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  1. Fine thanks! You'll certainly find one on there, and I can personally vouch for most . And they're all considerably nearer than the Old Bakery...
  2. If anyone's going to Cov next season (IF the Bears are back from their enforced stay in Rugby), there's a brief guide to local pubs HERE OK, it's on the RU club's Unofficial site, but, you know, hold your nose and all that...
  3. Agreed. Must get back soon. It's been a while.
  4. Not knocking the 4Ps. I just have my preference in pub styles!
  5. Good shout. I'm one of those that purports not to like Guinness, but.... when in the Hearsall I always drink it. Bostin' pint. Bostin' pub. And proper Irish in a traditional Irish way, unlike the Four Provinces at the bottom of the road.
  6. No argument from me. Best pub in Cov. The Dyers Arms (just as close) is good too, as is the Nursery Tavern, not much further on.
  7. The owners of Cov Bears' BPA home are installing a 3G pitch later this year, and are 'in advanced talks' with developers to build out much of the three undeveloped sides in the near future. It'll be a cracker then. Article Here The visualisation shown is almost certainly subject to alteration. It's viewpoint is from approximately the the player entrance (existing stand to the right), with the shown stand/commercial developments at the Butts Road End (ie the end that you see when approaching the ground).
  8. Mostly Union clubs - they seem to attract the most idiots and egos. The principle is the same across all sports though. Bedford, Coventry City, Coventry RU, Rushden & Diamonds, London Welsh, Moseley, Rugby FC and Orrell come to mind immediately.
  9. Personally? No. Seen too many feck-ups with clubs going down this route.
  10. Freak. They'd just been promoted, and were playing their near-rivals (geographically and league-table-wise) Rosslyn Park, and the rest of their home matches last season struggled to attract much over 500. A club boosted into a false position by one man. Many parallels around, I think.
  11. Born two miles from Rugby School, what! Dragged up in Cov. Support the Bears - from a distance these days, until we move back into the area later this year (if all goes to plan).
  12. I obviously didn't make myself clear - sorry. I meant that he's a 'general purpose' reporter (without wishing to be rude), and as such I thought he'd done a good job! Agree with your points.
  13. Report on the Bears vs Oxford match in the Coventry Telegraph. (Please bear in mind that Aidan is not an RL reporter per-se when you read it). Also includes some highlights footage. http://www.coventrytelegraph.net/sport/other-sport/rugby-league/watch-match-highlights-coventry-bears-8988237
  14. Jersey RFC are currently averaging 2067 in the RU Championship (level 2) which is the fourth highest in that league and in which they are currently 17 points clear of the relegation zone, but almost certainly unable to make the playoffs short of a miracle ('Prem-in-exile clubs Bristol and Worcester skew things with 7000+ and 5000+ respectively). When they won level 3 in 2012 they were averaging slightly more than that, 2164, so they don't do too badly overall. However, I'm not too sure how they'd take to RL there or on Guernsey. Best of luck though!
  15. I was born in Rugby, but spent most of my 'formative' years (1956-on) in Coventry. I often watched RL on TV on Saturday afternoons (Eddie Waring and all that), although my sports were RU and soccer, and I attended Highfield Road and Coundon Road more often than not. However, I always enjoyed what I saw of RL, even though there was no chance of seeing it live without travelling - and I was rather influenced by This Sporting Life in book and film form. That's possibly a bad thing? Still have and covet my original copy of the book though. In fact the first live RL I saw was at Coundon Road when Al Robinson (and slightly later with the help of Bearman) set up Coventry Bears there in c1999. I fairly quickly got involved and set up their first website (running it for about five years) and did a bit as Press Officer. I've never played - far too old and fat by the time the game came to the area (and being an ex-RU second-row I reckon I would have died on the pitch within 10 minutes of the start, had I tried...). I now live in retirement on the east coast, near Skeg, and not having any motorized transport myself (and don't even mention the train and bus services!) I can't get over very often, and am reliant on my wife's company car when I can blag it. However, that may change later this season... I still love both codes - but have fallen out of love with soccer.
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