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  1. They just got a spanking from a side coached by Brad Fittler. That's a kick in the pills.
  2. That post I made about the atmosphere? Not so accurate now. While this is a terrific NSW side, Queensland are embarrassing themselves here.
  3. The Marones' goose is cooked. Now they just have to show a bit of team spirit and get at least one consolation try for confidence's sake.
  4. Deary me, the price of Château le Chasselet these days...
  5. Anyone tried anything from the Salford Rum Company? Started by a couple of Rugby League-playing friends. https://aboutmanchester.co.uk/the-salford-rum-company-creates-a-buzz-with-new-honey-rum/
  6. The series finale of Motherland followed by Inside No.9. A good hour's viewing, with the latter conjuring up a feel of British pre-Hammer horror movies, with a touch of Tales of the Unexpected in the mix too.
  7. It was always on the cards, after that injury. I'd have liked to see him bow out differently. A model professional.
  8. I only managed a short watch too - the bleachers on the far side were strobing and the action was too far away. Early days, learning curve etc.
  9. No composure from Widnes, bombing chance after chance. Rovers are the well-deserved finalists, and off to Wem-ber-lee.
  10. Good fun for a neutral to watch. A few grey hairs for those with something at stake. Widnes will have the slope in their favour for the second half.
  11. Fev shot into a 16:0 lead, but Widnes are back in the game with a couple of tries but, more importantly, a bit of the composure they lacked early on. 16:12 on 35 minutes.
  12. A Mike Butt hat-trick in defeat, converted for York 36:22 Swinton. Only a couple of minutes to go.
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