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  1. Screening a well known established competition with well known established clubs in a rugby league nation yet still couldn't attract viewing figures. Yet EURO XIII are attempting to replicate this with a new competition, of a far lower standard, with new clubs in new countries with minimal RL background.
  2. Its raised the European profile on total RL, Facebook and twitter to a handful UK based fans but not actually on the continent. I know most of the clubs already. Maybe that will come ?
  3. I would expect Rhondda to be one of the stronger clubs. Bolton and Culcheth have both comfortably beaten Rotterdam in recent years. NWC mens teams at the lower end.
  4. Going round in circles. Jumping of your roundabout mate. Failure is of no consequence. ?
  5. Ain't seen any rise in the profile of the game in the Netherlands. Not one piece of media interest apart from what's been posted on the clubs Facebook page. Around 10 usual suspects discussing here on TRL forum and two or three are actually based on the continent. Yep without a ball being kicked he has raised the profile in Europe . ???
  6. Read back. I have had run ins with the governing body. I am not or was not a great lover of some of the workings of the RLEF but a project that is going to be a game changer( if it succeeds) needs to be be affiliated with the governing body if it is to use RLEF clubs and officials who are funded in development by the RLEF Erasmus grants. If Euro XIII are looking to form a breakaway competition then the clubs who are at present RLEF affiliated will surely loose their right to RLEF funding UNLESS the RLEF sanction this competition To me you don't seem to be arsed about any fall out and seem to think Euro XIII have the right to encourage affiliated clubs to join them with no consequences to said clubs. Its not just a 16 team competition that Euro XIII are proposing its yet another splintering of the game due to what seems to be one guy thinking he can set up a comp using teams that have been assisted and funded in their development by the organisation he is refusing to work with. I'm sure if he or the RLEF came to an agreement, which we may still yet see, then a lot of people would be more comfortable with what is unravelling. The latest public twitter spat now seems to be with Coventry Bears. In my opinion if Euro XIII are intent of trampling over people at all levels of the game with no consideration then we are in for some hostile opposition to his vision. That can not be good for anyone. PS. Still waiting for the link towards RLEF saying there will be no consequences to the clubs that have entered.
  7. You can't seem to grasp what a lot of people are saying. Why organise a new competition, finance it with money that is unheard of for the amateur game in Europe then fail to get the support of or work alongside the governing body of the game. It just defies all logic.
  8. So my club have signed a three year deal with a kit supplier and a main sponsor but Euro XIII will tell me who I have to buy my kit from and what sponsor I have to wear. That will surely have a massive affect on trust with my supplier and local sponsors in the future and also with the income needed to run the club. Hmmm!!
  9. Conflicts with what I have been told by another accepted club. They tell me draft players are compulsory. Every club has to take a minimum of two. This has yet to be confirmed.? So am right in thinking clubs have entered without knowing what the actual costs will be?
  10. Is it compulsory for clubs to take on draft players and how long will the club have to pay for their accommodation and food. Is it for the duration of the tournament or just until the club gets beat. For some clubs just one game?
  11. Anyway plenty of experienced guys have put forward reasons to question why they feel this proposed Euro XIII competiton could damage the work that has seen the RLEF's progress in developing the game on the continent. I don't think anyone is against the proposals, they just need to ask how basically it is going to come to fruition. One or two people who seem to support this concept have yet to put forward creditable reasons why it will be a success and counter the arguments that its possible but is a massive undertaking. Scotchy1.. Eddie. You have heard the voices that are asking questions.. Now answer why you believe it's going to deliver what has been promised by Dean Buchan. You guys know as much as us.. So why do you think this can work. Simple enough question.. as you seem to have all the answers when people question the credibility of the plan yet I have yet to hear why you think it can be successful?
  12. Google comes up with Radio Keezer.. Is that you guys??
  13. Fair does.. No matter what the outcome this must be one of the best viewed threads in years Eddie, langpark, Yanto and scotchy1 has kept it going. Such passion. ???
  14. Bet thou niver sen a cuddy loup a fiv bar yat ?? Eddie tho cudnt iven understand Cumbrian as ze marra ???
  15. Can you understand them? Fries to Den Haag is like West Cumbrian to cockney ?
  16. By the way bars are open in Holland ??
  17. FFS you asked I answered Always get a clever response. So far I have put forward my views after 40 years in the game as a top division pro player, amateur coach in the heartlands, founder of a club in North Wales and setting up RL in Holland amongst other things. Over the length of this thread I have exposed all my rugby involvement. Now l don't know what you have done but I'm sure people would be interested. So let's stop the clever come backs (because no matter if someone answers your questions you change direction) ,and tell everyone what your involvement in rugby league is /has been. Getting bored with your games ??? Or like Euro XIII is it not for disclosure.
  18. All available to read on the Official RLEF website. In fact if you click on each nation in the drop down box you can go into the archives nearly back to day one . https://www.rlef.eu.com/ Some podcasts now also tracing back to how some nations set of . Kevin Rudd,Simon Cooper Germany and Milan Mytrnek Czech have been on the podcasts so far. Tyrone McCarthy is this weeks guest https://www.rlef.eu.com/articles/1828/talking-european-rugby-league-podcats-episode-four Will let you know when Im gobbing off on one ?
  19. Eddie check it out . Jovan Vujosevic is the RLEF Central and Eastern European Regional director. Jovan has came through from playing club football for Drocol to representing Serbia at national level and is now on the board of the RLEF. Yes the initial contacts are led by individuals but ask Turkey who they went to for guidence and advice ..Correct Jovan . See my other posts regarding other develoment mate.
