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  1. I always think you shouldn't regret your decisions, who knows if your mapped out life you think would have happened may not have turned out as well as you think. Be thankful for what you have done with the life you actually had. And George Williams should look at life that way and enjoy it were ever he is.
  2. You put Schofied ffs, which implies you never rated him. But don't reply if you like, I will make this my last one to you in this topic.
  3. As I say I am not an expert so I don't decide who wins, but could you ever laced Schofieds boots. And how many players go to union now.
  4. Golden boot winners, 5 based in SL, Schofied, Hanley, Farrell, Sinfied and Makinson, Only the last two winners were decided on international performance so Makinson is the only British based winner using that criteria. Just thought I would use facts rather than opinions.
  5. Mainly because your responses are just verbal tennis, you just state you are right and anyone who disagree with you is wrong. So I have played along and slowly getting bored because its not a discussion more a statement of what people believe is a fact.
  6. This topic was not on judging which competition is run better but on the possible world 13 and the sidetracked onto a best players having no chance of being in SL, which although the odds favour that stance it does not eliminate the chance of the best player coming from SL. Wakefield who you decried have the opportunity to produce talented players Tom Johnstone is a talented winger who has been blighted by injury for a few seasons but an injury free run would see him matching NRL wingers in my opinion.
  7. Roosters one of the most successful clubs with top players, just remind me what size crowds they play in front of.
  8. Just a smattering of arrogance in that post, to decry long established clubs is wrong, I won't bother picking up on your mistake about union still amateur when Hanley played has it ever been amateur?, players come through the ranks every year and the odds are stacked towards the southern hemisphere but history shows that they can come from anywhere.
  9. Well I am just a fan at my age so I will rely qualfied people to judge the best players. So that's the panel who pick the Golden boot winner as the best player in the World. Now I agree most play in the NRL but there are some who were SL based. You may not agree but they are the experts.
  10. There has been plenty of examples of top quality players over here who played all if not most of their career here. Hanley, Roby,, Peacock, Cunningham. Some players are happy to play in this country and our sport.
  11. To be fair that penrith side is developing into a special side, well balanced with everyone contributing. I think south's missed Benji, when they had good possession and position the wrong players ended up with the ball. And Burgess did not stand out as terrible he did his job mostly in a well beaten side.
  12. A 30 years old Austin must be worth something.. The owners manual states it needs to be run every week to keep it in top condition.
  13. Uranus, some posters talk out theirs.
  14. Good post this and the NRL is were the best players generally play, but I wish some posters would stop just pushing NRL is the only place good players play and then showing utter contempt if posters give opinions of SL players who are as good as NRL based players. This is a forum based in this country and we do enjoy and admire the NRL but we don't worship it.
  15. Harry Grant is a talent but 3 hookers over here are better at present, Roby, Clark and Mcshane.
  16. Been happening here for years, certain players staying down especially in televised games. Long enough for the tv replays to show any possible infringements.
  17. The angles your taking in some posts have a worrying trend.
  18. I think it's fair to say we have made 3 finals and won one in spite of him not because of him
  19. Absolutely agree with that, price has a lot to answer, you can see Austin bustin a gut but is given no freedom to use his skills.
  20. All depends if price by choice or luck picks the right players in the right positions. Ratchford at fullback, king back in the centres Austin and widdop halves. Then we have a chance, mix them up again no chance. Be interesting to see how he handles cas left side attack they had loads of options in the season opener, surely charnley can't be that poor twice.
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