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  1. It's been reported today, that Wigan has signed on with Louis Vuitton as the new kit supplier... apparently all new jerseys will be stocked at TESCO.
  2. French club Villenuve Leopards have resigned with O'Neills for 3 more years
  3. i'd love to see Reebok or Mitre in Super League
  4. Catalans with the help of Israel Foalu has also signed "God"... they are a shoe in for for the title... Here's God signing the contract.
  5. How about a expansion team in Gibraltar?.. great location, fantastic weather, nice 5k stadium, might not be SL worthy but lower league would be perfect.
  6. Canberra had the first Volvo dealership in Australia... hence why the connection.
  7. Does anyone miss the old blue sox name? Just a question.
  8. My local Kebab owner has offered to design a new Challenge Cup out of Kebab meat...and rename it the Kebab Slab Challenge Cup
  9. If Ian can get Super League Administraters involved, he can get the club for free.
  10. ... and Stobart will be delivering the pizzas (pizza truck)
  11. isnt a current Hull FC player from Zimbabwe?
  12. Looks like Lyon has a new logo, far better then the previous one.
  13. Hope it's true, where did you source your info?
  14. Let me guess PSG have bought TWP and are coming back
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