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  1. Do you not think we will have done our signings for the season, apart from the odd one,like you good players to have back???
  2. Like you I’m excited to see who comes in ,but I’m sure Chris has it covered, sad to see fui go good luck to him always have a soft spot for the moi moi utt
  3. Never imagined you with a tache
  4. Possibly between us and Swinton it said, but it’s been said he wants quiet a few pound and a car????
  5. Just reading on rl diaries,we are allegedly trying to resign the jam sandwich again, don’t know if true but makes for interesting reading, what’s peoples thoughts
  6. Watched Warrington v Huddersfield last night and josh Charsley hurt his arm, the medics ran on wrapped his arm in his shirt, and you thought that looks bad, the medics then tapped there heads to say it’s an hia injury, talk about taking the ######, is the ref blind or have I just got a wild imagination lol
  7. I’ll be sad to see fui go if true always enjoyed it when he came on, always gave his all, but maybe the time is right for A younger more mobile Type of player, the way the game seems to be moving with set restarts and no scrums it has just got so much quicker, look forward to his replacement utt
  8. Ryan Wilson signs for another 2 years, always good to have good locals sign for the club, good luck marra
  9. Gotta admit used to think he was a bit of a weak link, but now think he’s like a fine wine just gets better with age, more than happy to be proved wrong ,so more than happy with his resigning utt
  10. Sounds a useful player then marra, hopefully he’ll pot a bag full for us utt
  11. Don’t know out about the lad, but excited to see how he goes next season fingers crossed there is one
  12. That would be handy David, a hooker and a referee Rolled in to one
  13. New or resigning tonight at 7, who could it be ,who could it be can’t wait
  14. Absolute awful disease Brought to the fore in rugby league with larl rob burrow,a sad time for Cumbrian rl with the passing of kebsi,thoughts with family and friends at this sad time
  15. There’s been some great partnerships laurel and hardy, little and large, now Henson and chase, joking aside I hope it works out for them it’s long time since we’ve had a strong welsh side
  16. Bruie was always solid always made good yards tough to put down,liked the lad but teams change every year looking forward to his replacement
  17. It’s a shame bruies gone, but I will be interested to see who Chris has lined up to replace him utt
  18. One wasnt yanto was it, didn’t think you were still playing marra
  19. Can’t say I know a lot about the lad, but if he is of interest to Chris then that’s good enough for me, welcome home marra utt
  20. If it’s Colton we were getting is that to replace or add to what we already have ??
  21. Gutted to be losing elliot,shame he couldn’t find work up here, believe he’s going to uni in Leeds so a great pick up for you guys, good luck marra
  22. What are the chances Nathan mossop could move on for next season,seen as you’ve signed Shaun Lunt
  23. It would be great to have two successful teams,and it’s nice haven hope to do better than last season , but I’m still quite chuffed with towns signings so far with more to come utt
  24. I think he means Simon Woodford lol
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