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  1. Another great effort from the boys there hasn’t been a bad one yet, i hope it helps some people to see they are not the only ones that be doing it tough, thanks guys keep it up utt
  2. Agreed another interesting panel and as you say jjb is just so easy to listen to, just wish they could sort them subtitles it’s as if they are on crack, it just seems to make Half of it up as it goes along ?
  3. Great to hear from past and. Present players and of course guests, but listening to Chris if he coaches half as good as he talks we’ve got one hell of a find, utt
  4. They are certainly keeping it interesting, keep it up guys utt
  5. Yea,it’s good to know when your doing something right
  6. Apparently the tangerine was played about with in46;47 seasons before blue and white in season 48.but the red and green was worn in the first season. Thanks to on report for the dates.
  7. Not saying he hasn't got it.just think do it over a couple of seasons before demanding the earth. But I guess it's the way of the world marra
  8. That's true david. But hes only had one out season. Do you not think they believe their own hype before they've done to much how many disappear after one good season
  9. They are going to be top heavy with backs,and a bit light on forwards unless one or two reserves step up this year, as there’s talk of an English prop signed for next season ???
  10. No way will the bunnies swap Murray for jai or anybody else, cams a future captain of souths
  11. I guess if they can get John, that will mean an early release for arrow to join the bunnies for this coming season
  12. Don’t know why they would need to free money up, you would have thought the coin that barba was due would have been a fair whack ??
  13. Any clues to his position marra
  14. A hooker might be better ??
  15. I think he’s been known to share a razor blade with him
  16. I see Santa is visiting haven on Christmas Day, I wonder if he will pay us a visit?
  17. Well done Scott, great effort marra
  18. I think to be fair, most on here were sort of expecting dt to sign anyway , after the last few weeks of speculation about him, anyway great signing and worth the wait utt
  19. Luckily you can put them tissues on hold for another week marra ?
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