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  1. I still enjoy going to attend games. No difference than yesteryear... Through this blog you probably get to know more about wider issues that I would not do otherwise. Then again when people say the sport isn't being run well it often means not as per what I think they should be doing. Whether their idea's are sound or not and often worst than what may be happening. I divorce myself from what I think is best, recognising I don't have any detail, and accept the administration of the sport try to do their best. Often not as good as could be but then pay a decent wedge and you would only have people on here moaning about paying too much. As I say I try to divorce what's happening administration wise with my enjoyment with whats happening on the park. If I only went by what I read in this forum or by RL media I think I would have stop going years ago, I enjoy the socialising at the game and watching the game...
  2. his mate as I read it says why not concentrate on creating more of those 5 clubs... so not a five team league. Anyway just using it as a Segue way into the conversation in comparing how our sport limits the financial strong with salary cap and its long term consequences. For me premiership football over the last couple of decades has had x4 clubs, then x5 now x6 and starting to increase maybe to 8 big clubs... it is those x4, then x5, etc that has created the money windfall that all other clubs benefit from. They kept an elitist system that has eventually trickled down monies to all and sundry. Such that all Premiership teams are full of internationals and many championship clubs also. The number of big clubs increasing all-be-it slowly as their financial opportunities increase through the success of the league through those clubs. We on the other hand curtail the possibility of the more elite as in financially strong clubs capitalising on their clubs finances. In order to have a laughable salary cap to suit the weakest. Look what that has achieved in comparison. OK I know football is far different in what opportunities they have but its worth looking at some aspects. They for sure don't worry that its the same side winning the premiership... In last 2o years only 6 teams have won it... and of that 6 two only once... so x4 clubs have dominated winning the title. Yep lots aspects to consider from salary cap, pathways, internationals, etc etc but the difference in ideology hasn't helped our sport.
  3. Picked up chess again - all be it against computer. oh also... talking loudly to the wall... on the hope I'll get more sense out of it than I do myself
  4. of course we should be stamping out any racial abuse.... but to be frank I find the general level of verbal abuse at games offensive. We just seem to ignore it and as such its taken as acceptable. Especially as we in general like to portray it as family friendly. For a drunken idiot or someone that way inclined its only another step to adding racial aspects to it without that person really thinking of what he is saying.
  5. sure he is but he broke the RFL sports covid protocol - totally disregard. Nice of him to have his phots taken with the paying public for sure... not we regard to the overall covid risks to the sport.
  6. chuckle... yep although Hull too, it is endemic in our sport nowadays. Use to be just the hookers being a pain waving for infringements at every PTB now its every ruddy player... and while I'm on it... the water boy coach as well as for some teams. notable Warrington, he is always on the pitch pointing to players where they should be or running...
  7. The key is the broadcasters and sponsors... I mean as for potential fans anybody I speak too outside of my RL circle didn't and haven't a clue their was to be a RLWC. So it won't impact the potential non RL sporting fan base. Although I know the competition of other sports will be a factor but could as said before be something we could use to advantage.
  8. it would be anyway in by far the majority of media... even now and no football at all except friendlies, Its going to be hard but a good marketing organisation and able to fully utilise all the digital/social media can make a difference... with the right sort of programme and lead in. Of course that would require extra investment so don't know if can be afforded.
  9. well yes but it could be an opportunity. In that lots of focus on sport and sporting events... so the public appetite should be increased following all the publicity around sporting events of one type or another. A good opportunity to sell to a "wetted appetite"... Grab the opportunity on the back of the sporting awareness or just give up and say we are doomed...
  10. Too be honest I never understand that their isn't enough quality.... unless the SL academies are not doing a good enough job. Every year their is X new players coming through, so every year times that X is a number of players that can be further coached... that's a fair number after so many years... Seems to me the less SL clubs we have must mean more academy SL players are discarded from SL... or are just fillers in a large squad not getting paid much nor coached extensively until they can be swapped out with more low paid academy players... Its all nuts to me...
  11. plus the hysterics of the crowd... at one stage every single call the Hull crowd were screaming at a non decision... Yep I get it sometimes crowds screaming off side as in instinct, because no way most of the crowd are looking at the line or if the ref is actually standing the correct distance as distinct from a little further back than the wo line... but to scream at every non decision just made me think what a crowd of -----------.... if your hoping to influence the ref have to be more selective...
  12. I tend to agree with you but have doubts about the semi double header. I always see that as admittance of failure to attract a large enough gate for each game. Far better for me if we had two semi's, packed out and on different weekend days on the BBC/FTA and hence potential of different audiences too. Having the joint semi is pragmatic to the issue of being unable to attract large number of fans to each CC semi's. That in itself says a lot.
