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  1. Looking on the forum they use - Widnes have already cancelled their supporters coaches due to “lack of interest”
  2. Think the gameplan was executed perfectly - bash them about first 40 and gas the forwards then move clear in the second half JD was superb, every carry he always poked his nose through and was a real threat, all the forwards were to be fair Our end of set kicking was woeful, very rare do we press with a kick behind and force a repeat set from it - Im pretty sure we are down there as being one of the worst in the league in terms of stats with regards this Hoping Ford will help us increase the pressure further with some astute kicking descisions when he comes in
  3. Hampshire is already there but broke his thumb in a reserve game so out for a while
  4. What “statement” was issued today and what the actual truth is are two different things - all i will say is when you go for a job nowadays your current/previous employees arent allowed to give out a poor reference to the potential new employer Needs to get his house in order to be honest - you cant turn up late for the Wakey cup game when youve been allowed special permission to travel from ponte instead of on the team bus from Wigan and turn up half an hour after the Wigan bus and team has got there Not suprised Wigan are seething considering what theyve spent trying to sort him out - but maybe Bri Mac is the man to get the best back out of him again
  5. Thanks for a good few seasons chizzy but thats it i suspect from him for us
  6. Wow! What a performance! Ryley Jacks sensational today Barrow unbelieveably poor to say they are up there near the top - an abject surrender in that last 25mins but we made them look poor too
  7. Jacks was always going to play being a Bri Mac signing Look at his try at the weekend - straight out of the rob burrow playbook - the only diff was Burrow wouldve probably ducked under a challenge following the little step
  8. Thought Kheirellah had a decent debut today and Leilua and Jacks seem to be slowly getting there in terms of form Good to see Koppy back too Thought are GLD was abysmal in that second half but a probable drop off in standards is expected considering last weeks game Think some of them need this week off just to recharge and get ready for Barrow a week on Friday
  9. Unless its renewed by Thurs his two week loan expires on thursday Be a stupid move to renew it, renew it on Monday at 8am
  10. No its being drawn in the week following conclusion of this challenge cup round so any day from monday onwards
  11. Cannot believe how polar opposite the two teams were in the space of 7 days Did we take a gamble last week putting in too much effort to get a win in the hope of securing a belting cup draw? We looked really down on the energy levels compared to last week - lucky to escape with something really although i thought wed somehow nicked it
  12. Its not really an “amazing transformation” - Locky played as a half back at junior level so its always been there, just now hes gettin more opportunity to showcase the skills
  13. 56 according to that stadium announcer - trolled them on the way out wishing the 56 fax fans a safe trip home
  14. Definately got away with that Way off for 70 mins of that game Dont know how 37 year old Cuthbertson & 36 year old Lockwood can be the teams best runners with all that alledged strike in the backline? Oh well good teams win ugly and it prob doesnt gst much uglier than that
  15. Dont know what ref was seeing after the first DG - mustve not seen anything & guessed if it was over or not - he picked not over and got it wrong - luckily no effect Great turn out by fev, shocking by fax
  16. Id be disappointed if we didnt take it seriously & fielded a “weaker” team in regards to what happens the following week - id love for us to have a crack at a lower SL club at home/away and see where we are & if we get through were still in with a chance of an 1895 cup final app
  17. Well we won and Pickersgill Hall And Gale had good games After that im struggling for anymore positives Think some thought they needed to turn up and it would be easy nights work and everything would come off but it was very clunky tonight - dont think we ever got going - expected more than what was served up out there against a team who were there for the taking pre match and it could be argued it was a better pitch and conditions this week Perhaps its what we needed because that was a poor performance and the kick up the ###### needed to focus for next week
  18. Weather looks dire up there at the weekend With a rotated squad and poor expected weather cant see an expected blowout but expect a comfortable victory
  19. Hes on the pre season photos from lions training session in background if you have a look
  20. Locky looked past it yesterday, cant believe he got given the 10 shirt and will probably be our starting prop, hoping things improve but think its a season too far for him, this is the time of the year when the forwards are going to make more of an impression than the backs and he was the forward out there who made the least of an impression for me yesterday
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