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  1. Finally decided Canberras beaches are definitely better than Warrington
  2. Notaccording to the named squad on the official world cup site.
  3. Id love to see Rochdale Hornets win the world club challenge…..and I think the chances of the two things happening are aboutthe same
  4. and i suspect the GF fifty-fifty draw aswell.
  5. Hope they do…and reappoint their previous coach Holbrook. Id be happy to see a vacancy at the Titans.
  6. Congratulations to Gavin Bennion named in the Wales world cup squad.
  7. Yes a well deserved promotion. Hope you build wisely and meet the challenges of championship rugby. Hoping you will be followed by your neighbours Hornets and Roughyheads next season.
  8. Just reading the previews in RLW…….Finalists Lebanon are coached by the current Argentinian Rugby Union coach. what a joke. He has never played a game of rugby league or coached one. Is the game that lacking in coaching talent? Then again its difficult to accept ( at least by me) how players pick and choose who they play for …even the Australian captain has previously appeared for one of the other participants. No doubt they will all line up and belt out the national anthem….just got to hope they work out which one they are playing for.
  9. Even Roger Millward wouldnt look good in that.Bring back the broad red band on white.
  10. You are sounding like paul gallen in his origin declarations. I am sure stuff like this if repeated in the media will be pasted all over aussie notice boards. I hope prospective opponents are ready to be beaten by the “worst ever” kangaroos team
  11. And not achieved by raiding other clubs with a big cheque book. They lose players every year to other clubs and replace then from their own development squads. having become the first club to win all four grades in the same year it looks like it will continue for the forseeable future.
  12. Lancashire teams in the third division. let’s hope there will be two less at the end of next season
  13. All three games were over well before the end…disappointing day all round….except for the winners!
  14. Enoch Powell would fill the hole left by Rimmer very well.
  15. Well shame on them. so long as we have old white males in positions of authority still coming out with this nonsense we will never be able to move forward as a game of equal opportunity for all. You never heard this sort of stuff from Bill Fallowfield, or David Oxley (or Maurice Lindsay).
  16. Sad your run will end this year. You will have so many memories. What about West Tigers v Cowboys…..that had everything, and canberra v balmain? I dont go back as far as you so cannot challenge you in those earlier finals. I wasnt at the Manly v cronulla final but have a vinyl recording of Ray Warren calling the game. Superb. And the post match interviews, Manly captain Fred Jones in his gruff sydney accent followed by the one and only tommy bishop in his unmissable st helens twang. What is the worst final you have seen? Id have to say 2000 roosters v brisbane.
  17. Well no seats in the sun tomorrow! A wet and grey day for sydney. Hoping norths can give the panthers a good game, though they are without some of their first XIII.
  18. With an owner like that its no wonder the club is booming…good luck to them next year (and beyond). I would rather have a club named after a small yorkshire town that nobody darn sarth has heard of than clubs named ‘wasps’ and ‘saracens’ and ‘harlequins’. What does IMG stand for….inequality means good?
  19. In many cases folks dont show for CC games played at their home ground so unlikely they would be willing to travel. Also why should non SL clubs be used to ‘make up numbers’ to make a nice even number for SL clubs? Those clubs should stick together and say no, either revert to an open draw of 32 or let them go play on their own.
  20. I didnt use that word….it was another poster and that post appears to have been removed. But i dont expect that will stop you making these wild accusations or offering an apology.
  21. They dont even want super league teams even playing the rest which is why they have the rest knocking lumps out of each other in multiple rounds before the SL teams come in.
  22. As were Rimmer’s comments, but I dont see you condeming them.
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