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  1. If your supermarket has introduced queuing, then the chances are that the shelves will be better stocked. Also, don't go at the usual peak shopping times. I went to my nearest Sainsbury's at about 7pm the other evening. I joined a queue of three people, and when we were let in (after about a minute's wait), there was much more stock on the shelves. In fact, it was a nicer shopping experience than the pre-crisis days. Very quiet and relaxing. I bought everything I needed/wanted, apart from grated mozzarella, but that was just me being forgetful. Mind you, the old guy in front of me at the till bought about 20 bottles of spirits and nothing else, which is a form of panic-buying I could approve of. The customers were limited to three of each item, so he had three bottles of gin, three bottles of whisky, three bottles of vodka etc. etc. No mixers.
  2. On the contrary, there are many, many words... but this forum has a swear filter.
  3. It's a plot to keep Super Rugby attendances up, I tell you!
  4. Thank God the UK doesn't have a lack of resources...
  5. She made a cameo appearance in the 2017 reboot of Mystery Science Theater 3000, and still looks (relatively) great!
  6. That scene where he takes the landlady and her kids for a drive in the countryside - was that Bolton Abbey? I skimmed a lot of stones there, years ago.
  7. Also includes Griff Rhys-Jones' impressions of Eddie Waring.
  8. Johns Hopkins University is one of the most venerable and highly-regarded research institutions in the USA. Plus they're one of my company's subscribers, so I'm well-disposed towards them.
  9. The kids of today don't know what they missed... unless they watch the repeats. Erm, obvously.
  10. Forces TV have also repeated the old Buck Rogers shows, which means Erin Grey in various spandex uniforms.
  11. "There ain't nobody here but us chickens..."
  12. That's a channel I keep forgetting to check up on, but they show some good old repeats. I am a particular fan of Nightingales.
  13. There are also two very different movie adaptations. The one with Peter O'Toole is not only more faithful to the book, but a better film.
  14. News confirmed earlier this morning on Radio 5.
  15. Well, there's no live games, but https://www.youtube.com/user/NRL
  16. Easier to say the name of the channel, as it'll be different numbers for different people.
  17. Fine work collating all this. On a slightly different tack, has anyone got a link to that Footy Show feature about The Bye Supporters Club?
  18. I've seen and heard other things of theirs, mostly from Sue. I have recently been revisiting a couple of radio comedy shows she hosted - The 99p Challenge and Dilemma. Both are enjoyable. I also enjoyed her teaming up with Giles Coren in The Supersizers, which was an odd mixture of personalities that actually worked. Their big TV break was Light Lunch, a daytime TV show that I didn't see, but got them a following. Their biggest mistake was taking on the poisoned chalice that was the reboot of The Generation Game.
  19. I could hear a bit, but I'm at the back of the building, so I don't know what it was like actually in the street.
  20. Some turnouts were better than others, it seems.
  21. Did Vince and Tony Karalius play for the same team at the same time? Widnes, perhaps?
  22. Kurt and Dane Sorensen played together for Mount Wellington.
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