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  1. Sorry, my bad. I may be a Barrovian but would not put it past London to pick up the win. I suspect if they had picked up a couple more wins they may well have had the confidence to do better, the team that played us looked pretty good, for your sake I hope they can come good soon
  2. Sorry to correct you but London didn't beat Barrow although they did pick up a well earned draw, they played really well and looked like a team that could pick up a few points, they appeared to be a better team than their results suggest.
  3. Probably Workington. If you are coming down early just park in one of the many streets surrounding the ground, avoid The Range they are a bit keen to give out tickets. Tesco offers up to 3 hrs free or there is Hollywood Park which I believe has no time limits, both of these are just a couple of minutes from Craven Park. Have a safe journey.
  4. With a bit of luck he'll have a shocker and won't be selected again. I think the two youngsters will relish the challenge and be motivated to perform well, they're doing a pretty good job so far.
  5. Good question, I believe he is but is struggling to train due to work commitments, it's a shame because he is a good prospect.
  6. We seem to have been on TV a few times of late and it looks as though we will be on again and therefore I propose we have a crowd fund to buy Cresta a new coat. I'll chuck in the first £20
  7. Salford already had in place an agreement with Widnes hence Jack Wells went to them
  8. It's not him we need, today we were unable to compete in the forwards with a shortage of props and the ones who put their hands up when obviously injured after last week meant we couldn't compete with a huge Batley pack. This afternoon the better team won.
  9. We ceased being the Border Raiders 20 years ago.
  10. Last week Mossop went off with what appeared to be a groin injury so I suspect he is here to play that role. Is it right? Not in my mind but I'm not in charge of the team or the finances and with the cut throat nature of rugby league at the moment perhaps there is good reason.
  11. He's been seen at Craven Park on a couple of occasions, if it's true where would he play.
  12. Salford play on the Thursday, after they lose to Wigan does that mean we might be able to use Johnson and Wells on Sunday seeing as they are not cup-tied at that point.
  13. The announced official figure today Ron was 1800 and something, it looked more.
  14. We don't talk about that.
  15. At the last home game, the mud bath one, Morgan Escare was spotted at the ground......I wonder? I'm pretty sure Cresta is mates with Paul Rowley so it may well be the case, now we have lost the Walne brothers (the worst kept secret this year) I hope it's a couple of big lads.
  16. If memory serves me right there was some consideration given to building a stadium on this site many years ago but the land was proven to be contaminated with asbestos rendering it a non-starter. The current BOD are taking the club to greater heights with innovative ideas and I suspect if we moved to a community facility that could curtail those efforts, for me stick with Craven Park and modernise bit by bit.
  17. Good solid start to the season for Barrow with a 22 - 10 win over Sheffield in front of almost 2k crowd
  18. Langtree picked up mom, he grafted throughout the game. It got a bit tetchy at times but in the end the better team won, in front of over 1900 people it was a good solid start to the season
  19. I think we should be looking to put out the first choice team with an eye on next weeks league opener against Sheffield, it would be good to see how they gel.
  20. Barrow 34 Newcastle 22. Have you a chance? I would say yes as long as your boys play with the passion they showed here at Craven Park
  21. Joined a club closer to home.
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