  13. Don't disagree except to say that if one of the options leads to a better product on the pitch that in itself can help with growing a new audience... note I say help as in of itself what's on the pitch is only a part of the overall equation to having an offering that appeals beyond its current fanbase.
  14. It seems t be a successful event but not sure on what criteria. It seems to resonate with a good sub set of existing RL fans, which is excellent. I have no idea how successful financial it is for the clubs. Any idea - I'm not knocking it just interested to know if its also financial successfully and lead to new fans, sponsors, etc. distinct from good for Sky costs wise - does that also bring in extra viewers, etc etc... As I say just wondering how successful.
  15. Have to disagree as I always thought that the last 20mins would lead to a tired Hull from the first half efforts to handle Saints superiority - as is often the case in most RL games. Saints good starts impacts massively on any opposition coming to the last quarter.
  16. Hull Fc tonight had what one may call lack of finesse. It was easy to defend (ignoring the kicks). Yep big lads trundling forward can cause a bit of mayhem sometimes but any decent side will be able to continue to tackle and eventually they run out of idea's to break the defence. Its not as if a SL team isn't able to tough it out which Saints did commendably until the energy of Hull dissipated.., it then became just stopping Hull making many yards and starting from a good position to get into Hull last 20. OK they tried hard but wouldn't you expect that from any team. I had them making the play off's and a dark horse to get far but will have to reconsider.
  17. yep, agree, although I sometimes get the opportunity of the corporate and I must say it is excellent. I guess the corporate/hospitality revenue puts them in a good stead and enables them to position the pricing better for as you say the normies... well it gives them the chance to adjust other pricing and to invest in facilities. Having said that they could do with investing for better facilities/food options for us normies.
  18. maybe card board cuts out again... Mind you a fair portion of the empty seats will be corporate... many staying in the facilities and not sitting in their stand seats... so maybe inflatable one's that can be blown up if they stay in the bar/lounges looking out the windows.
  19. maybe card board cuts out again... Mind you a fair portion of the empty seats will be corporate... many staying in the facilities and not sitting in their stand seats... so maybe inflatable one's that can be blown up if they stay in the bar/lounges looking out the windows.
  20. agreed, too many within the current squad lack those smarts... leading to poor game management. I'm sure Leeds fan could easy list those players they expect handling error to come from, or poor off loads. yep unforced errors occur but some are more likely to occur... take steaming out on an early tackle counts against a well set line with an aim to smash forcefully to the defensive set... the crowd seeing it and reacting as his run speeds to what some would say exciting barnstorming play... only to lose the ball... yep, why be surprised that such a huge impact isn't going to make it more likely for the ball to dislodge - especially with a well aimed tackle. Effective is what I want not show barnstorming - but I'm more a pragmatic
  21. maybe, i was for taking DG but they never set up properly for the DG... even though Gale had the ball and hence chance it hadn't been set-up as in in a good position with space to take it... Yes a failure to call for setting up for a DG.. Given in my opinion he wasn't in a good position the risk is he misses the DG and then Warrington have seven tackles... I can therefore understand deciding it was less risky and given Leeds were limiting Warrington yardage. He didn't cater for the dumb-axxx play that ended with a forward pass. Leeds to me at times seem to make lots of dumb plays (e.g. risky off loads in their own half - Smith being a prime culprit), I wonder sometimes if they lose concentration and focus at times. They, as in some players, never seem to learn from a particular unforced error. When Leeds are leading I'm always expecting an error of some sort to give the opposition the opportunity to score. Whereas in the past/prime you could expect a Leeds team not too. They have a few players that when they receive the ball you half expect an error...
  22. I agree but my point was that the assumption that more internationals given the NRL reluctance will immediately provide an answer to whatever ills. Yes we want a strong NH international scene that broadcaster/sponsors will compete to finance and hence bring in profile and monies to the sport. That will take time to grow from where we are. In the meantime we have an immediate financial problem for the clubs. The solution needs to be more pragmatic then some idealistic wish list that hasn't been their for a long time.
  23. I would like to see international rugby at the top of the tree and played more regular. Never-the-less it isn't at the moment a huge revenue earner unless teams come from Southern Hemisphere. Yes would love to have France up their challenging an England side but at the moment the home nations games whenever played have not been well attended and not sure big TV asset.... Its what you do until having the great international money earner and growing it assuming limited to NH, with occasional tour. Here I am assuming lack of interest from NRL clubs. I just don't see the monies from internationals as we would expect now given lack of enthusiasm from NRL making up for the loss of money to SL clubs here. We have to bridge the two...
  24. If its a competition that gets FTA working with a paid broadcaster as per the hundred then that would be a good thing to me. Even if it meant using it experimentally with the rules...
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