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  1. The most English team in the NRL, the Canberra Raiders. Or if you're keen on seeing live games, just pick a local team that has a history you appreciate.
  2. It’s frustrating that Canberra has to move to QLD too because we haven’t had a single case of community transmission for over a year.
  3. Best of luck guys! I’ve probably watched on TV less than 10 soccer matches involving professional players in my life and around 5 or 6 live.. but I know it means a lot to England… so come on England!
  4. The old Canberra Raiders song.. before The Mighty Green Machine song. Plus the victory song. Club Victory Song Leader: Raiders have the forward pack; Rest: Raiders have the forward pack; Leader: Always working never slack; Rest: (repeat above); Leader: Raiders have the back line; Rest: (repeat above); Leader: We’re the boys that like to shine; Rest: (repeat above); Leader: Raiders boys are big & mean; Rest: (repeat above); Leader: ‘cos we are the men in GREEN! Rest: (repeat above); Leader: Raiders boys are full of class; Rest: (repeat above); Leader: ‘cos we just kicked the (opponents); Rest: (repeat above); Leader: Don’t you know! Rest: That’s the sound of the men working on the Chain....Gang Rest: That’s the sound of the men working on the Chain....Gang All: Oo-Ah, Oo-Ah, Oo-Ah, Oo-Ah……………………………
  5. The NRL CEO has talked about the possibility of a second NZ team. I doubt he was deliberately lying.
  6. A little bit of competition to get the rights and the value increases dramatically..
  7. Aussie here. I’ve never heard “Mong” used for “mongrel”. ”Mong” is an occasionally used insult. I don’t really know what it means. We shorten other things like remove the -stan from “Pakistan” and that was even used in newspapers etc in the same innocent way others use Brits or Kiwis…. Now that shocks uk visitors to Australia!
  8. We do shorten heaps of words here however we don’t shorten “mongrel” in Australia. Well I’ve never heard it shortened ever in my life. ”Mong” is also used by some as an insult. It’s not commonly used though, but it’s known.
  9. Mostly down south but there was also a few hassles up north. It was always from women.
  10. Excellent. When we visited England with a breastfeeding child we were shocked with the regular negative feedback from strangers when the little one was having a feed in public. Something we never experienced in Canberra (I’m not sure what it’s like in other parts of Australia). This can only help.
  11. Brilliant! I’m drunk and want to celebrate…
  12. Something like that. The gambling side is generally poker machines (fruit/slot machines) and an on site betting agency.
  13. For some NRL players, that’s correct. They have lots of options to play near their families and friends in Sydney.
  14. I was referring to Canberra, not Australia.
  15. Different states have different ambulance systems. Some have it incorporated into a household bill, others ask people to pay a very low fee annually to cover the potential cost. I’ve never been charged for hospital treatment in NSW, QLD or the ACT as a result of trauma. I even had all my physiotherapy covered in QLD and ACT to help me recover from wrist surgeries. I’ve never used insurance to cover it. All 100% taxpayer funded. That’s been over a few decades now. Maybe your friend went private.
  16. I’m happy to be considered precious because I’m aware that the majority of gay children are in religious families and that the suicide rate for young gay people is very worrying. Having a public role model reinforcing the idea of supernatural punishment or retribution against these vulnerable young people is appalling and it’s understandable that sponsors and clubs don’t want the hassle. It’s not about you, it’s about at risk young people and children.
  17. I’ve used ambulances a few times. I’ve never been sent a bill.
  18. Players have their families in Sydney. So they tend to prefer Sydney teams over the only inland NRL team in Australia.
  19. Highest average wages, highest levels of education, day trip to beach and snow, a national park network nearby as large as Wales, galleries, theatres, great restaurants, 10 minute work commute…
  20. Just follow the guidelines of the forum.. …… The General Rugby League Forum Discuss any Rugby League related topic in here. *snip* ……
  21. I suspect that if they knew the rule before taking to the field they’d be more careful.
  22. I pay $7 a schooner at my regular in Canberra.
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