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  1. @Tommm @Tommygilf You are hereby awarded Post Of The Year.
  2. Clearly the work of Lancastrians, @Bostik Bailey. I will pray for you.
  3. I've heard that they eat their young, there @Robin Evans. Filthy orcs.
  4. Well put, @Tommygilf. I imagine He grinned & said "I did that", when looking down from a cloud.
  5. Ah. You are referring to The Dark Lands, @Robin Evans. Yes. Best not to go there. Brrrrrr.
  6. Happy #Yorkshire Day! The finest National Day of them all. I shall spend it in these #BroadAcres #YorkshireDay #YorkshireDay2020 #GodsOwnCounty With apologies to Lancashites & Southerners. https://newsthump.com/2020/05/03/yorkshire-and-lancashire-wondering-if-they-can-socially-distance-from-each-other-indefinitely/
  7. Would love that. If you find owt @kiggy please share. A fascinating story that I'd like to re-share for them too lazy to read Mike Rylance's book. ?
  8. Tony Myler was utterly brilliant. I used to love it when he got injured as it stopped the best club side I've ever seen from winning even more trophies. As a kid I hated Widniz. Myler was sublime. PS Good shout out for the others (particularly Kevin Ward, obvs ? ), too.
  9. I don't know if this was already posted, but "Big Den" died (Dennis Hartley), & I have to say what a kind man he was. I mean, seriously lovely (on the field he was a man that Malcolm Reilly & Artie Beetson admitted that they were afraid of him). The funeral was a "who's who" of rugby - apart from me & his missus, obvs. Johnny Ward (also a Wembley winner & Lions/Ashes-winning forward for Cas) said to "nah then d:c/<'ead, what's tha' been up to?". Whilst I'm composing a response, he points to Brian Lockwood (another serial Wembley winner & Lions forward) & says "& he's a dic/<'ead n all!" Never felt in such exulted company. Unfortunately within days, Johnny also passed away. There's a reyt front-row in Heaven these days.. ?
  10. I remember playing against the GB Legends side. "Vegas. Can you play in the backs today?" I said sure, who am I up against? I looked at the side. Chris Smith (Cas & Sts), Ikram Butt (***ds & *ev), Tony Marchant (Cas & Brraffutt - who never seems to age, so he's clearly a witch) & I'm thinking "No probs about playing in the backs again". "No no", I get told. We need you to mark Newlove". I'm thinking "Paul ****ing Newlove? are you out of your mind?". So I just kept racing out of the line to stop the ball getting to him in the first place. He then leaves the field as his knees are bad. And I'm thinking "job done". Then the coach goes, "can youse go in at prop? We're going destroyed in the scrums.". The coach has asked me... so I go okay, who am I up against? "Hugh Waddell". First scrum, Hughie goes "You seem like yer up ferrit today, Big Man!". My arms are still sore from packing down against him. And such a decent man*. * He picked me up after flattening me.
  11. A fine observation. Both from yourself & Gaybo. ?
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