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  1. Cornish Pirates averaged 1435. Edit: Apologies, their home average was 1550. The 1435 is their averaged away games attendance.
  2. I've no idea what they're described as - it just looks like a versatile, nicely balanced, well-made little knife. TBH, I get fed up sharpening her Wüsthof knives (did them yet again yesterday), so I'm just hoping for an improvement.
  3. It's probably the alleged 'Samurai' thing! Madame bought it to keep in the motorhome, apparently. I've insisted she buys the optional leather scabbard for it if that's the case...
  4. 'er indoors bought this the other day. Seems promising.
  5. Yeah. Same steel, but wood fibre handle as opposed to the wholly-steel construction of the Culinar. Probably a better grip with yours - ours maybe a bit more durable.
  6. I'm just not sure about Wüsthof knives. We bought a block of them about 20 years ago (Culinar, forged, not the cheaper stamped ones they also do) and have never been over impressed by their edge-retention, especially considering the eye-watering price. You can probably put it down to 'very good yet not very special' steel compared to some of the Japanese varieties, but I really don't think they're quite there. The breadknife, however, is excellent, which makes the rest of them seem even more disappointing.
  7. https://energysavingtrust.org.uk/service/clean-vehicle-retrofit-accreditation-scheme/ This seems to cover the issue, although it probably doesn't help you much.
  8. Conversion is basically a no-no cost-wise. Just the addition of an Adblue system on its own would likely be prohibitive. I'm lucky in that my Ducato is Euro 6, not that I intend to drive it into Manchester!
  9. Yep. Our eight year old (Euro 5) Avensis diesel estate gets 40+ on a run, and is £30 per year to tax. I thought about changing it last year, but it just wasn't worth it. If I need to go into a LEZ-type zone I'll just use the Euro 6 Adblue motorhome
  10. Euro 6 will be free to go, which means my big(ish) FiatDucato-based campervan is ok, even though it only gets about 30 mpg, yet my 2014 estate, which easily gets 40+mpg would cost me. I need to do the maths. Hah.
  11. Ha! Had completely forgotten the big grills. Never risked it myself. It was more a case of a few wets in there before going over to Eathorpe Park Hotel for the late nighter disco Rarely used the Kings Head. Always enjoyed the Napton Bridge for a couple of pints of Drum though.
  12. Don was a local legend as a pub owner too. I believe he owned the Alhambra for a while, but I knew him from when he took the Plough at Eathorpe over from my mate's parents. I lived in nearby Frankton, and the Plough was one of our regular haunts. Some fantastic nights in there I also worked with Connie Golding for a while at Coventry Climax. Sister of Lynval Golding. It was right at the start of 2-Tone.
  13. Fine thanks! You'll certainly find one on there, and I can personally vouch for most ?. And they're all considerably nearer than the Old Bakery...
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