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  1. Yer can't beat a bit of Cash, Mr @Wolford6 Speaking of The Man In Black, I met Peggy Gallagher once (the mother of those naughty boys from Burnage in Manchester) at a festival & she said she'd not come to see her lads, & come instead to see Johnny!!!! PS These guys formed a band just coz of him - the pics in the vid give it away.
  2. @DavidM In which case shall we? I also have a bunch a stuff to say about this subject.
  3. @Gerrumonside ref You've therefore made a good case.
  4. @Tommm @Tommygilf You are hereby awarded Post Of The Year.
  5. Yes. Yes you do. These are difficult times, & I wouldn't recommend the pub, but tha' can allus go forra a walk, eh?
  6. Speaking of Fev types, have you broken bread with that little beardy-type yet? Used to call himssen Machin, or summat?
  7. Who's best? Both with a brilliant debut. A second thingy cobbled together by the record company & a third thingy that was somewhat arguably overblown. Both with a fantastic fella on lead geetar, both with a reyt frontman. And the rythym sections were both pretty tidy too.
  8. Clearly the work of Lancastrians, @Bostik Bailey. I will pray for you.
  9. I've heard that they eat their young, there @Robin Evans. Filthy orcs.
  10. Well put, @Tommygilf. I imagine He grinned & said "I did that", when looking down from a cloud.
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