  20. Activities Dutch clubs have participated in and been replicated all over Europe and this is just the tip of the iceberg Eddie. Yep they are doing nothing but bringing in higher levels of governence,higher levels of coaching, higher level officials. All LONG term to ensure the sustainability and growth of the game. Not everything regarding development takes place on the park or involves game time. 1) Following successful level 2 coaching and match officials courses in Barcares, near Perpignan - involving cluster group Netherlands, Belgium and Ireland RL – as part of the part-EU funded Training and Education project, there has been agreement to recognise and adopt joint technical qualifications between the RLEF and French Federation for the first time. 2) In the build-up to the RLEF Congress in Serbia - one of the project’s cluster leaders - the week-long professional development programme included coaches; Mike Aughey (Ireland), Aitor Davilas (Spain), Bob Doughton (Germany), Tiziano Franchini (Italy), David Lahr (Czech Republic), Slobodan Manak (Serbia) and Thijs van der Zouwen (Netherlands). 3)The Nederlandse Rugby League Bond has hosted a coach education exercise as part of the EU-backed Training and Education Portal project, which saw 18 participants from their own and neighbouring Belgium’s community clubs take part. RLEF Coaching Manager Martin Crick oversaw the busy five-day event with the Federazione Italiana Rugby League’s principal educator Tiziano Franchini, a member of the RLEF coach development squad, leading on the delivery of the level 1 sessions.The TEP has received €466.000 from the EU’s Erasmus+ project. It is intended to build the capacity of the RLEF’s 21 European members through high quality training and mentoring. 4)The Nederlandse Rugby League Bond has hosted a match official education activity in Rotterdam as part of the EU-backed Training and Education Portal project. 5)As a result of the recently completed, 18-month, Leadership Devolution Project, 31 technical educators have been qualified and 224 new Level 1 coaches and match officials are now supporting the continuing growth of rugby league in Europe. The scheme, part-funded by the European Commission who granted €195.000 - the remainder coming from the Rugby League International Federation - included 17 partner countries.Five Full Members - England (RFL), France (FFRXIII), Ireland (RLI), Scotland (SRL) and Wales (WRL) – assumed roles as ‘senior leaders’ of five regional clusters. They oversaw the work of and mentored five RLEF ‘leader’ graduates from the complementary Governance Foundation Project (2012-13) - Netherlands (NRLB), Germany (RLD), Latvia (LRL), Czech Republic (CZRLA) and Italy (FIRL) – who in turn acted as mentors to a tranche of ‘learner’ nations - Poland (PRXIII), Belgium (BRLA), Malta (MRL), Denmark (DRLF), Hungary (HRLF), Sweden (SWRL) and Greece (HFRL). “The project saw 33 activities run in Europe,” said RLEF General Manager Danny Kazandjian. Held at Sparta Rugby Club in Capelle aan den Ijssel, on the outskirts of Rotterdam, 11 participants from France, Greece, Belgium and Holland took part in the four-day activity, led by the French Federation’s head of match officials, Thierry Alibert, culminating in a Level 1 MO course delivered by the hosts. Alibert provided overall assessment, while RLEF Match Official Development Squad member George Stilianos from Greece led on training, including new Belgian Rugby League Association match official educator candidates Marco Morasci and Christophe Weyenberghe. But if your not involved why should all this good work be disclosed.What interest is it to the fan.:-)
  21. So you don't know the background of the current RLEF chairman. Laal tip. I reckon he has more than enough expertise looking at some of the positions he has held. Director of the British Association for Sport and Law (Former President & Chairman) Member of the FA Premier League Legal Advisory Group FA Premier League representative on the Association of European Union Premier Professional Leagues (EPFL) Member of Working Group for Financial Matters of the FIFA Task Force "For the Good of the Game" He has also represented clubs and players before FIFA, UEFA, the Football Association, the Premier League and the Football League disciplinary bodies. Also he has represented players and clubs at the Court of Arbitration for Sport and international and league compensation tribunals. He has worked with the South Africa and Nigerian Premier leagues in respect of broadcasting and regulatory matters as well as the Egyptian Sports Council and UAE footballing authorities. Quite impressive do you not think ?
  22. I posted this on June 4th. Dean Buchans words regarding the RLEF proposed competition. "The European Super League will not work at the moment and you’d probably be aware of the reasons why. In lots of European countries, rugby league doesn’t feature on the map. Look at the attendance, look at the participation. “If you suddenly jump up with 10, 20 clubs, you’re not suddenly going to be able to support a massive competition with huge infrastructure and costs that the working group is talking about.” “Do they actually have signed contracts, do they have investment in place, do they have a broadcast deal? And if they do, why does no-one in Europe know anything about it?” Read the bottom line. Buchan is asking why no one in Europe knows anything about it. Is that not what a lot of people are asking on here regarding Euro XIII? If he was so concerned that no one knew anything about the RLEF's contracts, investment, broadcast deals he sure ain't being any more open himself. In fact the whole statement is a carbon copy of what EURO XIII are doing!!!! He is giving comments about why the RLEF competition will fail then goes on to replicate what he said won't work ?. Very confusing
  23. I'm not sure they are fighting it. As the governing body of the game on the continent surely they have the duty to scrutinise any proposals that will have a direct affect on their membership.
  24. OK so why DO YOU THINK the RLEF are not as yet supporting this. We are talking about an organisation, that works on a shoestring budget, yet to accept an offer that will change game in Europe forever. Makes no sense to me unless they have yet to see assurances the funding Euro XIII are proposing is in place.
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