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  1. Thought we got away with it for me Did not respect fhe ball at all in the first half - 2 daft offloads when in promising posistions spring to mind - lucky to go in only 20-12 down smartened up a bit in the second half & got over the line literally as that pitch is not a pitch for free flowing rugby and not suited to our game Flanagan still a sh*thouse - Harrison immense
  2. Amount of requests on here for various updates on injuries etc the club wouldnt get anything done to be frank with amount of pressers theyd have to put out to keep everyone happy
  3. No just 25% discount on decking for the garden or static caravan Get to choose the colour as well
  4. The countries rules change on monday regarding isolation periods as well as everything else so might see some more back than expected
  5. A stronger 17 than i thought it was going to be with room for posistional rotation! i think locky could be used as an extra prop as well so might go with field / davies / mcconnell for example in the back row What a strange 24hrs - barely had a team yesterday
  6. Everyone hung up on Dagger playing - no one seems to have considered he might be one of the positive cases
  7. Might not be far off the original prediction based on this mornings statement
  8. Chisholms 40-20 bounced out of the field of play just short of the 20 - good call from the officials
  9. Nothing to do with that - Ball was nowhere near the dead ball line but Dagger left it to gale and gale left it to dagger - lack of communication, for me dagger was at fault as he had more than ample opportunity to get rid of it, more opportunity than gale but did nothing and hankinson nipped in
  10. Cant believe this is the 50th post now - 9 useful posts (this isnt) and 40 pointless ###### posts arguing with each other
  11. Hes right - brown and hardcastle dropped kickoffs - though hardys was debateable but he gave himself up I suppose
  12. No he was a good 10/20m from the tryline when he passed that ball plus no one was thinking of the record at that point - only really became a discussion for most who were at the game when the stadium announcer announced he had equalled the record - i would assume RoversTV kept mentioning it at least after the 5th if not before
  13. Junior Moors killing them, if its not Moors busting them up Gale is Sadly nothing more than a training excercise at times. Newcastle have been worse than Oldham in the first half
  14. With the lack of news regarding welham wouldnt be suprised to hear he is no longer at the club if that announcement came
  15. Absolutely - but the sad reality is, for this year - if we do get beat and somehow toulouse slip up along the way - last play concessions in a romp might cost us also
  16. Yes but 24 points conceded including a try off the last play - we are actually in a worst posistion in terms of the league than when we started this morning Its not about how many you score this year the main thing to focus on is the defence and points conceded
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