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  1. No doubt Camra will be putting their oar into this, completely ignoring the discount schemes that they insist on to even consider you for the Good Bear Guild, nor their love in with Wetherspoon which drives local pubs out of business. Camra go on about Real Ale being a premium product, but it has a short shelf life therefore they should expect to pay more for a decent pint, not get 50p discount.
  2. Remember the penalty Plays in the 80’s when four players would line up then break in different directions
  3. aint punctuation important (sorry) Here is my 2 pennarth. Six again is only for 'Markers Not Square'. Lying On and any other messing about penalty, Oh and moving off the Mark Penalty.
  4. Here is my 2 pennarth. Six again is only for 'Markers Not Square' Lying On and any other messing about penalty, Oh and moving off the Mark Penalty.
  5. I have been very critical of Wakefield in the past but it does look like they are getting their off field situation right. Whereas Cas are dropping further behind. At the moment if Cas go down they may struggle to get enough IMG points to get promoted.
  6. Can you imagine in the early 90s suggesting that Ricky Ashley and Guns and Roses share the same set.
  7. Correct, no energy no anger and Axel can’t seam to sing” more than a few words together (never had a good voice but was good front man) looks like sex drugs and rock and role finally caught up with them. At least no one can accuse them of miming
  8. Saints will have won 9 in a row and Wiganers will still claim that Saints are in their shadow.
  9. See also, Widnes, Leigh, Halifax, Salford, it’s just that Wakefield we’re allowed to take the proverbial for decades.
  10. One thing that I have noticed is the rise of websites providing data that “professional” gamblers use. I used to “professionally” gamble, small stakes as a mathematical experiment to prove it could be done (averaged between 20%-30% returns but never had the balls to go massive because the risks are still there, willing a few hundred quite a year and putting it back in) . I noticed over the past few years the margins were reduced, since the bookies have far more resources to do exactly what you are doing and can drop the odds accordingly. There are very few soft odds now. the fact that this data is now readily available shows how confident the bookies are and they need people to think they can beat them. You can beat them but it is a full time job and requires a very large disposable investment. Spread betting is just printing money for the bookies and needs to be banned. This is a perfect example of the wisdom of the crowds.
  11. Just got into Fantasy novels read Joe Abercrombie and just finished Mark Lawrence’s Thorns trilogy. Can anybody more versed in this genre confirm that all fantasy is set in a post apocalyptic world with middle age technology?
  12. This is not as clear cut as it appears, the UK has many mustelides each evolved into their own niche with some cross over. We had a very large aquatic mustelide in the otter. Now the success of the released mink is puzzling since there would no be no vacuum for it to fill, one theory to this is that the persecution of otters resulted in a vacuum for an aquatic mustelide which the mink filled. It is now becoming apparent that where otters are gaining a foothold the mink are being pushed out through predation from the otter and natural competition.
  13. Just watched The Last Kingdom - Seven Kings Must Die. About the battle of Brunanburgh in which Uthred plays his normal vital role. But this battle was in 937, Uthred was in his late teens/ early twenties when Alfred was crowned in 871, so Uthred would have been in his eighties during the battle of Brunanburgh.
  14. I think sports celebrity has waned over the last decade or so, certainly the RU and definitely RL players, but also the football golfers and tennis stars. I personally could recognise Harry Kane, a few other PL players and Marcus Ratchford ( the latter due to his political work rather than football) I wouldn’t know any RU player from Adam. Sports now are much more professional and the top players are more likely to be boring and concentrate on their game and training. They can get money via sponsorship, but this also now has vary strict personal standards so, the characters and celebrities are gone. we need to sell the clubs and the event rather than the Individual, which brings us back to the unfashionable geographic areas in which we are strong.
  15. Liverpudlians don’t care about anything east of Huyton, north of Crosby or south of Speke.
  16. Why didn’t they think this when Widnes, leigh, Salford, Warrington and Saints were threatened with expulsion because of their ground?
  17. most sports clubs don’t turn in big profits all their income is generally reinvested, either players, facilities, long term projects.
  18. One tweekI would make is switch the top two championship on field performance points with the bottom two super league points
  19. What are people on here’s opinion about James O Brien (LBC)? I do listen to him and my politics are broadly aligned with his, but I can’t help thinking he has had it very easy with material and discussion points with Brexit, and the car crash of various tory PMs. Take this away and what has he got. I can’t help thinking that he is just a Waitrose Alan Beswick.
  20. I think the weather will also play a big part expected high 30s-40 C, Saints will wilt under that heat. It will be the reverse of when we beat the Broncos in the snow and hail at Bolton.
  21. Did exactly the same dropped it after 2 episodes far too depressing. I don’t mind drama but not this. I was actually surprised that Phil Redmond had nothing to do with it, since it was straight out of his depressing “realism”
  22. You are confusing waves - caused by disturbance of the surface (via wind) or the body of the water (via landslides etc) with tide. Tide is the gravitational pull of the moon acting on the water in the world’s oceans and drawing it toward the moon.
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