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  1. I've had a couple of holidays up that way, staying at Craster (where the best kippers come from). Lovely part of the world; Lindisfarne, Bamburgh, Alnwick etc. Alnwick also has a huge SH bookshop in the old station building.
  2. Not sure I've ever heard a PL football team say "no thanks, we've got plenty" to the chance of more money.
  3. I occasionally meet up with a former colleague when he visits London. Quite often, we have met at the Spoons on Charing Cross Road, in a building that was one of the former sites of the Marquee Club. As long as you don't order the food, it is a decent place.
  4. I have a horrible suspicion that gammon steak and a pineapple slice are involved.
  5. Not all Wetherspoons are the same; they reflect the surrounding area. Some are really dodgy places and some are quite pleasant.
  6. Just interrupting the flood temporarily with an old geezer who still knows how to strut his stuff.
  7. Don't worry; I heard they are going to replace him with your favourite player, Ryan Hall.
  8. Some more repurposing: https://www.metro.news/beer-garden-to-open-on-rugby-pitch-to-raise-funds/2034832/
  9. The one down the road from me closed years ago. Mind you, so did all the other pubs in the area. But the 'Spoons was a massively over-ambitious project for the neighbourhood, using the premises of an old Woolworth's over two floors.
  10. One of the breweries is John Smiths though; enough to put any town on probation.
  11. Two disallowed for Doueihi, before The Nof intercepts to score.
  12. In the studio, Braith Anasta congratulated co-pundit Walters, but couldn't quite bring himself to wish him luck.
  13. Kevin Walters confirmed to stay on as QLD Origin coach for 2020 and 20201.
  14. Willie Talau will be a proud dad as Tommy gets his first NRL try.
  15. One try each, as young Harry Grant shows why he's got people so excited.
  16. I watched most of it. Yes, Manly's various injuries from last week had an effect, but Cronulla were worth their win.
  17. Anyone been to Mark Flanagan & Jon Wilkin's coffee shops? Any good?
  18. Green Vigo.... well, I don't know what his other jobs were, although I heard he drove taxis for a while. But he is also the namesake of a band.
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