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  1. That’s a good point David, he pulled off some blinding last ditch tackles he was immense in defence
  2. Wrong again marra, you can tell your informant to try again
  3. You could last match marra, so I would imagine so
  4. I believe the red tops are in now,gonna go down pick ours up now
  5. It’s gonna still be a tough game Sunday, but feel a little more confident that we will give a good account of ourselves, after what Chris had to say utt
  6. There is too, I’ve still got the proof the tea leaves are lying about somewhere
  7. They were right on it(social media wise) a couple of years ago, but of late it seems to have faded into the background, I suppose we can’t as fans know everything but bits and bobs would be good
  8. You can’t really blame him,what did he say David lots of swear words I hope
  9. Not one for ref bashing but there was some baffling decisions today, hunslet the better team more go forward, don’t hold out to much hope for the playoffs after today unless theirs a big big improvement but we live in hope utt
  10. Congratulations to raiders on their championship, it will be great for Cumbrian rugby if we can achieve 3 clubs in the same league , if only for the greater crowds the bigger problem is all staying there
  11. Gutted gonna miss this game away for a fortnight, but I’ll be there in spirit come on the town
  12. I believe Chris is speaking to the rfl about the rearranged games
  13. We just need old fat fingers to come on , and tell us all there best players were injured again
  14. Well that’s not fair, barrow were supposed to go through the season unbeaten utt
  15. I know your posts could occasionally be long winded like David ms,but it’s always good to hear from a townie
  16. Can’t take anything away from ww, it’s maybe what town needed knock any complacency out off them
  17. Nice to see you posting again marra,or are you just passing through
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