make some noise like we did yesterday I’m sure the lads appreciate it!!!
  20. Miller is linked to the bulls but I’d take Brad Knowles he plays tough and hard
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