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  1. Nope……a night out in St Helens beckons….they’re stopping over tonight. Was at the game today. They had a very good kicking game. Their Stand Off had a bit about him. A little bit of RL ‘nous’ would’ve made the game a bit closer. They stood up very well in the in the physical aspect of the game.
  2. Go you……. Looking forward to seeing you ripping it up in the NRL this season…
  3. I don’t think he’s got anything to prove to the RU mob. They’ve been after him since he was a kid. Being voted best back (Broncos award night) at an NRL side is not a bad accolade I would have thought. I agree that he’s not reached his potential yet. Plenty more to come. Would help if they didn’t keep playing him in different positions, left centre, right centre, wings….Trouble is, he can do a job wherever he plays and Broncos utilise him as such when they haven’t had a settled three quarters for the last few years. Would love to see him get a run in his favoured fullback role. He might get that if he jumped ship to the Dolphins.
  4. He could’ve signed for a union club by now. He’s been on the RU radar since his school days. He is RL through and through. His desire to make it in the NRL was evident from a very early age. That’s why he declined offers from SL clubs. He’s worked incredibly hard to follow his dream, making it through the Aussie system. Who knows what the future will bring? Personal circumstances change. All his family are still in England. If he does come back during his playing career, I doubt that it will be to an SL side. But, then again, his personal circumstances could see him remain in Australia.
  5. Grammar school boy. Ermysted’s Grammar school Skipton. Played there, but vast majority of his youth Rugby was at St.Pat’s and Newton Storm.
  6. England RU have been after him for years, since he was a kid.
  7. It could’ve been done…. This is an extract from the programme, Chorley Magpies v South Wales, July 1996. Div 2. It looks like the application for SL was successful. Passed by the RFL and endorsed by Maurice Lindsay. What went wrong? Another missed opportunity??
  8. Looks like CornwallRL has got a problem with accents and languages around the UK……. Proper Queen’s English required down his way….
  9. Yes, I know. It’s a shame and a bit ignorant of CornwallRL to try to mock him by his pathetic ’yakki daa’ quote.
  10. Yakki-daa…?? What’s your problem with the Welsh language? At least you could’ve spelt it correctly. CornwallRL…I’d have thought you’d have more respect for a fellow Celtic tongue.. perhaps you’re not a proper Kernowyon.
  11. Ridiculous for French RL fans. Both derbies n a Thursday night
  12. Unbelievable. SL fixture planners obviously not wanting full houses at these historic French Derbies....What are they thinking ???
  13. Both French derbies on a Thursday evening.......really ???
  14. No he wasn’t on the ‘sauce’…..I’m just relaying what a former administrator at an SL club has told me confirming what Atlantisman posted. It would be interesting where he got his info from ?
  15. Heard the same from someone well connected: Two division SL from 2023 has been agreed by the clubs. Div 1 looking like -Saints, Wigan, Wire, Leeds, Hull, Hull KR, Catalan, Cas, Toulouse & Huddersfield. Div 2 - Salford, Wakey, York, Fev, Leigh, Halifax, Bradford, London Broncos, Widnes & Newcastle.
  16. A bit of recognition for Herbie Farnworth from Foxsports. Excellent season in a poor Broncos side. https://www.foxsports.com.au/nrl/nrl-premiership/nrl-2021-every-clubs-breakout-star-from-2021-season-matt-burton-isaiah-papalii-blake-taaffe-nicho-hynes-sam-walker-reece-walsh-daine-laurie/news-story/ae7aa31e07415fe3594a91e6d00e5457
  17. Anyone else getting this? Every time I try to open the app on my iPad, I get this picture….that’s all.
  18. https://www.broncos.com.au/news/2021/09/04/r25-highlights-broncos-v-knights/ Oates is his wing partner I thought. Herbie voted McDonalds man of the Match.
  19. Decent finish to the season for Herbie Farnworth and the Broncos. Herbie has taken over the kicking duties these past few weeks with a pretty good success rate. 5 from 6 conversion attempts today
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