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  1. Not only that as Sky are filming all SL games over here now then all the Catalan and Toulouse away games are available to purchase.
  2. Clubs have been going day of the game and travelling home after the game. There’s no way thats costing £30k.
  3. Penrith and their coach were one of the strong advocates of the Aussies pulling out of the WC. They are fine with international sport provided it’s controlled and sold by the NRL.
  4. Can’t see it happening with Penrith.
  5. I think they had to as the part time (full time as well) teams in the division didn’t/wouldn’t travel out to them.
  6. No which is why quoting laws is pretty pointless as a lot of the time the refs have been given an interpretation that is very different.
  7. Think there are a few games on there today but even so good turn out as you say.
  8. I haven’t seen much this year seems to be a really good standard.
  9. I think the rule is Bradford fans will still go on about it 20years later.
  10. Which is the key point Makinsons first contact was perfectly legal could the ref be sure he wasn’t already going out before the unfair play occurred.
  11. Think you’re getting mixed up.
  12. I’m not sure what more can be done we are already holding the top teams back. Let’s look towards the rest of the league surely it’s time for those clubs to step up. For me all the more reason why Catalans and Toulouse are so important. We at least get a couple more teams who can spend the full cap and hopefully enough over to be able to create an environment that convinces top players to go there.
  13. Maybe things changed when Fages got injured and Dodd got a run in the side effectively claiming the half back spot. I suppose we will see next year.
  14. As I say that’s not what I’ve heard. Yes I forgot Hopoate.
  15. Yeah I’d forgotten about the Hopoate signing so there’s my answer.
  16. Although Roby will be a year older he will have the quality of Lussick along side so will be able to massively reduce his minutes and pick and choose his games more. Coote as you say will be a loss but again he will be another year older and had a really slow start to this season. My understanding is that Lomax will move to fullback so creativity wise we won’t lose a lot. That will then allow Dodd and Welsby to be the half backs as they are more comfortable playing with each other. then Sironen coming in I’m not sure whether he is here to replace Thompson or if he’ll get bumped up to prop to give those boys a hand probably a bit of both. You then add Bell from Leigh who is probably a bit of a down grade on Bentley but not massively. The one position I’m not convinced on is Hurrell for a Naigama in a time that is built on work rate like this one can you carry Hurrell. I don’t know if there’s plans to blood a youngster at centre, another to come in or shift another player there. I just don’t think Hurrells got a full season of centre left in him.
  17. No need to make a case against it as unfortunately if it wasn’t that it would something else. These things happen in big games good teams just get over them. What is disappointing is we aren’t talking about how well both teams played or the unbelievable covering run and tackle by Knowles on Yaha.
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