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  1. North Wales Crusaders Wheelchair Rugby League team recently donated kit to Brazil Wheelchair RL "Wheelchair Rugby League started in Brazil this weekend. Led by the Kamarowski Brothers and in kit donated by North Wales Crusaders RL Wheelchair Team, Brasil Rugby League held its first ever training day and game. It is expected that a championship will begin in 2022"
  2. Minibus running for fans to Barrow for our pre-season game on 23rd if you want one of the five remaining places contact crufansbuses@gmail.com Its £20 and we leave from the Turf at 10:30 on Sunday 23rd.
  3. Keep an eye on our Facebook page @NWCrusadersWhRLandDSC for updates. Our social media guy is pretty good at keeping things up to date.
  4. The Wheelchair Management Team are still setting up the format for the 2022 season as far as I know. One date I can confirm is the for the Celtic Cup which will be held on 7th May in Glyndwr University Sports Centre in Wrexham, as Wales Wheelchair RL are hosting the Celtic Cup this year. The WRL gained Elite Sport status for Wales Wheelchair for us to train during Covid restrictions provided we carried out appropriate precaustions (which we did) - unfortunately the RLWC2021 was postpostponed but it did at least mean we held a number of training camps. North Wales Crusaders will again enter two teams into the leagues - one in Super League and one in Championship. The Wheelchair RL season normally starts in March
  5. Thanks for the replies. Look forward to seeing you on 23rd Mark
  6. Hi there I'm organising a minibus full of fans to travel up for the pre-season friendly on 23rd January. Please can you let me know if there is any food or drink available either at the ground or in the pub (the Ambrose?) near the stadium? Thanks in advance Mark
  7. 29. I've been to watch Toulouse (V Featherstone) but not at the current stadium and thats the only one from Super League I havent been to. In Championship I've not been to London Broncos, Sheffield Eagles (since they moved from Owlerton) or York (since they moved to their new stadium) I've been to all the League 1 grounds except Cornwall (that will be rectified this season) - also Midlands will be playing at a different ground from the Butts Park stadium that Coventry played at the last few year, and I understand that Swinton are playing at a different stadium - which will be at least 3 I've seen them play at.
  8. Some of the travel distances within Wales are further or more tortuous than headin to play in England. For example, its easier for North Wales to get to Warrington, Wigan and Sr.Helens than it is to get to Llanelli. Similarly Torfaen and Cardiff are within striking distance of Hereford. An all-Wales competition is definitely something that is likely to be on the cards - this season Welsh Government coronavirous regs have really put pay to any multi-game tournaments. Lets hople this improves in 2022.
  9. Its likely to be a mixture of 2:30 or 3:00 Sunday kick offs and Saturday games. For sure the Cornwall game will be 5:30 on Saturday.
  10. Your on the ball with Sheffield though. I know some of the England squad have been down to their set up sessions to help start them training.
  11. North Wales Crusaders are the only club with 3 teams in the leagues. We have our Super League side and two teams in the Championship ( Celts and Crusaders A). Very proud of what we've achieved since setting up in 2012. And chuffed that 3 other Welsh teams are now playing Wheelchair RL with hopefully a Cardiff side coming on stream next year.
  12. Wigan Warriors are Leyland Warriors rebranded
  13. Thats probably going to change. We had to set a day and time for the RFL fixture announcement but I'm informed probably 4 games will be Saturday (probably to accommodate those traveling long distances) but the rest will be Sunday games.
  14. Wales Wheelchair RL first opponents in RLWC next November are France....lets say we've got our work cut out, but we are confident we can step up. France have set the benchmark. We know what our standard needs to be.
  15. We get Cornwall as our first visitors! Gogledh Kembra a'gas dynnergh. Croeso i Gogledd Cymru.
  16. Norway Wheelchair RL are very much in the formation period and I expect some of their players will come from Murderball and perhaps Wheelchair Basketball. I don't think they've trained or played together yet.
  17. I don't disagree - I was just trying to inform people about the differences. Wheelchair Rugby League is the real deal as far as I'm concerned.
  18. North Wales Crusaders have made some decent signings and have just announced they've signed a 2-year deal to remain at their new venue at Eirias Park, Colwyn Bay. Those saying there's no atmosphere where there's a running track around the stadium need to get to the Zip World Stadium and watch North Wales fans lift the roof of the stand with their support.
  19. https://northwalescrusaders.com/2021/11/13/crusaders-to-play-in-colwyn-bay-until-at-least-the-end-of-2023/?fbclid=IwAR2KH48DssRJGXUxjswarm3LMaZokpx8FPZIkdJh-_IWmu7pHwpyJOPoE1s
  20. Great summary Welshmagpie. From the Crusaders perspective I can see Ben Morris getting a chance - but Rob Massam, although a great winger, picks and chooses when hes available for selection for Wales.
  21. I've been involved with Wheelchair Rugby League since 2014 and the payment is a huge step forward. When Wales played in the Wheelchair RLWC2017 the players and staff paid for themselves to get there, the tournament fee and all out of pocket expenses - about £1500 to represent your country as a player, coach or manager!!
  22. Fantastic to read through this thread as see the enthusiasm for Wheelchair Rugby League. Tell your mates and get more eyes on the game. Thanks for taking the time to post
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