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  1. https://www.salfordreddevils.net/salford-red-devils-cement-selco-partnership/
  2. https://everythingrugbyleague.com/dog-in-the-fight-staffies-born-with-an-aussie-pedigree/
  3. https://www.seriousaboutrl.com/former-rugby-league-owner-calls-for-concentration-in-the-north-of-england-43836/
  4. It could be a WCC showdown France V Australia "the Suberine Shown down Challenge" ...the bay back
  5. I heard Rolls Royce, and each club gets a Rolls Royce free to give away at the end of the season... Rolls Royce Super League can't wait.
  6. may I suggest, SophistiCats Soho 5 Brewer St, Soho, London W1F 0RF
  7. Gee you'd be a interesting chap at dinner parties... have you ever been on "Come dine we me?"
  8. https://www.seriousaboutrl.com/marwan-koukash-provokes-reaction-with-past-photo-43585/
  9. But it would be a great idea... wake start the day with a Grand Final drink until the Super Grand Final and then go out and celebrate the Grand Final
  10. I'd love for the super league GF played on the same day as the NRL GF, then it would a whole day of GF!
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