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  1. I can't remember the NRL player, but I recall the commentator saying that he was "diseased with speed!" French qualifies for that diagnosis.
  2. You should try supporting Warrington. If you do that, every Wigan player deserves the death penalty even before kick-off. They must have ultra-ultra-HD TV in Cheshire. ...and now Bevan French does that Bevan French thing.
  3. And Kallum Watkins goes through for his first Salford try. Nice pass from Lussick.
  4. Sorry for the confusion, your Steak Tartare and Knickerbocker Glory will be delivered within the hour.
  5. I just ran that through Google Translate - are you absolutely sure you want crispy fried won ton with lemon meringue pie?
  6. In one interpretation, he maintained contact with the ball. In another, it came out of his control. I wouldn't have given it, but I can understand why it was awarded without really liking it. But the Ginger Pearl's try just now is indisputable.
  7. Dead Heat (1988) Currently available on Amazon Prime (UK). A Buddy-cop/Zombie/Comedy combination, starring Joe Piscopo and Treat Williams, two actors who aren't huge names, but you will probably have seen them as supporting characters more than once. Treat plays Roger Mortis (geddit?) and Joe his partner Doug Bigelow (no discernible pun), mis-matched buddies on the force. Roger's clean-cut and a smooth talker, while Doug's a crude, sexist ape. They bicker, but they're best pals and their shouty, angry captain (is there any other kind?) turns a blind eye to some of their more irregular methods because they get results, dammit! One-liner wisecracks abound from the start, so you know this is not a serious meditation on what being alive really means. SPOILERS FROM NOW ON They run into some trouble with jewel thieves who are somehow able to function with a ton of bullets in them. Their investigations bring them to a scientific institution where, after a zombie attack, Roger is trapped in a decompression chamber and dies. In the institution, however, there is a resurrection machine which a helpful lady doctor instantly figures out how to operate. Quickly, Roger is up and about, and claiming to feel fine, despite not having a pulse. However, some temporal jeopardy is introduced when Rebecca, the helpful lady doctor, says he'll decompose in ten hours. In the meantime, being dead makes Roger as hard to bump off as the bad guy's zombie goons, which gives the duo a temporary edge. There's great scene in a butcher's shop where one of the bad guys uses the resurrection machine to bring all the meat to life and and attack the buddies. They must have had so much fun with the puppet-work for this. So they solve the various clues and identify the baddie, who has been fairly obvious from early on. Doug also gets killed, as does Rebecca. It turns out that the bad guys (Dante Pharmaceuticals) have been resurrecting the super-rich, who are paying handsomely for the service, as they are also supplied with drugs to stop the decomposition process. One of the undead tycoons, played by Vincent Price, explains it in a very prescient Trump/Johnson manner "Poor people are supposed to die, but that doesn't apply to us. We're rich! God wants us to live forever! And even if he doesn't, we can always buy him off." Unfortunately for them, the corpse they decide to resurrect as a product pitch for the assembled still-living rich guys is, yes, Doug. Roger turns up on a rescue mission and the two converge on the main bad guy, who kills himself rather than be arrested. Just for kicks, they chuck him in the machine, just to see what happens if someone gets the treatment twice (clue: it gets messy). They then walk off into the afterlife, with Doug musing that he'd like to reincarnated as a girl's bicycle saddle. The general pacing of the film is excellent, directed by Mark Goldblatt (far more successful as an editor than a director) and written by Shane Black's brother Terry. On a $5 million budget, this was an in-the-middle production - not a blockbuster, but not a bare-bones B either. So it mostly looks good, although the special effects are more a case of inspired work on a budget, than state of the art for the era. This is not a great movie, but it is a lot of fun and pretty well made. Does it have mullets? Why, yes. Does it have a bitchen Eighties rockin' action theme tune? Again, yes. Is this a movie to watch with friends* and booze? Fill yer boots. *while responsibly social distancing, of course.
  8. Anyone's views changed after Jacob Miller's post-match interview and the general impression given by Chester's address to the team, who applauded him before they went to the sheds?
  9. The first game of the evening was delayed by an hour, due to traffic problems.
  10. Now TJ's effort sent to the VR... TRY! Wakefield lead with 5 minutes to play.
  11. A very firm hand-off from Sam Wood, there. Went right through Tom Johnstone without a run-up.
  12. Jordan Turner on the end of a nice catch'n'pass from Jake Wardle. Huddersfield 10:6 Wakefield.
  13. I'd accept Tom Hiddleston, but only because Rondo Hatton is no longer alive and working.
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