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  1. You’re right we should, but we’re not and that shouldn’t be the case, we should be looking forward to a good derby game. Up the Trin
  2. FFS Chris Kendall two games on the trot. Up the Trin
  3. It will certainly be interesting and hope it will be credible, accurate and transparent. Will the IMG scoring be live throughout the season? Up the Trin
  4. Good appointment, hope he does well. Up The Trin
  5. Not good enough first half need to be better, hope Langi is ok. Up the Trin
  6. Good times, new owner pumping millions in good times ahead. Up the Trin
  7. Not sure what plan’s for south corporate block as more corporate facilities will be in new stand but I think at the moment they’re keeping it. Agree about Western terrace but needed to sort east and North stand first. Heard new owner is wanting to improve rear of North Stand Upper. Fan zone can be behind east stand or plenty of room at the south end of ground. Don’t forget the new LED floodlights, LED big screen and new state of the art full size flat playing service. Up the Trin
  8. That looks a good hull team, can’t see us winning but play wiell no injuries or suspensions. Up the Trin
  9. You’ve got a good team, a couple of challenge cup appearances in recent years, League leaders not so long ago. I wish we’d have had abit at that success.
  10. We then did a typical Wakefield Trinity thing and put in a terrible performance. There is new optimism better recent performances and new ownership with if rumours are correct sounds very exciting. Up the Trin
  11. Put Huddersfield’s ridiculously low season ticket prices at Wakefield or cas and our attendance would be a lot higher. We did it under glover years ago got decent crowds just couldn’t afford it luckily for you, Ken can. It’s a dangerous model though, cheapens the product and can take years to recover if you have to revert back to normal season ticket prices.
  12. You can’t include junior side playing a pre match tournament as a catchment argument. Similar happens at most clubs, at Wakefield as well as the Wakefield teams we’ve had sides from Leeds Dewsbury Huddersfield probably other areas playing pre match.
  13. Typical Trinity after a few decent games getting our hopes up. Up the Trin
  14. Needed to start well and didn’t, not had much possession and when we have not done anything with it. Disappointing. Up the Trin
  15. We’ve not won an away match all season and they’re a good side who’ve just beaten the league leaders. Not expecting a win but at least we have started to play. If we can keep in the game until last 10 mins you never know. Come on Wakefield. Up the Trin
  16. It’s not relegation, it’s we’ve just started to play Rugby League again. Up the Trin
  17. People came from all over for a night on westgate 80s/90s. Still gets busy but not what it used to be young uns don’t go out until midnight nowadays.
  18. That’s where the flaw in introduction of IMG criteria is. Fev are the best team in the championship and baring a major upset will be promoted. If the relegated side has a potentially better IMG score they’d have one season in SL and be replaced. So how would they play it. Go for broke spend spend spend on players try and finish as high as possible or keep same squad and spend on other IMG criteria to get a higher IMG score as possible without bankrupting the club. To answer the original thread, what about the no relegation rumour that’s been doing the rounds, which could be the way of introducing the IMG criteria as smoothly as possible. It’s all fun.
  19. It’s certainly an interesting proposition. Especially if the relegated team keep their reserves and established academy and do what they can to improve every other expect of IMG score. If the promoted team is on a similar or lower IMG score it’s interesting how they would approach it.
  20. Luke Gale injury has probably put pay to a Trin win and any chance of not finishing bottom. Up the Trin
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