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  1. Didn’t play well compared to the last few weeks, tried to force everything, poor discipline giving them field position. Didn’t play well nothing went for us but still could have won. Up the Trin
  2. Can’t see us winning tonight, Warrington will want to make a mends for last week’s poor performance and with the class players they have I fear we may face the backlash. Up the Trin
  3. Did our best to lose it with all our possession and very low completion rate. Started playing simple structured RL scored a few and looked like we’d win with ease, then invited Leigh back in game and we could have lost. Big result for us that puts light between us and Leigh. Up the Trin
  4. I never take a Wakefield win for granted, and it’s a typical Wakefield thing to do to lose this game. Hopefully we will have the right attitude and get another win. Up the Trin
  5. Glad to be proved wrong, wasn’t expecting anything today. With the players they’ve got and coach who’s starting to get them playing I thought they’d be too strong for us. How wrong was I, absolutely destroyed them in that 1st half. Better team by far throughout the game. Up the Trin
  6. Can’t see us winning, Huddersfield are a good side this year probably end up top 4 . If we get stuck in and Lino and Miller continue to improve we may get something, but I’m not expecting us to win this weekend. Up the Trin
  7. Well played Hull, as usual ref giving Leeds everything but still going in at half time leading.
  8. They want to play at Belle Vue but we said no due to wear and tear on pitch so they ended up at fev. Don’t know if that will change when we get 4 g pitch laid. I’m a football fan (lapsed against modern football) and would like to see a fairly successful football club in Wakefield and playing in Wakefield.
  9. We’ve named a stronger squad than last week but we are playing a stronger team than last week. Up the Trin
  10. 1.J Miller 2. J.Wood 3. TJ 4. J.Croft 5. R. Hampshire 6. A.Walker 7. D.Fifita 8. K.Wood 9. J.Crowther 10. B.Tupou We had out injured before or during match and we didn’t have Hicks. Up the Trin
  11. Proud of the lads top effort, keep that up get at least some of the injured players back we will be fine. Up the Trin Love this City Love this Club
  12. Milner, Tupou, Hampshire, Johnstone, Josh Wood, Alex Walker out injured from the side we narrowly lost first match of season, 2 loan players in and Leeds have a few back. Come on Wakefield. Up the Trin
  13. Maybe wrong but did Dewsbury say they didn’t want to go up after winning gf 99? Hunslet think I remember a planned rebrand to South Leeds Buffaloes maybe wrong either way whatever reason they didn’t go up after winning GF
  14. Sure they could, like Wakefield the Heavy Woollen area produces good players always has, same can be said about Halifax.
  15. That was season before SL I’m talking since SL.
  16. Just our luck they have Gale back, should have beat them at start of season but team we’ve announced is weaker than our team 1st game of season. Up the Trin
  17. Has any team been denied promotion due to facilities after winning championship GF? Dewsbury and Hunslet late 90s? thought they decided against it in the end.
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