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  1. It must be dispiriting to cycle for twenty miles and find that you're unfortunately still in Hull.
  2. After thirty-odd years in Bradford, I've unfortunately succumbed to it, particularly missing out the double-t when saying "better" and "bitter". -_-
  3. My fuse box is in the garage, so I have to go outside, undo two locks on the garage door and find the fuse box at the back of a dark garage that is absolutely full of tools and work equipment.
  4. I dont suppose that, by some fortunate chance, those posters were Lobbygobbler and Maximus Decimus?
  5. Ask her to give you a penicillin jab anyway, 'just in case you trip over and graze a knee'.
  6. I'm writing this between losses of broadband connection. Effing AOL
  7. Today, I have bought my first two Christmas presents, a limited-edition print and an original cartoon by Ray Lowry.
  8. Perhaps they think you might have escaped from an institution.
  9. Really sorry about that. I hope the police find them. I suspect that if they are veteran bikes there's a reasonable chance.
  10. Of course, in Yorkshire we know to lay the new carpet after the room has been painted.
  11. The seasons when they had Wanbon, Chisnall, Nicholas and Kevin Ashcroft offered the most realistic violence.
  12. Cant understand a word of that technogeek lingo but, as a general rule of thumb, if you're gonna get one gerra big un.
  13. Oh. My. God. Where did we go wrong with the current youth generation?
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