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  1. San Francisco Green Bay, Arizona, Atlanta, Tampa Bay Baltimore Los Angeles Chargers Los Angeles Rams Buffalo Philadelphia, Seattle, Kansas City, Denver Dallas, Miami Jets
  2. Kansas City Cleveland, New England Buffalo, Arizona Houston Miami, Dallas Philadelphia, Tennessee Denver, San Francisco, Green Bay Los Angeles Rams, Tampa Bay, Minnesota
  3. Minnesota, Atlanta Baltimore Houston, Kansas City, New Orleans Tennessee, Dallas Denver, Los Angeles Chargers, San Francisco Tampa Bay, Green Bay, Arizona
  4. Dallas Tampa Bay Arizona Cincinnati, Minnesota Indianapolis Miami, New York Jets, Washington Los Angeles Rams, Baltimore San Francisco Kansas City, Buffalo
  5. Chicago Dallas, Buffalo Pittsburgh Houston, Indianapolis, Atlanta Miami, New England, Philadelphia Denver, Los Angeles Rams San Francisco Cleveland Washington
  6. New England Buffalo, Carolina, Baltimore Cleveland, San Francisco Green Bay Miami New Orleans Tennessee, Las Vegas, Dallas Seattle Pittsburgh Tampa Bay
  7. Baltimore Dallas, Indianapolis, New England, Buffalo Pittsburgh, Tennessee, Tampa Bay Arizona, Los Angeles Chargers, Denver, Seattle Las Vegas, Los Angeles Rams
  8. Indianapolis, Baltimore, New England Cincinnati, Dallas, Buffalo Miami, New Orleans, Las Vegas Los Angeles Chargers Kansas City, San Francisco, Los Angeles Rams, Pittsburgh
  9. Arizona, Atlanta, Buffalo, San Francisco Pittsburgh Philadelphia Los Angeles Rams Tennessee Cincinnati Los Angeles Chargers, Seattle, Denver, Tampa Bay Dallas Kansas City
  10. Cleveland Baltimore Green Bay Miami New England Carolina Kansas City Philadelphia Los Angeles Rams Arizona Tampa Bay San Francisco New Orleans
  11. Tampa Bay Miami Baltimore Carolina Green Bay Cincinnati Indianapolis Los Angeles Rams Kansas City Arizona Las Vegas Dallas Seattle Buffalo
  12. rams New York Jets Carolina, Green Bay New England Tennessee Detroit Denver Tampa Bay, New Orleans Las Vegas, Los Angeles Chargers, Cardinals Dallas, Buffalo Baltimore,
  13. Cincinnati, Atlanta, Buffalo, Chicago, Dallas, Miami, Cleveland New Orleans, Tennessee Kansas City Los Angeles Rams, San Francisco, Denver, Green Bay, Tampa Bay Las Vegas
  14. Panthers bills Browns ravens titans chiefs patriots Falcons steelers cardinals broncos raiders rams seahawks 49ers cowboys
  15. Washington Saints bengals browns rams broncos dolphins patriots 49ers Raiders cardinals buccaneers cowboys seahawks chiefs packers
  16. Buccaneers titans jaguars chargers vikings panthers falcons bills 49ers seahawks chiefs broncos packers dolphins rams raiders
  17. The last thing this sport needs is someone with money and ruddy ideas...it’s a local sport for local people.
  18. I find it kind of perverse that the sport I love sets the majority up for failure but it’s the same in most British sport. he didn’t stand a chance given the cash and time he was allocated. but hey ho so long as nothing much changes everything’s fine.
  19. Fresh spuds the fresher the better. (Get mine from a farmer rather that supermarket who’s spuds are more likely to be over 4 months out of the ground) furious boil for seven to ten mins. Table spoon of four then into hot oil one to at good at high temperature . Salt ten mins before done.
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