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  1. I heard he is going back home to Australia but will be here for one more season, fingers crossed.
  2. When do the school holidays end?
  3. SJD


    It has it's fair share of bleating sheep.
  4. It is very much of interest to those of us of a certain age, I can remember he appeared on the old Look North when they told his story. He was a young man, just 25 yrs with his whole life in front of him, it was taken away from him cruelly, I think he would have been a great.
  5. You're absolutely right Michael he could have gone on to be a superstar in RL, he had left us to go on to play for Wigan when he was struck down with a stroke, but man could he kick.
  6. Have we forgotten James Nixon, lightening fast.
  7. SJD


    Can't argue with that.
  8. SJD


    A bit like in the boxing ring.
  9. I saw him at the game today with a couple of bottles in his hand, heard he needs some surgery on his knee so unlikely to be back anytime soon.
  10. As long as they drink from a bottle, you spill a lot less going round the corners.
  11. No I'm not suggesting his racist views are, nor ever will be, acceptable, but the RFL has bent over backwards to ensure the success of TWP and therefore I would say he will receive nothing more than a slapped wrist despite his admission of guilt. Were it down to me he would receive a substantial suspension.
  12. No he remains as the club's sugar daddy, so although he isn't either Chairman or CEO he is still in charge. Perhaps the RFL may have a different view and deem him unfit to run a rugby club but I doubt it very much
  13. Does anyone know if Season Tickets can be used tomorrow night?
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